Falungong: After the „9 comments on the CP China“ now “ How the devil rules the world – the almost total control by the communist ghost“

Falungong: After the „9 comments on the CP China“ now “ How the devil rules the world – the almost total control by the communist ghost“

The Falungong has already published its first book “9 Comments on the CP China”, in which it propagated an end-time struggle between Falungong and the CP China, which was not only an earthly but a cosmological struggle between the forces of light and darkness , because the CP China is a specter that has conspired against the Dao, the nature of man and nature as well as the cosmos. The CCP is more than just an earthly political party; from a cosmological perspective, it is „an insidious specter against nature and humanity“ (p.11). Compared to the social system of ancient despotic China and National Socialism, communism is found to be the worse system because of the abolition of self-organization, self-determination, and property.

“In the universe, all living things go through the process of birth, growing up, aging and dying. In contrast to communism, non-communist societies, regardless of how dictatorial or totalitarian they are, allow a certain degree of self-organization or self-determination. The societies in the Chinese past were indeed shaped by a double structure. The hierarchical structure of the government only extended to the district level, in the rural regions the clans formed the core of independent structures, while the cities and municipalities were organized with the guilds in the center. With the exception of communism, the right to private property existed in all modern forms of society, even during National Socialism in Germany. The communist regime completely eliminated all existing independent forms of organization and components of society and instead built up a centralized and totally totalitarian power structure. If one regards a social structure with a certain degree of self-determination and self-organization as the state that has arisen naturally from the bottom up, then communism with an absolutely totalitarian structure of power is a social structure that is directed against nature. There is no general yardstick for human nature in the Communist Party (…) The Communist Party has completely distorted the universal yardsticks, which is why it is also against human nature. In non-communist societies, the fact that good and evil coexist within people is generally accepted. Therefore, fixed regulations are made to maintain a certain balance in society. This concept is rejected in communist society and neither the good nor the bad nature of man is recognized. According to the statements of Karl Marx, the rejection of the beliefs about good and bad completely collapses the social superstructure of the old society. The Communist Party does not believe in deities and has no respect for nature. „Fighting Heaven, Fighting Earths Fighting People, Joy is Infinite,“ was the CCP’s motto during the Cultural Revolution. This resulted in unspeakable catastrophes for the people and for the country. The Chinese traditionally believe in the unity of heaven and man. Laotse said in Tao Te King: „Humanity follows the earth, earth follows the sky, sky follows the Tao and Tao follows its own nature.“ Humanity and nature exist in a harmonious relationship in the cosmos. The Communist Party is in indeed a living being. It is an insidious specter against nature, the sky, the earth, humanity and not least against the universe ”(p.12).

Today’s CPC certainly allows private property, including private companies, although the state sector and government control are still considerable. That’s what Deng Xiaoping’s economic reforms were all about. Still, Mao- China is described here as far as private property is concerned. But the trivialization of genocidal National Socialism by the Falungong , which massively locked all the Democrats in concentration camps, the industrial mass murder of 6 million Jews and other “subhumans” and “inferior races” and a world war with 60 million deaths, is significant.The main thing: capitalism and sacred private property. But the Falungong is not interested in such antagonisms in their own reasoning. The main thing: Evil and good, Satan and God, the Falungong, which even with National Socialism has little or no problems.

Significantly, just as the Falungong started with the cosmological point of view, it ends again with one and characterizes the CCP as a cosmological demon not only against man and nature, but also against the whole universe.

A higher than just a worldly battle rages here. Manichaistically, there is a cosmological struggle between the forces of good and evil in the various levels and dimensions of our universe.

„What forces in history have the party chosen? Why was none other than the CCP chosen to rule China? We all know that there are two powers, two choices in the world. One is the old and the bad, who chooses the bad and the negative. The other is the sincere and good who choose the good and the merciful. The CCP is the old forces‘ choice. The reason for this decision is that the CP unites all evil in the world, be it Chinese or foreign, in the past or the present. It is the concentrated representative of evil. ”(P.56)

Conversely, the force of good is:

„From the point of view of ideology, the philosophy of the Communist Party is in direct contrast to the principles of Falungong“ (p.116)

This is also clear in the fourth of the Nine Commentaries „The Chinese Communist Party is an anti-cosmic force“:

“The Chinese pay a lot of attention to the Tao, also known as“ The Way. ”In ancient China, a brutal emperor would have been said to dislike an unscrupulous regent of Tao. Any behavior that is not the standard of Tao and virtue corresponded to, one called „deviation from the way.“ Even revolting peasants put banners with the slogan on „to carry out the Tao on behalf of heaven.“ Laotse said: „Something was present informally, born before heaven and earth. In silence and emptiness, unshakable, it stands for itself, constantly recurring without ceasing. It is the mother of the cosmos. I don’t know his name, call it the Tao ”. That means the world was created from the „Tao“. But in the past hundred years, the sudden invasion of the communist specter has created a counterforce to nature and humanity that has caused incredible pain and agony and has brought human civilization to the brink of destruction. The evils of this violence are directed against the Tao and against the heaven and the world – an extremely evil force against the cosmos.

