Short notice: Meeting of the EU defense ministers and Corona demonstration in Berlin

Short notice: Meeting of the EU defense ministers and Corona demonstration in Berlin

Foreign policy: Meeting of EU defense ministers. AKK announced. they will support the Belarusian opposition. But she couldn´t say how. Sanctions, morally? Militarily probably not, especially since AKK had previously generously announced that NATO would not invade Belarus. Germany and France will not impose sanctions on Putin over Navalny. GB, which will soon no longer be a member of the EU, and the Eastern Europeans without Orban-Hungarians are pushing for sanctions. Trump has not yet commented on it. If there are sanctions from the US side, then only insofar as Biden Trump accuses Trump of being close to Russia and he has to counteract it. But then it is quite possible. that Trump is calling for the stop of Nord Stream 2 as the only sanction and then Germany would be more in the focus than Russia.

In addition, the EU defense ministers were concerned with Turkey, the coup in Mali and Irini. In Europe Germany and other countries are now being criticized that the Malian military who made the coup de etat may have been trained in Germany, which is probably not true, and even if so, the question arises whether the coup was the worst solution because Keita did not want to resign, there might have been a civil war and the Malian military in their post-war history, just as the Turkish military handed power back to a civilian government after a brief transition phase. Erdogan not only causes problems in the Mediterranean but also blocks possible NATO support for Irini, as already existed with Sophia .

Domestic politics: The Corona critics continue to call for their nationwide Corona demonstration in Berlin despite the ban on demonstrations. Left esoteric and right-wing radicals in a cross front. So there will still be a few thousand and if the police tried to prevent it, they will try to undermine this with decentralized actions or civil walks and present any arrests or sanctions as evidence of the repression by the alleged Merkel dictatorship, including corresponding YouTube images in social media. If the demo is not forbidden, more will come and the police will find it difficult to enforce the mask duty and safety distance. Either the state monopoly of force is presented as toothless or as an agent of the alleged corona dictatorship or both at the same time.

But it are these double standards that the corona deniers rightly criticize. The hygiene rules were not enforced at the Black Live Matters, Al Quds and 1st Mai demonstrations or at clan celebrations. If that has to apply to everyone. The state feared that any action against BLM would lead to the accusation of racist state violence. The Berlin SPD interior senator justified the demo ban not only medically but politically when he said that he did not want to see right-wing extremists, conspiracy theorists Reich citizens march through the capital. It was politically and not medically legitimated. Unfortunately, according to the Constitution, these people have the same freedom of assembly as BLM, Islamist and anti-Semitic Al Quds demonstrators or left-wing extremists. So not an easy decision. The organizer Querdenken 711 now wants to bring the matter to the Federal Constitutional Court.

At the moment the majority of the population supports the Merkel / Söder course, but that can change if the foreseeable economic crisis comes with mass unemployment and waves of bankruptcies. These demos are just the first petrels. The mime reform of the right to vote also leads to further disaffection with parties and the state.

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