Operation Trojan Shield-a „Watershed for the elimination of organized crime“?

Operation Trojan Shield-a „Watershed for the elimination of organized crime“?

The Operation „Trojan Shield“ was a global raid against organized crime and is now called a “watershed for the elminiation of OC worldwide”. The information about it is a mosaic picture. It seems that Interpol, Europol under the leadership of the FBI and Australian law enforcement agencies initiated  a campaign which led to raids and the arrest of mafia members in 16 countries-from Europe to Latinamerica, the Middle East and Asia. However, already friends in South East Asia already spoke of a turning point when a petty criminal of Asian organized crime was arrested in January 2020 , similar to the talk that Operation Trojan Shield was a “watershed”for the elimination of organized crime:

“22 January 2021 may be a turning point in the two-hundred-year long history of drug production, drug trading, drug abuse, drug smuggling, and hunting for traders and smugglers in Southeast Asia. But it may as well remain a mere episode in this endless cat and mouse game between all sorts of criminals, from petty traders to the biggest type of organized crime organisation, huge international drug syndicates and their networks. On this day in January at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport, the Dutch police caught and detained the biggest “fish” in decades, one of the most-wanted international criminals, the alleged kingpin of a drug empire which made an estimated profit of between USD 8 and 17 billion a year as of 2018. Some estimates go even up to USD 70 billion per year. The manhunt took years and the concerted effort of about twenty police and anti-drug agencies in a dozen countries. The man’s name is Tse Chi Lop and his empire is called “Sam Gor” or simply “The Company”. Tse was born in Guangzhou in 1963, emigrated to Toronto, Canada, in 1988, acquired Canadian citizenship there, and soon joined the “Big Circle Boys” gang, a triad which originated in the 1970s in Hongkong. After serving nine years in prison for smuggling heroin into the USA, from about 2010, he quickly rose up the ranks due to a number of new business methods and by forging a huge network of criminal organizations which turned the production and distribution of methamphetamines into an efficient industry. Members of the Sam Gor network, a real crime super-syndicate, are more traditional triads from Hongkong and Macau like the  14K, the Bamboo Union, the Big Circle Boys, the Sun Yee On, and the Wo Shing Wo. Affiliated partners are the Japanese Jakuza, the Lebanese Mafia, the Comanchero Motorcycle Club in Australia, and the Hells Angels in the USA, Canada, and a number of European countries. Sam Gor, supposed to control between 40 to 70 per cent of the Asia-Pacific Amphetamine market plus the heroin, ketamine, and precursor chemicals trade, is active in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, New Zealand, Australia, Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, and Vietnam. Sam Gor is one of Tse’s nicknames or aliases, meaning “brother Nr. 3” in Cantonese. He was finally caught by the police after years of international preparations because he must have felt untouchable, living the high life in Canada, Hongkong, and Taiwan, relaxing with his business partners in a billionaire club atmosphere and occasionally gambling away millions in one night in the high-roller casinos in Asia. Preceding Tse’s arrest, the Thai police, in October 2020, had already managed to detain his supposed number two and former cellmate, Lee Chung Chak, a Hongkong citizen. Both are requested for extradition by Australia. „

However, how often after the arrest of a mafia boss or El Chapo there was the illusion by decapitating a „snake´s head“ organized crime would be rolled back and eliminated. But the Columbian and Mexican crime and drug cartells even flourished afterwards. After the Italian mafia got in he offensive with the bombing of Falcone and assasination of anti-Mafia cactivists , there first was a shock in Italy and afterwards a counteroffensive by the state. However, the Italian organized crime switched to a „silence“ strategy. It infiltrated state and economic institutions, bought legal assets from real estate to shares in companies, sent their sons and members to univeristies and tried to push a march trough the institutions nobody has on its radar. Some mafioso were even perceived by society as honourable and successful business man and excellences who could expand their networks to politicans, managers, banks, etc. A „Proud to be Italian“- activist and honourable New Yorker business man called Columbo made a campaign in the 70s against anti-Italian racism as he opposed the cliche of Italians to be mafia members and criminals. He even managed it to get influence on TV series as Columbo or the rewritng of the film script of the „Godfather“.However it was discovered by the FBI that he was one of the chiefs of he leading New York Italian mafia clans. He was shot by a black killer who was hired by the mafia to silence him as organized crime prefers like any secret service don´t want to appear in a broader publc or media, the strategy of silence. The organized crime also didn´t like New York mafia boss John Gotti as he liked to be interviewed in talkshows and in the focus of media attention, presented himself to much in public, became well-known by the public and opnely offended the state and its law enforcement institutions. But the organized crime likes the public and the state not to notice the empire of he darkness and bring light to it. Be silent, infiltrate the civil society, business and the state and don´t let people or law enforcement know that you exist or do so. As Sun Tzu once wrote, “If one party is at war with another, and the other party does not realize it is at war, the party who knows it’s at war almost always has the advantage and usually wins.”.

