Regime change scenarios in Russia and the USA – now also with the help of shamans

Regime change scenarios in Russia and the USA – now also with the help of shamans

According to Russia expert Alexander Rahr, Navalny will be handcuffed to Moscow airport on Sunday, which would then be applauded in the Russian population, who consider him a traitor, but in Germany it would lead to further resentment. If Navalny imprisoned, there will certainly be a Western campaign for his release. As far as is known, Sascha Rahr had helped Genscher to exile Khodorkovsky. Could that then be repeated? Doubts remain: the situation is more tense and Navalny has a different personality structure, but Rahr believes in a different scenario:

“Putin will not imprison Navalny immediately. But the blogger will be driven and dispelled through legal proceedings. How the West reacts will not be important. The Kremlin is not at all interested in that. It will be important whether more than 50 people come to welcome Navalny on arrival „.

Interesting. Are western media involved or just Putin TV? Perhaps the welcome command fits into a phone box, but would be people with courage. But is that the only yardstick and indicator, because the court trials can also take time and lead to demonstrations of sympathy. Or will it be a show tribunal or a court martial? Who will take on the defense and what are the indictments or pamphlets? Sounds more like grueling tactics, but Navalny is a tough guy and he’ll also try to use the trials as a forum and stage. For now, according to Rahr, the following is to be expected:

“Navalny wants a big train station. 5000 will be coming. FSB will be there. And western reporters too. „

Now it remains to be seen whether Navalny will really return to Russia or prefer to stay in exile, especially since one never knows whether such statements might not be a bait or hidden threats as part of a Kremlin disinformation campaign.

After the political murders of Nemtsov, Politskaya and the poisoning of Navalny, and now his apparent return, the West is looking for further figures of the Grail against Putin, with the governor of Zhirinovsky’s Russian Nazi party, who had been dismissed by Putin, being praised by Western media as an opposition member. But the Russian opposition is becoming increasingly bizarre and esoteric. Here is the West’s latest light figure against Putin and the alternative bearer of hope of the green Tageszeitung taz:

“Opposition shaman in Russia: With a white horse against the Kremlin From Siberia to Moscow to excorzise the demon Vladimir Putin: Alexander Gabyscheff attracts attention on YouTube. And experienced repression.

Alexander Gabyschew will be running again soon – from March and with 1 hp. This week, the self-proclaimed “warlike shaman” announced on YouTube that he would again be making his way from the Siberian Yakutsk to the Russian capital Moscow. This time he doesn’t want to cover the 8,000 kilometers on foot, but on a white horse, supporters could follow him in cars. “We will cross Siberia and then reach the Urals. Then it is only a stone’s throw to Moscow, ”said Gabyschew. His goal is the Kremlin – more precisely, President Vladimir Putin, whom he wants to drive out.

The 52-year-old was born in Yakutia. There he completed a history degree, but worked as a welder and caretaker. He had his shamanic awakening experience in 2009 as a result of the death of his wife, which he processed through meditation. Gabyschew undertook the first trip to Moscow in 2018 to bring his compatriots closer to the traditional beliefs of the small peoples of Siberia. The company came to an abrupt end when his dog literally got screwed and needed medical treatment.

A year later, Gabyschew set course for Moscow again – necessary travel utensils, such as a yurt, he pulled behind him on a handcart. However, the mission was different: to drive Putin out. His task is to establish a democracy in the country and to ensure harmony. Putin, however, is a demon, nature does not love him. Everywhere where Putin appeared, disasters occurred. That is why the president has to go, peacefully, but if necessary also by force, said Gabyschew.

Political prisoner in psychiatry

The shaman enjoyed growing popularity along the way. Well-meaning citizens provided him with money and food. Videos have been clicked a million times. On September 19, Gabyschew was arrested on the border between Buryatia and the Irkutsk region, transferred to Yakutsk and admitted to a psychiatric hospital there. On October 3rd, he was officially declared “crazy”. This was accompanied by criminal proceedings for inciting extremism. Amnesty International records Gabyschew as a political prisoner. Another attempt to travel in December ended after a few days with another arrest and a fine of 11 euros for damaging a policeman’s uniform jacket. In 2020, Gabyschew again spent several months forcibly in psychiatry. But the shaman doesn’t give up. In autumn 2019, the American-Belarusian political advisor Vitaly Schklarow said that Gabyschew could be much more dangerous for the Kremlin than protests in Moscow with several thousand participants. Let’s see how long his journey will take this time.!5739219/

Mann mit langen Haaren und bemaltem Gesicht
Good opposition shaman in Russia
A man wearing a horned fur hat holding a spear yells inside the US Capitol Building while holding a spear.
Bad opposition shaman in the USA

Spiritual naturalistic exorcism from the depths of Siberia, all what is missing now is an exorcist from the Vatican, which would have been conceivable with Pope John Paul 2 from Poland. And all that’s missing is a new Rasputin in the Kremlin and against Putin and the regime change is perfect. While Trump-fanatical US shamans, who storm the Capitol with fur hats and buffalo horns on their heads and stars and a stripe-scented spear, are seen by the Western media as obviously crazy fanatics, lunatics and the incarnation of madness, Russian shamans who want to storm the Kremlin on white horses are considered the ulima ratio and the hoped-for bearers of hope for the Russian people and the West.

