Myths about China´s economy- Yukon Huang versus Guo Wengui alias Miles Kwok

Myths about China´s economy- Yukon Huang versus Guo Wengui alias Miles Kwok

Global Review recommends two other Youtube videos comparable like the debate between Muthbubani versus Mearsheimer . This time Yukon Huang who portrays China as relative stable and a successful economy versus Guo Wengui, Chinese exile oligarch dissident who claims that the CP China is just a declining economy which makes its Western partners to believe its lies and propaganda of a flourishing peaceful rise of China.

.Yukon Huang is a senior fellow in the Carnegie Asia Program, where his research focuses on China’s economy and its regional and global impact. He was formerly the World Bank’s country director for China and earlier director for Russia and the Former Soviet Union Republics. He is an adviser to the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, and various governments and corporations. His research focuses on China’s economy and its regional and global impact.

He has written a book and gives a short summary of it in the video „Debunking myths about China´s economy“. He is rejecting all the so called conventional wisdom of Western China experts,  politicians and think tanks about the Chinese economy and claims that China has a unique system that will guarantee ist stability. Yukon Huang contradicts all Western thesis, about Chinese trade surplus, Chinese bank and real estate bubbles, China´s debt ratio,  Gini coefficient and social stability, corruption and the one party rule,  the lack of rule of law and a democracy. However, he predicts that there will be some sort of liberalization in the next decade despite the transformation of China from a one-party dictatorship to a one-man dictatorship, from authotaritarism to neototalitarism with a new social bonus system. Therefore we recommend this Youtube video:

The other extreme point of view is a video of the new US hope for regime change in China, exile oligarch Guo Wengui alias Miles Kwok which claims that China is just a kleptocracy, which economic system faced decline even before Covid and no even more and that all Westerners are too naive and too stupid to believe the CPC´s propaganda that China was becoming the next world power. In his bad Chinglish Guo prophesizes that the rule of the CPC will be history within 2 years as Trump’s trade war and the Chinese economic corrupt system will lead to a revolution and the toppling of the CP China which he might lead to success. He also says that Jack Ma as other new rich in China will be expropriated by the CP China, jailed or killed by the Chinese Ministery of State Security (MSS) and Wang Qishan. He also claims that China will incorporate Hongkong and abolish the Hongkong dollar in order to internationalize the Yuan and challenge the US dollar. Guo is a new type of Chinese dissident. A neoliberal greedy oligarch who wants to enrich himself and sees the CP China as an obstacle to this. This greedy oligarch complains about the CPChina as a kleptocratic, corrupt mafia as he himself would like to have a sort of plutocratic oligarch China where not the CP China is ripping of the people, but guys like him. Guo is some sort of Chinese Trump and maybe he will also adapt a China First policy. However, he is the new hope of US regime change supporters as the Chinese opposition already tried to get support from hi, but failed, He is too egocentric as to have other democratic leaders next to him, to make a coalition or to be a team partner. He wants all the power as Trump and is a friend of Steve Bannon.

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