Blame games and conspiracy theories around Covid 19 – China and Taiwan as models?

Blame games and conspiracy theories around Covid 19 – China and Taiwan as models?

Covid 19 can be a mutation of nature or just a product of a research laboratory or just a biological weapons laboratory. There are various culprits in conspiracy theories based on suspicions, that China or the United States are waging a bio-war against each other to weaken the other side. Achilles heel of this theory is that it damages itself enormously and affects all states and societies as well as the global economy as a whole. Others alternately suspect or combine Bill and Melinda Gate, George Soros and his Open Society (although Covid creates the opposite of an open society). Other Illuminati and Freemasons, the People’s Liberation Army, the US military, the „Zionists“ and „the Jews,“ as ex-CIA agent Robert Steele recently did on the blog of the Russian International Affairs Council and who also writes for the Tehran Times. The new head of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, accused the United States and Israel of waging a biological war against Iran as if only Iran was affected by Covid 19. Others accuse a British research institute that is also active in Wuhan and would have been involved in the Skripal affair against Putin in Britain. Others suspect a conspiracy among virologists, WHO and the pharmaceutical and vaccine industries to do business and make profit. It is interesting, however, why politicians and the entire other economies, which are also interested in doing business, then pulls along if it were only scaremongering. The most logical would be the conspiracy theory that a conspiratorial group made up of ecologists, Friday for Future, Greta and the Club of Rome launched the virus in order to achieve the climate protection goals and a sustainable lifestyle and ecological restructuring of the world society and world economy. But apart from the Cui Bono argument, there is no evidence for this. Esoteric minds now see „nature“ as avenger of human sins. The empire strikes back!

The blame game and conspiracy theories around Covid 19 have started. While the US blames China, the CPC is now running a counter-propaganda initiative to claim the virus is from the US. Every lie has a real core. The propaganda war is now escalating on social media. The following global research article illustrates the propaganda methods and the scheme quite well and is an eloquent example.

Apparently serious media in Asia from South Korea, Taiwan and Japan are cited in the first part which raises doubts about the Chinese origin, which is legitimate at first. In the second part, the alleged research results of Chinese scientists and ominous „intelligence agencies“, which probably mean the Chinese secret services, are then added, and then in the third part, purposefully and supposedly omniscient, the trace is laid of a military conference in Wuhan, in which Americans took part to Hawai and Fort Detrick. This scheme sounds from the days of the Soviet propaganda that AIDS came from Fort Detrick, which a GDR scientist at Munich University claimed at the time, in order to embrace the peace movement on behalf of the Stasi and the HVA and to instigate it against the USA.

There is a well-known virologist in China who deals with bats and has also detected corona viruses and the Covid 19-Vius here. This Chinese „Batwoman“ and her results are also reported in the scientific journal Scientific American, but these do not fit the propaganda of the CP China and its Chinese scientists into the world view, especially since she claims that Cocid 19 is a natural mutation of Chinese bats and wild animals stem.

“After sampling the cave for a year the researchers discovered adiverse group of coronviruses in six bat species. In many cases, multiple viral strains had infected a single animal, turning it into a flying factory of new viruses.”

The blame game, who is responsible for the virus, has now started. The question of origin is important, but should not be a priority in view of crisis management.0

Taiwan is currently developing a rapid test that should detect Covid in 20 minutes, Trump has pumped $ 8 billion into vaccine research, the Tübingen company of Hopp promises a vaccine for autumn, the RKI expects it in 2021. Maybe scientific progress will still solve the crisis. So wait and see. According to official statistics, the number of infected people in Asia and China is declining. The CP China is now using this for a soft power campaign under the slogan „Learning from China means learning to win“. The CP China is also helping other countries with doctors and test kits, and it also sees its neototalitarian political system as a role model that enabled the world to fight Corvid 19 and pandemics effectively. China reports that there are no more newly infected people, that the crisis is almost over and that production is now set to start up again, but the German Robert Koch Institute claims that the decreasing infection numbers in China were just a short time statistical dent and that the number of infected and dead people will be rising again afterward. We will see who is right, but democratic Taiwan is also praised as a model state in the fight against Covid and is now trying to be reintroduced into the WHO contrary to the one-China policy: Or as the following article shows:

What Taiwan can teach the world on fighting the coronavirus

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