Navalny, investigative campaign and baron Bossner

Navalny, investigative campaign and baron Bossner

In the 2000s many democrats and liberals dreamed of the internet as a new form of and mean for investigative journalism. Whistleblowers like Edward Snowden or Julian Assange´s Wikileak were portrayed as the future heroes of investigative journalism by Silicon valley icons and cyberspace hippies who thought that nation-states would disappear in cyberspace. . However, their big mistake was that they mostly leaked information about the US foreign policy, the NSA, US war crimes, Hillary Clinton´s activities against Bernie Sanders and her close collaboration with Wallstreet which was also supportive to Trump and Putin who by the Trump adviser Roger- GRU- Wikileak connection used this as a weapon against the Democrats, liberals and so-called globalist and deeper state. However, the situation has changed totally. After the US Democrats and the deeper state have been the main focus of international and European media attention, especially the NSA scandal whom US director Oliver Stone devoted a movie about Edward Snowden who found exile in Russia, the tide has absolutely turned.

Today´s whistleblowers are at first investigative journalist research pools between the Guardian, the Süddeutsche Zeitung, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the German television stations WDR, NDR or Bellingcat which was founded by the British journalist and blogger Eliot Higgins in 2014and its Russian affiliate The Insider. The interesting thing is that all these new whistleblowers, investigative journalists, blogs only focus on Russia and China. Bellingcat was only bringing war crimes of and stuff against Russia- from Ukraine, MH 17, Syria, the Skripal affair, the poising of Navalny. Means: The right revelations and messages. It is obvious that a concerted pro-US anti-authoritarian media campaign is taking place. We don´t want to criticize this, but just point out this fact. After Russia´s meddling in social media and other attacks, their support for Trump, fake news, right radical parties in the West, a not that much-hidden counteroffensive is acting now. Navalny´s telephone call to his Russian FSB assailants, his return to Russia and now the YouTube video against Putin and “his” villa shows that there is an intelligence community and deeper network behind it which coordinates this campaign. It is also now known to the public that Navalny is cooperating with Bill Browder.

Wikipedia writes about him:

William Felix Browder (born April 23, 1964) is an American-born British financier and political activist. He is the CEO and co-founder of Hermitage Capital Management, the investment advisor to the Hermitage Fund, which at one time was the largest foreign portfolio investor in Russia. The Hermitage Fund was founded in partnership with Republic National Bank, with $25 million in seed capital. The fund, and associated accounts, eventually grew to $4.5 billion of assets under management. In 1997, the Hermitage Fund was the best-performing fund in the world, up 238%. The primary investment strategy of Browder was shareholder rights activism. Browder took on large Russian companies such as Gazprom, Surgutneftegaz, Unified Energy Systems and Sidanco.In retaliation, on November 13, 2005, Browder was refused entry to Russia, deported to the UK, and declared a threat to Russian national security.(…) Eighteen months after Browder was deported, on June 4, 2007, Hermitage Capital’s offices in Moscow were raided by twenty-five officers of Russia’s Interior Ministry. Twenty-five more officers raided the Moscow office of Browder’s American law firm, Firestone Duncan, seizing the corporate registration documents for Hermitage’s investment holding companies. Browder assignedSergej Magnistky, head of the tax practice at Firestone Duncan, to investigate the purpose of the raid. He discovered that while those documents were in the custody of the police, they had been used to fraudulently re-register Hermitage’s holding companies to the name of an ex-convict (…)After Magnitsky’s death, Browder lobbied for Congress to pass the Magintsky Act,, a law to punish Russian human rights violators, which was signed into law in 2012 by President Barack Obama, In 2013, both Magnitsky and Browder were tried in absentia in Russia for tax fraud.


On November 22, 2019, German news magazine Der Spiegel published an article in which it claimed Browder accusations concerning the „Magnitsky Case“, do not withstand thorough examination. The English version appeared on November 26, 2019. After Browder filed a complaint against this article with chief editorship of Der Spiegel and the German Press Council, Der Spiegel published a further article, releasing its evidence and emphasising its stance on the matter.”