„Humanity follows the earth, the earth follows the heaven, the heaven follows the Tao and the Tao follows its own nature“ In ancient China, people believed in harmony, mutual support and living together with nature and followed these principles. Humanity merges with nature and the two are interdependent. The Tao of the cosmos does not change. The movement of the cosmos complies with the rules of the Tao. The earth follows the heavenly constellation, hence the four seasons. People respect heaven and earth, full of gratitude and appreciation. Therefore, the Chinese appreciate „heavenly constellations, earthly benefits and harmony among people“.

This principle runs through everything from astronomy, geography, the calendar, medicine and literature to the social structures. But the CCP propagates the „philosophy of struggle“ and that „people ultimately win the struggle against nature.“ It despises the nature of heaven and earth. Mao Tse-tung said, “Enjoy the fight against heaven at the highest, enjoy the fight against the earth at the highest, and enjoy the fight against the people at the highest. Perhaps the CCP is enjoying these struggles, but it brings unspeakable suffering to the people. ”

It is by no means just a human, secular, even political struggle, the legitimacy of the CPC is less affected by social, economic or political arguments, but rather by cosmological-metaphysical-spiritual arguments and the level of the ideological cultural struggle. It is a struggle between two heavenly forces, which also takes place on the sub-level of society, much like the traditional Chinese in the imagination of the former Chinese, the emperor as the son of heaven through his own misconduct or natural disasters sent from heaven, the mandate given to him Heaven could gamble away and the peasants were then allowed to overthrow him, the Falungong author constructed that the legitimacy of the CCP was void because the CCP China violated heavenly law and cosmological order and was an evil counterforce to the Tao.

„The CCP claimed that it would fear nothing between heaven and earth. She had hoped in vain to upset heaven and earth and challenged all the righteous elements and powers of the universe. Mao Tse-tung once said: “There have been great revolutions in all nations in history. By washing the old structures and bathing them in new colors, there was a great transformation in the sense of life and death and the emergence and destruction. It is the same with the destruction of the universe. After all, the destruction of the universe is not ultimate destruction, because what means destruction here is birth there. We all expect the destruction of the universe because by destroying the old universe, we get the new. Isn’t that better than the old universe? ”“ (P.94)

„How the devil rules the world – the almost total control through the communist ghost“

 While the first book was still exclusively focused on the CP China, the new 3-volume book „How the devil rules the world – the almost total control through the communist ghost“ broadens its criticism to Western political and social forces, which as spirit Soul mates of the absolute power of evil, the CP China apply. It is about the specter of communism, which is now treacherous in a modern form in the ecological movement, the Greens, liberalism, social democracy, trade unions and all people who advocate environmental protection, the welfare state, regulation of capitalism, criticism of capitalism and social justice . Just disguise camouflage. All are Communists and evil conspirators who destroy family, society, state and nation and are the worst degree of cultural bolshevism.

About the authors: “: The team of authors consists of historians and scientists. For many years, these have dealt intensively with communist ideology and experienced it firsthand. As members of the team face spies and reprisals, as do their families, they have to remain anonymous for security reasons. ”

Now passages of the book have already been printed in the Epoch Times and it is unlikely that in a leader-centered, quasi-Leninist cadre organization like the Falungong something will be printed and published in the Epoch Times publishing house without the content approval of its leader and guru Li Hongzhi, unless he is not himself a co-author or author of this work. Especially since the question is, what kind of scientists and historians are they who write such radical right-wing, conspiracy-theoretical, paranoid fantasies and inflammatory texts. Especially since the Walraff team had already pointed out connections by the editorial staff of the Epoch Times to right-wing radicals and right-wing populist websites and a radical right-wing front against democracy, liberalism, feminism, environmental protection and social movements and organizations seems to have come together here – possibly also in connection with Steve Bannon, who, after the USA, is now also trying to gain a foothold in Europe and tries to form an anti-democratic movement and is probably also in connection with the former global Anti-Communist League. The new book promoted and pushed by the Falungong reads as follows in its self-promotion:

„How the devil rules the world – The almost total control by the communist specter – analyzed and uncovered: Recommended literature. Who has world domination? We live in a time of change. It is becoming increasingly important which key values ​​people have in common. It is also becoming increasingly clear that the history of mankind was not as it is taught today. The book „How the devil rules the world“ gives the long-sought answers. {Epoch Times28. October 2019 Updated: November 5, 2019 11:49 am}

A large proportion of people seem to think that communism has disappeared since the Soviet bloc collapsed in 1989 – and those who openly profess communism really have no influence.
But he has not disappeared from the world. On the contrary, communist ideas are more widespread today than ever before in a modified and modernized form. Above all, however, they are more accepted than ever in the West.

