Integration measures: Prevention of parallel societies and immediate deportation of AfD fascists

Integration measures: Prevention of parallel societies and immediate deportation of AfD fascists

One commentator wrote us a memorable model for integration in Germany:

“The integration was mostly successful. But not in other parts. Therefore, in these unteachable cases, immediate deportation to Madagascar in order not to allow undemocratic parallel societies to emerge in Germany is needed: AfD fascists, Islamofascist Erdogan- Turks, Muslim Brotherhood, Iranian Al-Qud supporters, parts of the Oversea Republicans and Trump supporters, Putin and Duterte fans,Kaczynski and Orban fanatics, Kosovar KLA nationalists and the whole Balkan mafia who also want to join the EU, Stalinist PKK supporters who want a Greater Kurdistan and want to stir up the Greater Middle East a little, Czech Baja fans or other Eastern European nationalists and those who believe in authority, sinophile Xi-China tolerators including the Confucius Institutes of the Communist Party of China, Bolsonaro-Brazilians, clerical fascist evangelicals and free churches, Burmese Rohingya persecution extremists, clerical fascist Falungong, Indian-Hindu nationalist BJP and RSS supporters, Thai royal and military dictatorship-sympathizers, from Thailand, and others

In addition, all the foreign oligarchs and oil sheiks from these countries are deported to refugee camps, who occur here under the title „investors“, in order to drive up real estate prices, gentrification in major German cities, including rents, that are not affordable for ordinary people with or without an immigrant background Living space for them should remain or even arise for a consciousness for the underdogs and middle class in Moria and there they come aware of the reality of their displaced members of their own much praised culture.

One can assume that this will not be implemented, nor would it be covered by the Basic Law and the Constitution, but only an idea for a democratic cleansing. Unfortunately, there is too much multiculturalism and liberalism, as has been correctly criticized by the AfD. But we would be the first to deport the fascist AfD supporters, as they would like to do with us..

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