Green criticism of the idea of ​​a new East policy (Ostpolitik) and ecoalliance (Ökoallianz) with Russia

Green criticism of the idea of ​​a new East policy (Ostpolitik) and ecoalliance (Ökoallianz) with Russia

A green friend wrote to me on my suggestion of a New Ostpolitik and an Eco-Alliance with Russia:

„I like your idea. But with some drawbacks: Putin is not only not a „flawless“, but no democrat, but a despot that leads a state of injustice. This is exactly where the problem lies in agreeing on further contracts. Talk to each other: yes, definitely. Negotiations with agreements do not go at all. Democracy in some countries in the EU is hanging awry – an agreement with a dictator for democratic civil society would not be unproblematic. If so, then such a partnership would have to be built up through personal contacts. As part of an election program, it may perhaps sell the AfD? Here are the US diplomats – right now – in a more favorable position. „

I replied:

„Negotiate, yes, but agreements and contract rather not or not at all ? Do not play with the dirty kids! And if only touch them with pliers. You say one should do this on a personal level, so to speak, as a private hobby gardener who cultivates his garden. That is, not on political or even official state and government level. The latter is reserved only for the AfD and otherwise unthinkable. Then you have nothing against negotiation and dialogue, just a little bit of talking can never hurt, but won´t be useful, only it sounds so that you do not want to achieve any results there anyway. Pure windowdressing just about the good intention to pretend and demonstrate goodwill. Is this serious? So again typical: To make agreements with Putin-Russia, only do it personally (never at the state level) or just at the state level only on the AfD. So I am AfD again (I never voted for or have been a member for this party, just the opposite).

How do you imagine contacts with Russia under a green chancellor Habeck? Full confrontation? A green military and humanity campaign and regime change crusade against the East and Russia? There Cem Özdemir is always more pragmatic than you and your kind, even in dealing with Erdogan. What are you? A German green neocon, a green Bolton? And if you should aim for the fall of Putin, you should take a closer look at the Russian successor Nawalny, who led the march with the right-wing extremists in Moscow-that was the Russian Chemnitz. Nawalny then also rushed at Caucasian guest workers, calling them criminals, vermin and terrorists and accusing Putin of being too multicultural in this matter. Doesn´t this sound familiar? As the AFD burps Merkel has to go away, you burp mirrored: Putin must go, Ghaddafi must go, Assad must go, everything is not democratic, but what comes next?

That Putin is a dictator, is undisputed. But compared to the Soviet Union and Xi-China, he is relatively moderate. Authotarian and a former Silowiki, but not totalitarian and an ideologist. But what do you mean by that – that no contracts or agreements with authoritarian regimes are possible or should be? That is the same reasoning that the steel helmet (Stahlhelm ) wing of the CDU / CSU, the revanchist organizations and Germany’s right used against the Ostpolitik of  Willy Brandt. The East treaties (Ostverträge) in this logic would never have existed. Western governments have also signed the CSCE Final Act (Human Rights) and START (Arms Limitation) with the dictatorial Eastern bloc, concluded trade agreements, carried out natural gas tube business. So I’m wondering if you’re not a green steel helmet? „

The answer of my green friend is exemplary for the exclusively value-oriented thinking of many Greens, with which one sees oneself confronted. First of all, the idea of ​​a New Ostpolitik or an Eco-Alliance is denounced as AfDposition (which in the case of the Eco-Alliance is complete nonsense, because the AfD denies the man-made climate change, which Putin does not do by the way, but has even signed the Paris Agreement on climate change unlike Trump and Bolsanaro). Second, it is said that one does not negotiate with dictators. Somewhat more Realo policy, if not realpolitik in the Greens could not hurt.

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