Well it seems, that the oligarchs in Little Russia in London like Browder, Abramovich, revivals of Beresosvyky and alike are teaming up with the City of London and Wall Street in New York, who like the Wolve of Wall Street are never engaged in drug consumption and sex orgies, the deeper US state and the Biden administration to push Navalny as revanche for Russia´s support for Trump and the storm on Capitol Hill. Bellingcat´s Russian outlet The Insider issued another story pointing at Germany’s Putin fan society. The Russian foreign ministry is accused to engage in drug trafficking and the German- Russian „Baron von Bossner“ in Berlin is playing the central role in this report. First a manipulative picture and photomontage of Lawrow sitting in front of a hill of cocaine. Then Bossner´s „straw company“ which might have organized drug trafficking to Argentine and maybe other states, e.g. Germany. But even this report doesn´t claim that. Then a picture with Prof. Rahr and Sahra Wagenknecht with Bossner which was taken at a party in the Interconti a few years ago in a salon with an erotic red light which reminds a little bit of an opium den. Imagined: The Russian connection like the French connection.

“Ministry of strange affairs: How the Russian foreign ministry and secret services help smuggle cocaine into the country

Last week, the Dossier Center published a long read on cocaine traffic to Russian via Moscow’s embassy in Argentina. Its authors challenged the official findings of the investigation, which had exonerated Russian diplomats and officials. The Insider’s investigation, which also takes note of both the Argentinian and the Russian case files, leaves no room for doubt: the Russian ambassador and other high-ranking diplomats were actively involved in cocaine trafficking, while Russian authorities impeded justice by ignoring evidence, hindering the investigation, and setting up cyberattacks….

The Baron and the Kremlin

Kovalchuk«s superior, Konstantin Loskutnikov, introduces himself as “Baron von Bossner” in all seriousness and looks somewhat comical, at first sight, with his all-season three-piece suite, thick beard, and the inevitable cigar in his mouth. The internet is chock-full of his interviews – blatant fluff pieces – in which he speaks about his outstanding achievements (he publishes some of these interviews in his own lifestyle magazine and distributes it for free). He asserts that his primary source of income is a cigar business, which does exist (he rents factories in Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic), but its profitability is open to speculation. According to The Insider»s source, who worked at Bossner«s Berlin office, the business is “rickety” and cannot serve as the primary resource for his “charity work”. The Insider studied the German Commercial Register and found out that Golden Mile GmbH (Bossner»s trademark) hadn’t turned a profit until 2018 (197,000 euros). Until then, the business had been declaring losses of up to 800,000 euros a year.Bossner«s office looks exactly like that of a typical straw company.

In all, the connection between Kovalchuk and Bossner-Loskutnikov is apparent. Yet, whereas the former was extradited and arrested, no one has shown any interest in the latter. A German resident, he makes political statements about uniting the FRG with Russia, organizes book presentations for pro-Kremlin author Alexander Rahr, plagues the mayor of Vilnius on behalf of the German scientists and entrepreneurs« club about restoring Soviet memorials, and engages in other provocative activities in line with the Kremlin»s current policy.

Konstantin Loskutnikov (Bossner), Alexander Rahr, and Sahra Wagenknecht (Die Linke)

While this drug trafficking story might be true and Putin, Laworw and their followers might have no moral limits as the end justifies the means, however, the USA and the CIA will also have similar creatures as Bossner on their pay roll. And maybe even more. Drug trafficking activities by the CIA in South East Asia or Afghanistan or Lebanon are well documented, also by reports of disillusioned US DEA officers and one should not forget about the history of the City of London and Great Britain when the Queen was the biggest drug dealer worldwide during the Opium wars and afterward that even the Chinese Emperor complained. However Sahra Wagenknecht and Prof. Rahr might know Bossner and his Russian Orthodox Philanthropists, but it is very unlikely that they are engaged in drug trafficking or drug consumption or sex orgies. The former left-wing, now right-wing Putin supporter Jürgen Elsässer once reported that when guests were invited to Sahra Wagenknecht, she always asked whether they wanted water, juice or tea. Wagenknecht could be more the Queen of a new prohibition and Rahr might be even soberer than Putin is- unlike the drunken Jelzin the West preferred. And the new creatives, banker yuppies, artists and some politicians in Berlin are also cocaine consumers in the Berlin drug swamp. The most obvious example is Putin-critic Volker Beck who had to retreat because of his cocaine consumption. But it would be funny if Bossner was his cocaine dealer. Then the investigative story could have some irony and humoristic aspect.

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