„Abolish Capitalism“? „Expropriate housing associations“? Dissolve family? No prosperity and no more children because of the climate? Frühsexualisierung? Such thoughts are more popular than ever in politics, the media and culture. Basically, they express exactly what Karl Marx and his followers once wanted to impose on all of humanity.

Today, humanity has reached a zenith of material wealth, but faces unprecedented challenges from the devastation communism has caused.
Global events are developing at an unbelievable pace, people are awakening. The world is experiencing a revival of traditional culture and morality in accordance with the universal values ​​of truthfulness, kindness, and forbearance.

„How the devil rules the world“
The book „How the Devil Dominates the World“ examines historical trends and the development of centuries from a new perspective and analyzes how the devil has occupied and manipulated our world in various masks and with sophisticated means.

What is the devil „The Communist Manifesto“ begins with the words: „A ghost is haunting Europe – the specter of communism.“ The use of the term „ghost“ was not a mood of Karl Marx. There is more to it than that.

Communism physically destroyed hundreds of millions of people in the 20th century, but today it targets their souls. It is the devil’s tool in the world. Wherever he rules, there is war, famine, mass murder and tyranny. Above all, however, he wants to deprive people of their dignity and prevent them from living according to the traditional way of life established by God.

Fortunately, for many people the kindness inherent in human nature has been preserved – giving people the chance to free themselves from the influence of the „specter of communism“.

The book „How the Devil Controls the World“ not only describes historical development, but also reveals how the devil can be prevented from governing our world. It depends on the awakening of the person.
book orders

ISBN Volume 1: 978-3-9810462-1-2, Volume 2: 978-3-9810462-2-9, Volume 3: 978-3-9810462-3-6. Each volume costs 19.90 euros (plus shipping costs of 2.70 euros), all three volumes can be purchased together at a special price of 45.00 euros (plus shipping costs of 5.50 euros). The book has a total of 1008 pages and over 1200 keywords in the index.
Ordering options: Via Amazon or directly from the publisher of the Epoch Times – Phone: +49 (0) 30 26395312, email: Buecher@epochtimes.de “


The content of the 3 volumes can be read briefly:

„1. Volume: The 36 strategies for the destruction of humanity – Marx was a Satanist – The secret enemy of free society – Open and covert violence, every means is allowed – How politics was turned into a guerrilla war – Europe is in the hands of the enemy – Infiltration of honest belief – The Destruction of Families – How the welfare state causes chaos in society
Volume 2: High Taxation: The Violent Nationalization of Private Wealth – The Prosperity Trap – State Terrorism Using Twisted Laws – Destruction of Human Aesthetic Guidelines – Destruction of the Educational System: Emotions become facts, stupidity, therapy instead of education, brainwashing instead of knowledge – The left Media imbalance – party culture, pop culture and decadence – when people are addicted to their desires
Volume 3: The Communist Roots of Terrorism – How Environmental Protection Became a Pseudo-Religion – Anti-Human Ecologism – The Green Cloud Cuckoo Home – Economic, Political and Cultural Globalization – The Enforcement of a Socialist World Government – Global Claim of the „Model China“: Tyranny, Reward of Evil, Unrestricted Warfare – The People of the World Awaken ”

Already in the claim that Marx was a Satanist and that the world is conzrolled by the devil, it becomes obvious that the Falungong is a manacist, end-time, conspiracy sect that would show a kind of exorcism after its seizure of power, not only against the CPC, but against everyone of its presumed spiritual relatives, including secular, liberal, moderately Christian and left-wing democrats, especially since all of these are all disguised communists and worse than those who openly profess communism. The chapter „Europe is in the hands of the enemies“ also shows that this book considers liberal secular democrats to be enemies who should be eliminated, because at the moment these are still the dominant political forces in most of Europe How inflammatory and light-heartedly one speaks of devils and satanists shows the dangerousness of this movement, which would if one day in power would establish a clerical-fascist, fundamentally religious totalitarianism. Therefore, opponents of the CPC and totalitarianism should be aware that the Falungong is not a harmless meditation movement, but a fundamentalist-Buddhist-Daoist-cloaked neototalitarian movement that, like Islamism and Evangelicalism, is also on a course of world mission and conquest , but has so far not been so successful and is portraying itself as a mere pure poor victim.

Finally only two older poems by the Falungong leader Li Hongzhi, which in the end times and apocalyptically predicts that China would be overwhelmed with mass graves :

The Foretelling

Autumn is not over

Yet spring has arrived

What humans don´t believe In

All now comes forth

The sky cracks open

And the earth burns

The evil tries to hide

The wicked ones to flee

As gong surges forth

Evil spirits wail and scream

The Dafa disciples

Ascend to the heights of the heavens

In control of Heaven and Earth, rectifying the human realm

Li Hongzhi,December 30, 2001”.

„The Cleansing

Heaven and Earth turned upside down, raining sand and dust,

The minds of hundreds of millions in the mortal world poisoned,

How many can be saved by mercy

New graves cover the landscape of China Proper.

Li Hongzhi, January 31, 2002”.

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