Navalny’s regime change campaign and Putin´s golden toilet brush

Navalny’s regime change campaign and Putin´s golden toilet brush

Navalny’s return does not appear as a suicidal act, but as the first step in a campaign well orchestrated with the West and as timely revenge by the Biden adminstration. The timing after Trump’s failed storm on Capitol Hill, Biden’s inauguration and the Russian Ephipina Festival seem well chosen. Biden has now proposed to Russia to extend the New Start treaty, but at the same time made it clear that Putin would pay a high price for his support for Trump and his interference in American affairs and election campaigns, as well as cyberattacks against the US government institutions and companies. Likewise, the connection and nexus between Trump´s assistant Rogers .the Russian military secret service GRU and Wikileaks are now being dealt with in court. Trump openly called in his speeches during his election campaign against Hillary Clinton that other states and secret services should give him material against the Democrats and Hillary Clinton. That happened, especially on the part of Russia, even though Putin’s influence on the US elections was not the major factor, as the Democrats claim, because Trump was able to criticize the Democrats‘ foreign and economic policy mistakes, as were Fox News. Breitbart News and Sinclair and other US media and social media far more active and dominant in propaganda than Putin could ever be through social networks and Wikileaks. Trump is a US homegrown fascist, with the support of Putin, but not caused by Putin.

Navalny`s return is the first step in an attempted regime change. While Western politicians and the media only discussed the Navalny cause under moral and international law aspects, Putin sympathizers even suspected Western forces behind the poisoning of Navalny, such as Gregor Gysi, who suspected the Nord Stream opponents behind the Novichok attack on Navalny, Putin’s main reason why he wanted to kill Navalny is often ignored: In addition to the mass demonstrations in Belarus and some cities in Western Russia, demonstrations in Eastern Russia suddenly took place when Putin deposed the governor of Schrinovksky’s Nazi party. The danger was that the protests were in Bellarussia, West and East Russia would unite in a nationwide movement against Putin and Navalny also wanted to fly to East Russia to establish this united front.

This is exactly what Putin tried to prevent with his poison attack, as well as to eliminate an essential charismatic leader of the opposition like he did with Nemzrov. Especially since he believed that the transfer to the Charite would lead to Navalny´s exile and insignificance. After his return, Navalny is no longer just a domestic opposition figure, but, as the Carnegie Foundation puts it, “the most prominent international political prisoner”. And that does not make him incapacitated, because immediately afterward a video was posted in Russian and international social media and also on YouTube, which shows Putin’s alleged luxury villa on the Black Sea, which is said to have cost 1.1 billion dollars. The fact that the interior shots are pure imagination and computer animation, like Putin’s golden toilet brush, is irrelevant for many. Putin, who relies on nationalism and lets himself be celebrated as a hero of the Crimea, now stands as a corrupt people sucking vampire with a golden toilet brush. And the symbolic image of the golden toilet brush is as memorable and effective as the symbol of duck at Nawalny’s drone video over Medjedev’s magnificent mansion. Yes, one suspects a professional team for psychological warfare behind these drone flights and computer-animated videos. In addition, Putin is shown having an ice bath in blue underwear at the time of the Russian Ephinia Festival, which takes place on the return of Navalny, where Russians want to wash off their guilt in ritual ice baths, including Putin, also in blue underpants, alluding to Navalny’s blue Novichok underpants in which he was poisoned.

While Trump was still betting on Putin and vice versa, Mike Pompeo was already working against Putin by means of secret services and other networks. While Trump blamed China for the cyber attack on the United States, Mike Pompeo spoke of Russia as the attacker. The Navalny campaign may also be the first official act of the Biden administration and the newly appointed CIA chief William Burns, who was previously ambassador to Russia and also worked for the Carnegie Foundation. The old CIA-Nuland-Kagan networks now seem to be doing full work and to show Putin that the USA can also strike back. There are now demonstrations for Navalny in 100 cities in Russia, although their size varies, but from Western Russia to Siberia. The nucleus for a nationwide movement exists. Navalny also stated that he had no intentions to commit suicide and that should something happen to him, his wife Julia would take over his role, like the opposition women in Belarus after their husbands were imprisoned. Navalny’s return appears to be part of an elaborate campaign and movement. Khodorkovsky and Kasparov are now calling for EU sanctions, the European Parliament too, and together with the FDP is at the forefront of the movement against Nord Stream. Putin’s hope of getting rid of Navalny has now turned into the opposite. Putin will now try to portray Navalny as a traitor to the people and as an agent of foreign forces and an attack on Russia, while Navalny and the forces behind him will try to portray Putin as the corrupt, blood-sucking people’s vampire with the golden toilet brush, who is not interested in the Russian people and Russia`s destiny.

In view of these perspectives, the Kremlin now seems to be considering the option of deporting and expatriating Navalny, or as the Russia expert and Putin adviser Prof. Rahr says:

“Navalny will be expatriated. Putin has to get rid of him no matter how. You can no longer poison him – the internal turmoil and external pressure would be too strong. The Duma elections could be lost. And the presidency too. Letting him out is also not possible, because N. then became the real opposition leader. Leaving him in prison continues to make him a martyr. New demonstrations will follow. So you get rid of him – like Khodorkovsky. Best to Germany. „

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