Venezuela: Test ground for cyberwarfare and social engineering of the 22nd Century

Venezuela: Test ground for cyberwarfare and social engineering of the 22nd Century

I think that the USA in their propaganda should not only focus on Russian and Cuban influence in Venezuela. Both are infliltratiing and supporting the military, the cybersphere and the military hardware and entities. The influence of the Chinese is more subtle and doesn´t show that openly. They are more concentrating on economic aid and security equipment and knowledge and the subtle export of their social engineering model.

Therefore it would be good if the US propaganda and that of Guaido also mentions more the Chinese model of the Social Bonus Credit system,and the Uigurs  showing in which sort of Orwellian state the Chinese want to transform Venezuela and other authotarian states.A totatliatrian state which controlls  the population by a social credit system and imprisones the oppositions like the Uigurs.Compared to China Putin is a liberal authotarian whop allows political parteis to exist, demonstrations of the opposition,critic in social medie while in neototalitarian one-man-rule-China everthing is forbidden and controlled.

The Chinese elites think very much like Sun Tze: Prevent a direct confrontation, let other parties fight and antagonize, use the 8 forms of spys, know your counterpart-you can win a war by these means without fighting a war. Means: Let the Russians do the dirty job: Military advisers, nuclear bombers, security companies which guarantee that every US military intervention, be it boots on the ground or special forces will be drawn in a guerilla or civil war quagmire nobody wants. Let the Russians be the main open opponent of the USA in this sphere, support them in their view that they are not a regional power, but a global power for a multipolar world order which has also interests spehres in Latinamerica to defend. Let the USA and Russia confront each other and China will be the laugfhing third party. Let China do the fine job: Give the Maduro regime the knowledge how to transform the society into a stable socialsit Venezuela by Social Bonus Systems and imprisonement like the Uigurs. Maduro has introduced a so called Fatherland Identity Card which Dr. Evan Ellis, Latinamerica expert of the US Army War College calls „a primitive form of the Chinese Social Credit System“. By this Maduro hopes to break the resistance of the population. If Maduro is successful, we will be  rewarded and maybe other authotarian regimes will prefer the Chinese model implemented in Venezuela. If this shouldn´t work Maduro in the next phase could introduce the Chinese Social Credit System in total and if even this doesn´t work he could use mass imprisonemnet of the opposition like China does with the Uigurs. Of course as mean of the last resort, if the other means don´t work. If he is not successful, we haven´t confronted the opposition and the USA in an open military  way that they blame us in the first place. While Russia concentrates more on hard power, the Chinese more on soft power, but in a very negative sense.

Under the military umbrella of Russian hard power, the Chinese want to implement their soft powermodel for authotarian states: The Social Credit bonus system first and neototalitarian imprisoments of the opposition as mean of the last resort. I already think that China wants to export all of its social controll model, in the beginning not that openly, but in Venezuela as a test ground. It´s getting really a system issue and even for the Russians the Chinese system could be too much or otherwise, Putin also could think about this new form of neotoatlitarism between Orwell and Huxley.Maybe with a little help from a friend, Maduro could also think about transforming the „Socialism of the 21st Century“ into a Chinesestyle „Socialism of the 22nd Century“!!!

Besides all the other factors, I believe that Venezuela is the first testing ground for cyberwarfare .I believe Maduro that it was an US-cyberattack because all these blackouts seemed really to be orchestrated at the right time and place- the black outs began exactly when Guaido was calling for a million mass amrch to Caracas and it stopped when Russian cyberware experts reacted– and that the Jamestown Foundation is writing about the landing of Russian anticyberwarfare experts seems to give this view some sort of plausibility and the new Chinese export model Social Bonus Credit System and Maduro´s Fatherland Identity Card aslo support thius. Cyberwarfare and counterinsurgency and social engineering in a neototalitarian form try to make their first test grounds in Venezuela.I think that historians will quote Venezuela as first starting point for cyberwarfare and neototalaritan social engenering of the 21st Century, even the 22nd Century if China prevails.


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