What happens if Georg Soros dies? Is Corona making Greta and Friday for Future and Trump´s antiglobalistic America First decoupling reality?

What happens if Georg Soros dies? Is Corona making Greta and Friday for Future and Trump´s antiglobalistic America First decoupling reality?

What happens if Georg Soros dies? Will his Open Society vanish with and by his person or did he found an institution whose reliable member for the first generation will have his legacy as a guideline? Has he children like Rockefeller, which then made their different carriers as a playboy, entrepreneur or as new avantgarde of the green revolution questioning the founder’s carbon identity and history in the Foundation, even as the former Standard Oil is managed by managers and not the family, if there is one. the same question arises with the coming death of George Soros. Has he such a good, waterproof organization or Foundation that it is resilient to outer attacks?

What if the construction of the Open Society is sponsored by some Russian oligarchs and Open Societies for Russian culture. literature, Science, Poetry, etc. And then turn the Open Society upside down; for a multipolar world, for more realpolitik instead of biased values, etc. Remains to be seen how the Soros legacy executors will adapt to new reality and realpolitik or stay the course or team up with the rest of the non-Trump-society. Guess what happens if Soros dies and his Open Society is taken over by Russian meddling and changed. Russians faked the legacy of Soros, bad guy Putin. However, the question remains: What will be the future of the Open Society if Georg Soros dies? Will the idea of an Open Society vanish if Soros dies and maybe his Open Society?

How would the world be, if Putin, Orban Salvini, Strache and all the new right-winged and neofascist Parties and movements and internet trolls and bots wouldn´t have Soros or Merkel as their enemy? Would they also vanish and their ideas? Probably not, wherever there are oppressed people, people will swing back to freedom as long as they have not been turned into zombies. It is a symbolic cultural struggle, but despite Gramsis it is not the decisive battle for the cultural hegemony.

Conclusion. Both camps of the Open Society and the so-called Closed Society and its enemies will continue to exist, even under the context of further polarization and perspective of a final battle between freedom and unfreedom. Liberal or illiberal democracy.Western liberal democracy and Russian semiauthoratism and Chinese new neototalitarism and Russian semiauthotiarism. And Corona changes all. Is Corona more for the free world or the unfree world? Is it just a toll by ingenious ecological conspiracists to make Greta, Friday for Future and its demands true and feasible? For the sake of mankind, the end of great power conflicts, the reregionalization of the globalized economy, the reduction of the world population and the prevention of the climate catastrophe.

An interesting piece on biological warfare is the article: The Role of Insects as Biological Weapons

The following is based on the notes for a seminar presented by R.K.D. Peterson in 1990 at the University of Nebraska.The information is from several published primary and secondary sources listed at the end of this article.


Two parts are important. That biological warfare was first executed by dead animals, insects as agents of biological warfare and that all this changed by using microorganisms, viruses, etc. Secondly, that when the USA signed the international convention against biological weapon research and biological warfare, all the media and their so-called investigative journalists didn´t care about biological warfare research as they thought nobody would do this anymore. However in the Cold war, the other side, „the East“fake news propaganda made Fort Detrick and the Pentagon responsible for AIDS as they claimed that it was a product of US biological warfare institutes that still exits. There are more than enough websites that claim that Corona is a product of the biological Research Institute in Wuhan which would be managed by the People´s Liberation Army and that China and Xi never could openly apologize for a failed test. We just don´t know it.

What we know, if Corona would have been a product of military or biological research test, it would have been by accident. China didn´t want to start warfare against itself or its population as the Trump-USA didn´t start a biological war to prevent rising China as the new world power as the backlashes against the USA would be very hazardous. This under the assumption that Trump didn´t make a real dumb decision and had no idea about the backlashes for the USA and America First due to the paralyzation of the world economy. But he even doesn´t care about international supply chains, is just for antiglobalism. And under the assumption, that Trump is not such a strategic world maniac who wants to change the world order.

However, we know that in the paranoid environment after 9-11 there were series of Anthrax letters to high-level and middle-level politicians and other recipients which could have called for an even more totalitarian state of emergency as the Patriot Act of Bush jr. It´s interesting that this never was investigated and that investigative journalists and so called quality media never cared about this or the history of biological (weapon) research after the USA signed the 1975 treaty.

However, Corona has such effects that are the main political goals of the right-winged, antiglobalist parties who want a recoupling and on the other side of Greta and the ecological movement. However, the question is, how Corona can sustainably change the world’s political, economic, cultural, ecological system. In the aftermath of 9-11 and the destruction of the Twin towers, we heard that the era of skyscrapers was over, we now experience the opposite. We now hear about the end of globalization and the recoupling of the world system. We now hear about the end of the open society, open borders, open markets, liberal democracies—everything Soros supports.

But Corona could be the end of an open, liberal society, the realization of the climate change goals and maybe the reduction of the world population and a global economy and the economic system any more. These goals could be more like Trump America’s first antiglobalistic decoupling or Greta´s prophecy to the World Economic Forum in Davos that she will take revenge for the unwillingness oft he elites to change their system.Corona is just doing this and the question is if Soros and his Open Society would have the interest of such an authoritarian movement.

The question will be to what extent Friday for Future is more inclined towards a democratic model and Soros or is against open society, open markets individual freedom and the like, because not freedom, but climate protection, which could best be created as an enemy of the open society , will be decisive. Corona places everything under constraints that propagate the limits of open society to an authoritarian society.

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