Clan crime – what is it actually?

Clan crime – what is it actually?

At the moment the word and catch phrase clan crime is very inflationary. Yesterday there was a detailed documentation about it on ZDF Info. I am currently discussing this with a friend of the Greens. The Miri and Zein Clan, who were refugees from the Lebanon War, are always mentioned as examples. More precisely, these mentioned Lebanese clans are originally Kurdish clans who first fled to Lebanon and then went to Germany. But it doesn’t matter, it could also be Lebanese or other ethical clans.My green partner, like NRW Interior Minister Reull, also sees this as a case of failed integration. The logic: at that time Germany would not have seen itself as immigration country and would not have made any integration offers. As a result, these people were left with no social mobility offers other than petty crime, which then developed into organized crime . The people were not criminals, but had to become criminals.In addition, all the talk of foreigner and clan crime was only a distraction from the real business criminals from Wirecard to Cum-Ex-Boni bankers and domestic crime.. Certainly too, but that’s a bit simple, especially since hundreds of thousands of refugees and asylum seekers at the time did not become criminals either.

In addition, in my opinion, it overlooks the fact that parts of these clans were already part of the organized crime in their countries of origin and, in part, political structures associated with it, which also often had contacts with other political and economic circles in the target country, be it in the case of Lebanese drug trafficking and the excellent cultivation area of ​​the Bekka Plain, from which“ the Lebanese“, highly praised by Hippies and other drug consumers, came as well as „the Afghan“ from Afghanistan, which is supported by the West, along with all the harder drugs. And beyond the (Corsian clan´s) „French Connection§ the Nigeria Connection already existed before massive numbers of African refugees came to Europe, especially since Africa also served as a transit country for Latin American cartels. In addition, it is also an open secret with masses of literature about it that (not only) Western governments and their secret services also cooperated with Organized Crime in order to support other political forces or tolerated or ignored organized crime among allies and that several secret services also filled so-called black or secret accounts and used the OC for money laundering and for political purposes inclduing polical murder. And this does not only apply to Erdogan and his connections to the Turkish mafia or LDP-Yakuza connections since the opiumstate of Manchuko, Taiwan’s KMT connections to Chinese triads or Deng Xiaoping’s praise of the Chinese triads as „patriotic forces“.

Clans , in tis sense criminal clans do not only come from Lebanon and Muslim countries; but for example Italian and Kosovar Albanian clans also come from the heart of Europe, and EU law and no asylum law often applies. In addition, political factors often play a role. The Bavarian Interior Minister Beckstein, for example, wanted to mention the Kosovo Liberation Army ( KLA) as Organized Crime in the annual report of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution (Verfassungsschutz) due to its mafia-like structures, which are dominant in Southern and Eastern Europe, from drug to human trafficking, but because the KLA was the Western ally in the fight against the Russian outpost Serbia , the US and German governments made sure that the KLA was not mentioned as Organized Crime. So everything is a bit more complicated than the word clan crime suggests.

In addition, there is something else. The question If one speaks of clan structures as per se criminal or only of criminal clans as opposed to law-abiding clans and can one separate this ideally, especially since possibly black sheep of the family are perhaps “only” covered by the family and also support other family parts financially or are the dominant part? Can a clan be called collectively criminal because some of its parts are? Where does racism, general suspicion begin and where does kin liability start and where does it end? What other options do the security authorities have if they do not know the internal structures more precisely and differentiation is difficult, especially since one has to start from ethnic blood ties and the ideology „blood is stronger than water“? In modern capitalism, the nuclear family and now increasingly the patchwork family, single households, single mothers with a reproduction rate of 2 are perceived as a functional model and ideal, although in fact it is closer to 1.2. In modern capitalism, the nuclear family , patchwork famiiy, single households, single mothers with a reproduction rate of 1 became the functional model. Anyone who has more than 2 children is already considered as antisocial and dysfunctional,although family values ​​are glorified and the AfD already wants to promote a German multi-child family in order to counteract the demographic aging even without immigration. BIg extended family or even clan is per se perceived as an archaic, medieval relic of an agrarian social formation that is incompatible with capitalism and tends to be asocial and potentially criminal.

It is possible that in modern secular society the Kelly Family would be suspected of potential clan crime with child labor and as an archaic relic of the early days of Anglo-Saxon Manchester capitalism as described by Marx, Engels and Charles Dickens and on the part of the Left as a prototype of patriarchal birthing machine fascism. Remember the scene in the Monte Phyton film The Meaning of Life, where the child-poor Protestant British complaines about the large Catholic Irish family and their many children next door.

Conversely, most people speak in a positive way about the Kennedy clan or the Grimaldi clan and such series as the Denver Clan or the Ewing Clan in Dallas had many fans who were also of the widespread opinion that one had to stick together as a family and also cover criminal elements like a JR Ewing or an Alexis and sort that out among themselves. This is even a tradition in Asia. Confucius also said that if a father knew that a family member had committed a crime, he should not report this to the ruler out of consideration for the preservation of the family. So for many people this way of thinking is not that completely alien. In this context, the coordinated international police action in 16 countries is interesting, although it remains unclear whether this is the beginning and serves as a model for the future or remains a rare exception. Was it conducted by Interpol? Were Asian, African, Latinamerican or Eastern countries involved or was it more of a Western thing?

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