Mass vaccination: „Let’s start“?

Mass vaccination: „Let’s start“?

„Let´s start“ announced the German Minister of Health Jens Spahn today. He means that the mass vaccination of Germans will take place soon and, according to his information, this could be started in the same month after approval in December. By summer 2021, 60% of the German population would be vaccinated and herd immunity would exist. There would be no compulsory vaccination and the 20% vaccination opponents are also accepted. This shows that the public pressure to leave the corona crisis behind as soon as possible, no matter what the means and to prevent another lockdown, which brings with it a wave of insolvencies, could ruin the German economy and also result in further massive debt, as well as the promises of salvation by the pharmaceutical industry and the early start of vaccination in the USA, Great Britain and Russia are now also having an effect on German policy.

But you don’t have to be a vaccine opponent to question this hasty lemmings movement.

Vaccination opponents are now trying the following strategies to prevent vaccination in Germany. To stir up fear of side effects. Of course, with each vaccination, there were side effects for a small part, but mostly harmless, and with a lower percentage of one-thousandth there were also severe side effects, but these can largely be negated and also treated. The fact that someone dies or has permanent damage from a vaccine side effect is really the absolute exception to the rule. According to this logic, one should no longer drive, fly, do housework because there are accidents or inhale air because one could swallow a wasp and die from it. The horror stories of the polio vaccinations allegedly by Bill Gates in India and Africa have since been refuted several times and have turned out to be fake news. The much-quoted Robert Kennedy Jr. `s Indian office that allegedly sued Gates does not even exist. India and Africa are today largely polio-free – unlike Pakistan, where Islamic anti-vaccination opponents murder vaccinators, as this is against the will of Allah and not by God – with the corresponding worsening processing of polio, wherever no vaccine opponent complains about their consequences. It is also announced that corona vaccines would change the genetic material so that at some point we will mutate into mutants with 4 eyes and 5 legs. This is not possible with most substances and even with the genetically modified vaccines, the RNA cannot penetrate the cell nucleus and change it at all. Especially since the many vaccines are not genetically modified at all, but use other techniques, e.g. China relies on largely traditional deactivated viruses.

Furthermore, it is claimed that vaccinations would be of no use because viruses are constantly changing and mutating. It should be said that these vaccines not only specifically fight the virus, but also a whole spectrum of possible mutations. And you can also develop vaccines further. Ultimately, those who oppose the vaccination want to say that vaccinations, wearing masks and keeping a safe distance are useless, unnecessary and hopeless, especially since the virus is no more dangerous than the flu and can be easily combated with a healthy immune system and vitamin D.

Fourth, science fiction conspiracy theories that by the vaccination 5G-controlled biochips are injected for total population surveillance and that mass sterilizations are intended. Apart from the fact that such 5G controlled biochips do not yet exist or would be injectable, the latter rumor is mainly spread by religiously fanatical anti-abortion opponents and opponents of population control without any evidence and willingly passed on by western anti-vaccination opponents on social media.

The last point is the rapid approval process for the vaccine, which calls into question its safety and effectiveness. The Western vaccines have at least passed the third test phase in order to be approved at all, unlike the Russian Sputnik V and the Chinese Sinovac. Here, however, it would make more sense to only start the vaccinations one month after the mass vaccinations that started this December week in the USA and GB, because then you hwill have a lot of data and experience about the effect and also the question of whether the vaccine only protects the individual from the virus and if it does not remain infectious and can still spread the virus. You’d have to be patient enough.

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