Short comment: Storm on the Parliament in Berlin

Short comment: Storm on the Parliament in Berlin

So right-wing extremists in the environment and context of the Corona demonstration are doing small dry exercise drills for a fascist coup and the storming of the Bastille, in the hope that it will work out at one of the next attempts and what is the reaction? Lukewarm complaints that Germany’s reputation abroad is suffering (Trump, Erdogan, Orban and Putin have probably applauded) and that the dignity of the High House is being tarnished.

Probably the worst thing about Hitler was that Germany’s reputation abroad suffered, but none of the 60 million war dead around the world, the crippled, concentration camp prisoners, Holocaust victims, victims of SS and Wehrmacht massacres and displaced persons suffered. But what is apparently important is that the image and prestige and some high dignity suffered. Not more. Possibly one should now be ashamed of possible image problems for his “compatriots” like on Ballermann. For such stupid comments, the MPs would have deserved that the Nazis stormed the High House in order to beat them as a wake-up call. Claudia Roth and Steinmeier at the forefront.

The much-criticized SPD Interior Senator Geisel only applied for the demonstration ban for medical reasons. The passage with the right-wing radicals he did not want to see was his private and separate comment, with which he wanted to show „attitude“ and which did not appear in the demonstration ban application even if it was rumored differently ..

The funniest argument on this demo weekend comes from Michael Ballweg, the organizer of Corona demonstration, personally. The Süddeutsche Zeitung writes:

On Sunday he „criticized Berlin’s Senator for the Interior, Andreas Geisel (SPD) in particular, for not having enough police forces available at the Reichstag building.“

That’s what I call Chupze. First, deliberately aiming to ensure that the police and the state power are overwhelmed and that the demostrators want to show their powerlessness, at the same time croaking about dictatorship and then screaming for more monopoly on violence because of the state’s self-induced state of powerlessness.

Parliament is now planning to build a trench around the Reichstag building, which is completely ridiculous. What a surrende and capitulation, the only thing missing is a defensive wall and a drawbridge. The only thing missing is a declaration by Merkel or her soft-washing press spokesman Seibert that no one intends to build a wall.

While there is much talk of reputation, image, respect, dignity, much-cited speechlessness, one does not even seem to be offensive, despite Sunday speeches about a „vigilant and offensive democracy”, name the right-wing extremists of AfD, Elsässer’s COMPACT, Identitären, 3. Weg, Reichsbürger, NSU 2.0, Value -Union and ex- President of the Office for the Protectionof the Constitution Maaßen, denouncing and attacking their supporters in the armed state monopoly from the police to the Bundeswehr, KSK and to organize a wave of cleansing and repression. This is what liberal and bourgeois anti-fascism looks like. People talk more indirectly about reputation, symbols and dignity than about the fascists themselves.And if some politicians and liberal or left-wing media name them, no action will follow, especially since the CDU / CSU and parts of the state also represent a subtile, albeit refined nationalism and want to win back AfD voters, so that they are probably not the right addresses for are consistent anti-fascism.

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