But first we have to ask, why there is organized crime. Because it fulfills many social and political functions:

Social inequality by capitalism and social darwinistneolberalism- much of the organized crime is some sort of employment program for people who have objectelvly no work or subjectively want to become rich as their value system is the same as neoliberal thinking to become rich and not to work in a shity job with no social insurance and to become some sort of Wolve of the Wall Street or a similiar creature of that thinking in the spheres of organized crime-a mafia Yuppie. .

Social demand- mostly organized crime is about drugs, prostitution, human trafficking, gambling, whch will always exist and no US prohibition could stop it, but even promoted that vice.As long as there is no social justice, a sexually liberated society which rejects sexual social darwinst hedonism and a social welfare state comnined with good and stable standards for living costs from housing to income with strict law enforcement and regulated immigration, you never will get rid of crime and then organized crime. However, a perfect society will never emerge, but in Singapure some sense of these demands exists already, also as a sustainable Green City or other regulated capitalist societies might emerge from that example.

Globaization Organized crime also became international and global due to neoliberal globalization. Is Trojan Shield Bidenßs synthesis to counter Trump´s criticism o the globalists and a wall to Mexico, means: no immigration? Is this Biden´s global answer to global neoliberalism which fuelled international global organized crime?

Political utility  Organized crime was used by the most states, politicans and goverments and their secret services for election fraud, vote buying, supperession to political murder against political opponents, money laundering for secret accounts for black Ops -from the Kennedy clan in cooperation with the US Irish mafia to Chiang Kaichek who was member of the triade Green gang in Shanghai and many other examples in the history of other countries. Or Putin Russia, the Chechen mafia and the Russian mafia, which is also suspected by Navalnys Bellcat via Baron von Bosner, or other examplesAs we wrote before about clan criminality and organized crime:

“ In addition, in my opinion, it overlooks the fact that parts of these clans were already part of the organized crime in their countries of origin and, in part, political structures associated with it, which also often had contacts with other political and economic circles in the target country, be it in the case of Lebanese drug trafficking and the excellent cultivation area of ​​the Bekka Plain, from which” the Lebanese”, highly praised by Hippies and other drug consumers, came as well as “the Afghan” from Afghanistan, which is supported by the West, along with all the harder drugs. And beyond the (Corsian clan´s) “French Connection§ the Nigeria Connection already existed before massive numbers of African refugees came to Europe, especially since Africa also served as a transit country for Latin American cartels. In addition, it is also an open secret with masses of literature about it that (not only) Western governments and their secret services also cooperated with Organized Crime in order to support other political forces or tolerated or ignored organized crime among allies and that several secret services also filled so-called black or secret accounts and used the OC for money laundering and for political purposes inclduing polical murder. And this does not only apply to Erdogan and his connections to the Turkish mafia or LDP-Yakuza connections since the opiumstate of Manchuko, Taiwan’s KMT connections to Chinese triads or Deng Xiaoping’s praise of the Chinese triads as “patriotic forces”.

Clans , in this sense criminal clans do not only come from Lebanon and Muslim countries; but for example Italian and Kosovar Albanian clans also come from the heart of Europe, and EU law and no asylum law often applies. In addition, political factors often play a role. The Bavarian Interior Minister Beckstein, for example, wanted to mention the Kosovo Liberation Army ( KLA) as Organized Crime in the annual report of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution (Verfassungsschutz) due to its mafia-like structures, which are dominant in Southern and Eastern Europe, from drug to human trafficking, but because the KLA was the Western ally in the fight against the Russian outpost Serbia , the US and German governments made sure that the KLA was not mentioned as Organized Crime. So everything is a bit more complicated than the word clan crime suggests.”

However organized crime can also have dysfunctional functions for captitalists, the state and the population: Drugs, gambling can ruin the neede work force for capital accumation and could cost higher social welfare funds for recreation of the work force. It is also an attack on the puritanistic value system of work ethics and to the state´s physically monopol of power and the value system. Likewise, capitalists do not want to pay protection money, any other taxes or bribes, similar to corruption, but will do this in an emergency case and perhaps also use these mafia-like organizations and cooperate with them if no other state or power ensures the rule of law.

