Reawakening Europe?

Reawakening Europe?

I had my New Year’s blues on the development of Europe, but now I see some signs of hope that Europe could renew itself.

On the one hand, Merkel’s shift to realpolitik and the meetings with Erdogan and Putin and now the Libya conference, whereby the USA and Pompeo are no longer waited for, but you take the initiative in your own hand. A masterpiece, even if all the baddies now only again criticize the conference. And I also like Heiko Maas. Before Europe plunges into a military adventure and now starts a competition which European is the first to intervene militarily in Libya, it must first be weighed up clearly whether one is also welcome in Africa in view of the African Corps, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Belgium, British and French and not- East European colonial history – that is also my view and it is also correct to think about the involvement of the AU, as was the case with the G5 group for the Sahel.

Second, the new EU digital strategy. For the first time that, based on Xi Jin Ping and Macron, there is talk of Internet sovereignty in Europe. Second, the demand to promote artificial intelligence and related technologies such as quantum computers and blockchain technology so that the technology competition of the 21st century is not only decided between China and the United States.

Third, green Europe. The moon landing project of basic climate-neutral restructuring of the European economy. Maybe too ambitious and too radical, but at least one goal.

Now I’m curious to see whether these first approaches to Europe’s awakening will also be pursued with material resources and political will, and whether they keep up with Sunday speeches.

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