Short Notice: Trump has Corona and the postfactual world

Short Notice: Trump has Corona and the postfactual world

Trump, like Bolsonaro and Johnson, has Corona, after all three were post-factually infected in the mass gatherings they themselves propagated. A Chinese is at least not found to be the culprit, but it remains the „Chinaviurs“. Melanie also has Corona and she wants to take care of him and both want to get through it as a couple and a shared fate. Many hope that Trump dies, even if this is put forward behind hypocritical declarations that nobody wishes anybody anything bad or any harm. If Biden had got Corona, Trump would have made fun of it and whacked Sleepy or Creepy Joe and would have amused himself even more if he had died before the election date. He also had no sympathy for the 200,000 corona deaths, he would have been in that statistics as the 200 001 deaths. Who cares? One problem would be solved for the time being, at least in terms of personnel terms, but not structurally, because since the Tea Party movement has dominated the Republicans, even with Trump’s death, the GOP would not revert to the old GOP of the George Bush senior times and also not do the purge that was hoped for it could then completely abdicate as a party and split in the US two-party system.The Tea Party manicas and the Trumpists will be part of them in the future.

But it is also possible that Trump has a gentle corona course, survives it like Boris Johnson and Bolsonaro and then resurrects as the indomitable Man of Steel, whom nothing can defeat and his survival as an expression of willpower, family values ​​thanks to Melanie, indestructibility and his correctness regarding Corona policy. What is significant, however, is the loyalty of the Trump fans: They still doubt that Trump has Corona as fake news, although Trump himself has let it be known on Twitter and at a press conference that he has Corona. Right or wrong-my country. Right or wrong-my Trump. Yes, one could soon begin to believe in divine foresight.

Interesting is not only the denial of reality of the Trump fans, but also denial of reality of the Trump opponents. The social media are flooded with comments, that Trump has no Coirona at all, that it is just a trick, he just initiates everything and then gives the Messias, the resurrected Jesus. Meanwhile, Trump fans and Trump opponents trust Trump to do everything. As Toyota once put it in its advertising: Everything is possible. In the meantime, parts of the Trump opponents have also arrived in the post-factual world. There is no longer the grand narrative of a consensual or objective reality on which one could somehow still agree or rely.

Now Trump is in the hospital. Also just a show too? In addition, his personal physician and the medical staff who treat him obviously lie and act more as press spokesman for their master and his wishes than as scientists and doctors. Probably it is said from both sides, should Trump die of Corona: He is alive and: He is back! All just show. Perhaps there would also be legends about Trump and there would be a US-American Kyffhäüser whose zealots hope for the awakening of the sleeping emperor like the AfD or like the Jews for the appearance of the Messiah or the Shiites for the return of the 14th Imam Ali and the Mahdi, who redeems everyone, as is celebrated every year in the Ashura Festival. . The only thing that helps is self-whipping and self-flagellation.

And whoever believes that in the event of the death or election defeat of Trump, all problems would have been solved, could experience a horrible reawakening in the future. Trump is not just a personal problem, but an expression of the crisis of capitalist globalization and the radicalization of the Republican Party. This began at the latest with Newt Gingrich and the Neocons as the first radicalization stage and with George Bush jr. as its expression. Then the Tea Party movement came along with Sarah Palin as its icon and as a vice-presidential candidate alongside John Mc Cain, who no longer knew how to appease her. With Trump, these forces gained dominance in the Republican Party and are part of its membership and electorate, even if Trump should die or be voted out. The Republican Party cannot purge itself of these forces because they are too important and they would have to split up, which would be their end in the two-party system of the USA, which is why they cannot or will not do this, and whoever thought nothing worse than Trump could happen, you should remember that this was said in the case of Georg W. Bush jr.. The Grand Old Party is no longer the honorable party as it was under Bush senior and his gentleman-imperialists of a benign hegemon and probably never will be again. Especially since Trump is not just a US phenomenon, but mediated through the capitalist world market, globalization and its backlashes is a worldwide phenomenon.

Also interesting is the comment of a Chinese dissident who seriously wrote us the following:

„American voters are mature enough to make the right decision for themselves.“

We responded somewhat polemically:

“A people of completely stupid idiots. It is no longer about political content, but only about emotional resentments that are served from every side. You can also have that in your democratic China with an oligarch billionaire and Chinese Trump Guo Wengui or the clerical fascist Falungong and their chief guru Li Hongzhi as a Chinese Erdogan. Today’s Chinese opposition is no longer that of the 1989s, whose veterans have mostly retired, but is now dominated by other forces like greedy, market radical exiled oligarchs like Guo Wengui or leader Li Hongzihi´s Falungong Nothing to support. American democracy is just a caricature of itself, providing the CCP with all the arguments to keep the Chinese away from a Chinese democracy, and when Hong Kong democracy demonstrators wave posters with Trump rolling on tanks to free China as a new opium war you don’t expect any support. „

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