Coronademos, cross-front and „Truth makes you free“

Coronademos, cross-front and „Truth makes you free“

A journalist from Bavaria´s most popular newspaper Münchner Merkur has come under fire because the slogan „Truth makes you free“(Wahrheit macht frei) of Querdenken- activists who initiate the Corona demonstrations reminded her of Auschwitz and the slogan “ Work makes you free“( “Arbeit macht frei”). “Truth makes you free” – can you compare that with the Auschwitz saying “Work makes you free”? Many will now say again: This is the Nazi club, far fetched, again one of those many misunderstandings and denunciations. Nevertheless, one should take a look at the overall context of these word games. On the one hand, the saying “Truth makes you free” is very fanatical in and of itself, almost with a totalitarian missionary claim, since someone here means that only he is in possession of the absolute truth and not all others. Secondly, in the most distressed case, the historical and political insensitivity with which such slogans are scattered is striking.

“Truth makes you free” was also the slogan of the Leuchter Congress in Munich in the 1990s, at which all Holocaust deniers in the world met in conscious association with “Work makes you free!”. „Truth makes you free“ is also the slogan of fundamentalist Christians who see everyone else as evil and Satan and whom they wish to go to hell. The Berlin Corona demonstration ran under the motto “Freedom Day” (Tag der Freiheit) – that was again the title of a film by Hitler’s chief filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl right after “Triumph of the Will”. You could say: mere coincidences. But apparently not. Because Querdenken (Cross-front thinking) has entered a cross-front with right-wing extremists, which is why left-wing sesoterics tried to storm the Bundestag together with right-wing extremists. Coincidence? The Querdenken organizer Ballweg explains that he did not see any right-wing extremists at the demonstrations, but then again that they were all paid undercover agents of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution (Verfassungsschutz).. In addition, he also has positions similar to that of the Reich bourgeoisie, does not accept today’s constitution and the Basic Law, wants to see this supplemented, although by what remains unclear. Just topple the old system and build something new- Tolerating rightwinged extzremist as partners as they want in their catchphrases the same.

In the organization team of Querdenken, it is not only the shamansque press spokesman who is noticeable with right thought, but many of the left esoteric demonstrators sre similar conspiracy theories and worldviews as their rightwinged patners. Even if Reich war flags and other devotional items are waved or carried at the demonastrations, people´s traitors are accused and tribunals are demanded, Jewish stars are worn, White Rose and resistance fighters in the Third Reich are invoked to overthrow the „corona dictatorship“, or in Murnau demanding a German Peace treaty and a „New Era“ , it is done as if it were just a hippie festival, but it is quite clear from which corner this comes and with whom one is marching and in fact tolerates this again and again despite some verbal distancing.

In his „Anachronistic train“ (Anachronistischer Zug) in the 1950s, Berthold Brecht prophesied that the fascists of tomorrow would not appear openly under Greater German slogans, but for “Freedom and Democracy.” Also the AfD gave itself a national conservative cloak, claiming for more direct democracy and freedom be as an “alternative” to the “old system parties”, to the “Merkel dictatorship” and refer to Switzerland, as did the fascist DVU boss Frey, the German Republicans under SS Schönhuber or the Hitler´s NSDAP, who by means of referendums wanted to overthrow and paralyze the Weimar Republic. Now that Meuthen is saying goodbye to the leadership of the AfD and goes to Europe in his fight against the fascist Höcke, and Konrad Adam has also resigned, it is becoming increasingly clear that the AfD is not just another conservative protest voter party, but that the Höcke wing has prevailed. And Höcke also supports the Coronademos. Querdenken is a synonym for a cross- front made up of left-wing esotericists, eso-fascists and right-wing radicals.

Querdenken boss Ballweg once said that there were no right-wing extremists at his demonstartions, but then again that these were all undercover agents of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, then again that a demonstration was not a closed society. Strangely enough, no right-wing radicals marched with the cultural workers and business people at the 5000 demonstration „Red Alert“, nor was a Reich war flag or similar devotional objects or people’s traitor signs seen because these scums would have been beaten and kicked out immediately. It is due to the political program and the ideological conspiracy theories that bring together left-wing esotericists, eso-fascists and right-wing radicals. But Höcke could miscalculate, because many of his voters belong to the older Covid risk group and potentially economically affected voters could be dettered from these confused and sometimes insane delusions and slogans of the Covidiots.

At first, the AfD criticized Merkel for not having taken tough enough action at the beginning of the corona crisis, but now it is criticizing that Merkel had ruined the German economy with the lockdown and was responsible for the coming economic crisis, the mass layoffs and the wave of bankruptcies, now the AfD uses a two-track-approach: Höcke woos the affluent hippie and flower children with their conspiracy theories in addition to the hedonistic party animals of the previous fun society, the Covidiots, Gauland cares more about the economically damaged. Quite a transparent game. But the real challenge has not even occurred at the moment, but when a second wave may come as a result of the winter, whereby Merkel and Söder are ruling out a general lockdown, have defined business, schools and children daycare centers as a priority and only then the protection of old people’s homes , approach this more federalistically and regionally differentiated, especially since the states are more responsible than Merkel, so you don’t have the central attack surface with the exception of the Corona aid funds of the federal government and the EU, which is why the AfD is also more on criticism of the Covid aid funds and wants to chair the, Committees of inquiry into the Wirecard scandal.Söder has already indicated that an economic crisis may have to be expected during the election campaign year and warns of a „Corona-Pegida“. The actual dispute is still to come and the demonstrations so far were possibly just the first petrels. However, this does not automatically mean that the AfD could gain significantly because of this and that the FDP could even recover after its crash as a business party, party of civil rights and the lockdown easing.

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