But it is no wonder in such religious countries as Russia and the USA that irrationalism is taking root. Perhaps Putin will then call the Russian Orthodox Church for help and the whole thing will develop into a religious dispute between ecologism and industrialism, monotheistic mysticism and neo-paganism with a bit of blood and soil philosophy, to which nationalists and fascists could be able to jump into the esoterice crusade if you open Pandora’s box once, especially since the protests in Eastern Russia also had many Schrinovsky supporters with them. Mother Earth against Mother Russia or both somehow syncretically combined. Navalny could almost appear for Putin again as a more rational opponent.

In addition, many regime change supporters in the West forget that the population in Russia’s Far East is perhaps not as modern as in Western, urban Russia in Moscow and St. Petersburg, is probably much more conservative and believers in authority and would prefer an even stronger man in Moscow, who doesn’t forget them. The tsar is far away, but with a really strong man in decadent,weak Moscow he could be close and take care of them. At least, the opposition shaman has to start a long march, which in terms of distance is much longer than Mussolini’s march on Rome or Mao’s Long march to Yenan and could attract a following that is not in the interests of the inventor, but perceives him as an icebreaker and then takes over when the Kremlin would be stormed. And on the long march or ride, the opposition shaman and his white horse could also be eaten up by an FSB-trained Siberian tiger if no Novitschok can be placed in the underpants, since lovers of untamed natural spirits may not wear underpants, but want to come across as natural.

While new regime change dreams are blossoming in parts of the West , Putin is just as hopeful after Trump’s first failed regime change in the USA. Especially since even a US military dictatorship to save Trump is being openly discussed in the Western media, as in the following FAZ interview:

“How Trump could stay in power with the help of the military Is a military coup ruled out in America? Constitutional lawyer Russell Miller on uncharted territory and hope in a system of failure.

FAZ: Professor Miller, the United Chiefs of Staff of the American Military condemned the storming of the Capitol and reminded all members of the military of their duties. Could the incumbent President Trump stay in power with the help of the military?

Prof. Miller: A disturbing question. But: yes, that would be possible. Even before the Capitol uprising, there were reports of an inner circle in the White House discussing extreme strategies to allow Trump to stay in power after January 20. It seems that the proclamation of martial law was actually one of those desperate plans. It is hard to believe that this is a discussion at the heart of America’s ancient and mostly admirable democracy. But at least from the perspective of positive law, that is not excluded.

There are constitutional restrictions on the exercise of the president’s power as commander-in-chief, especially at home. He shares power over the military with Congress, which can declare wars and finance the military. Fundamental rights also limit the president’s powers. Finally, the Supreme Court ruled that the scope of the President’s powers within the home should be determined by considering the intent of Congress. This mutual control is reinforced by the clear assignment of authority over the deployment of armed forces at home to Congress. The 1787 Constitution grants Congress the power to „call the militia to carry out Union laws, suppress insurrections and repel invasions.“

The detailed information on the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 and the Insurrection Act and persistent coup scenarios can be read in detail in the FAZ interview:

The FBI warns of „armed protests“ in the state capitals and in Washington at Biden’s inauguration, as Trump supporters are already mobilizing. What a euphemism. When Trump-supporting militias kidnapped the Michigan governor last year and tried to execute what the FBI was barely stopping at the time, it was seen as an act by a small minority and not as a model of what could and will come. That was the template for the storm on the Capitol, why not just call it terrorism and wage another decisive war on terror? The reason is quite simple: It’s domestic, they fear the second American civil war and it’s not just a „small minority of extremists“ as Joe Biden proclaims, but also Trump, Trumpists, the Tea Party movement, Gingriches, Altright, so-called legalist conservatives Revolutionaries, neocons, broad sections of the Republicans and also the population, who act as active sympathizers of the whole and drive it forward, yes, even Biden’s election victory still not recognize, but simply assert themselves as the only power and as a party system in the USA want.

Interesting detail: The Joint Chiefs of Staff, its Chief Milley and high-ranking US generals have now written an open letter in which they made it clear that the US military will support and protect the constitution, not individuals. Perhaps the military has to intervene if the police and the National Guard are insufficient. However, Trump also has supporters in the police, national guard and military. It is also interesting that the Pompeo Foreign Ministry published on its website that Trump’s term in office has expired. At the same time, Pompeo claims that Iran and Al Qaeda would work together. Perhaps there could be an alleged Islamist attack on the US, which then becomes the pretext for war with Iran. And then most Americans could gather around the flag, including the military. It is possible that there will be regime change in the US rather than against Putin or to compensate the domextic struggles in a foreign adventure..Depending on the outcome, the latter could also be directed against Russia and then Putin would have miscalculated with his support for Trump and would have pulled the ass card. But at the moment and for the time being, Putin and Xi are satisfied that the US is preoccupied and paralyzed with itself and the Covid crisis, and is showing the world that the US is no longer a reliable power and that liberal democracy tends to lead to chaos and instability.

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