The Chinese Emperor before the Opium wars also wrote a letter to the biggest drug cartel of that time, the British Queen and the East Asia Company to stop their opium sales to China as the working force got weakened, the state budget ruined and the value system changed. The Queen didn´t care and fought the Opium wars, subdued China to unequal treaties which opened the Chinese market and got concession in the coastal areas and 99 years´lease for Hongkong. China didn´t forget this humilation, but on the other side it might have no moral to use similar methods by the means of organized crime in some sort of „Unrestricted Warfare“ against other countries as long as its own soil and population is not affected.

Many questions are not answered in the ainstream media, if they report on it anyhow: Is Operation Trojan Shield now a operation which can elimante organized crime worldwide? Is there a global common sense to do so? Are those arrested the real masterminds of the criminal cartels and syndicates or just PR scapegoats?Will the social and political parameters which create organized crime or crime be abolished by this? Will the political utility of organized crime vanish after the Cold War and in the perspective of a multipolar world in a sort of global sense that OC is dysfunctional to modern capitalism and globalization, let´s say political incorrect?Is there a consensus that organized crime should be destroyed or is it more about that it should be eliminated on the own soil and territory, but notin or against the people, soil and terrizroies of other nations? Is there now a Western consensus that you elimintae organized crime as it is not useful for economic and politicl reasons anymore and to give a good example for the world and to serve as role model?  Was this an operation which included also the Chinese and Russian or Chechen or Central Asian authorities or the SCO or their law enforcement agencies and intelligence ? Is there some sort of global consensus for such a global operation that you have to eliminate crime and organized crime worldwide or is this only a product of a Western campaign maybe with tolerance by some Eastern countries that tactically want to get rid of opponents or organized crime which is directed against themselves under the well sounding slogan ”Elimination of global organized crime”like climate change and wolrd peace slogans. ? The CPC may be interested to kick out some Taiwanese, Hongkongese and Macao triads like the case of Tse Chi Lop as they might be used by Western powers and China wants only triads which are “patriotic forces” for Mainland China as once Deng Xiaoping hoped for. Therefore the question still remains whether Operation Trojan Shield might not be a intended PR action like China´s Fox Hunt against corruption.However it is interesting that the CPC´s mouthpiece is not mentioning Operation Trojan Shieldd at all at its website. Is this by accident and was China not involved in this operation?

The social causes can only be contained through international social policy and appropriately controlled migration, insofar as one does not want a fascist state that abolishes the presumption of innocence and the prohibition of kin liability, although in the meantime there has been a reversal of evidence for monetary income that makes it more difficult for organized crime But what remains is the strategy of silence, the march through the institutions on the part of organized crime in the metropols, which pumps illegal profits and money into the legal areas and makes itself appear honorable and also creates a network of lobbyists and politicians, let banks and commercial enterprises grow which are happy about every donation to a party, investment or charity. Likewise, the competition between states and the political usefulness of organized crime will not go away. NATO nd its goverments knew exactly that they supported opium-producing warlords who are connected to the whole supply chains of organized crime asPutin knows this from Cadyrov, THe Chechenisn and Russian mafia, but the political motto was that they were needed for stability against the Taliban and Islamits. The best-seller in Thailand was a book by a former DEA agent who complained that the DEA was supposed to expose drug smuggling while the CIA was promoting and therevy Southeast Asian generals to keep commusism ib check The same applies to the relationship between the secret services and the police. The police only see the offense, the secret service is supposed to provide support for politically important groups on behalf of the government, which often make pacts with organized crime, especially since they give birth to parts of their own finances and livelihoods or are part of it. Therefore one lets the police arrest some „big fish“ or small fishes from time to time for the purpose to dovument their own right to exist, in order to generate a sense of achievement and self-authorization. And it is not the case that any investigative committees are stupid or uninformed, but rather, very realpolitically, moderate and silence the accompanying so-called scandals very quickly for the public. To what extent Operation Trojan Shiled was now a historical watershed for the elimination of organized crime or more a PR campaign, possibly without China, Russia and other states, would have to be investigated further. Perhaps an important blow to organized crime, but certainly not its elimination because of the aguments mentioned. Otherwise, these would be idealistic considerations from social studies lessons at school..

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