9 11: The Saudi goverment was not the mastermind

9 11: The Saudi goverment was not the mastermind

The families of the victims of the September 11, 2001 attacks didn´t invite US president Joe Biden to the 9 11 memorial service. However, there is an ultimatum to the US President. Families of hundreds of victims of the September 11, 2001 attacks in New York wrote in a letter to President Joe Biden that he was not welcome to attend this year’s 20th anniversary commemoration. Unless Biden releases government evidence that could link Saudi Arabia to the attack the Washington Post reports. The letter to the President of the United States is signed by family members of many of those killed in the attacks, survivors and first responders. It states that there has long been hope that President Joe Biden would be the hero of those affected by the murderous attack, the Washington Post quoted from the letter. It was hoped that Joe Biden would finally put truth, justice and righteousness above the interests of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The signatories also point to a promise made by the Democrat during the election campaign. He had sworn that if he was elected, he would order the US attorney general to investigate all cases in which the government had relied on state secrets. The “9/11 families” have the right to the full truth, Biden wrote in a letter to the relatives at the time. In their letter to US President Joe Biden, the authors said that they were looking for investigative evidence that would link Saudi Arabian government officials to the attacks. „Our patience is over.“

A White House spokeswoman, however, explained with regard to the letter that there had been numerous meetings of government officials with representatives of the families of the victims. This will continue to be a priority, quoted The Washington Post. US President Joe Biden also did not forget his election promise to urge the Justice Department to deal constructively with the incidents. However, the spokeswoman did not give details of the progress. Relatives of the victims of 9/11 urge Biden to keep promises: The White House response was insufficient for Brett Eagleson, who lost his father in the attacks. He asked for evidence that the government was really interested in transparency. He referred to documents that were being withheld for no reason, according to The Washington Post. Checks have been promised time and again as a delaying tactic to protect the Saudi government and keep the American people in the dark, Eagleson said. „We hope the Biden government will finally provide the information our families have been waiting for for 20 years so that we can stand with the president at Ground Zero on September 11th.“ Eagleson also told The Washington Post that the ultimatum was not politically motivated. Officials in the government of former President Donald Trump have also been contacted. Trump told them at the time that a publication of the evidence was „very, very imminent“. September 11th commemoration: Donald Trump is said to have duped relatives of the victims “President Trump made us believe that he would release the documents. We talked to the administration the whole time and they duped us, ”said Eagleson. The families are finished. Whether Donald Trump, Barack Obama or Joe Biden – „we would have sent this letter“. Last year Joe Biden laid a wreath at the Flight 93 memorial in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. With this he commemorated the 40 occupants whose plane was hijacked on September 11, 2001 and brought down.

So what is „the truth“? Probably the Saudi goverment was not the mastermind of 9 11, but it had as the USA and its CIA contacts with Saudi jihaddist and Osama Bin Laden was also the black sheep of the family they tried to bring back. As those guys were fighting with Saudi and US approval in Afghanistan against the godless Sovjet communists and their puppets and not leading the fight of the Islamists against US troops in Saudiarabia or the Saudi regime, this was okay. But afterwards Al Qaida started attacks against the USA from Africa to the Middle East and Clinton was not amused. You don´t have to like the Saudi regime for all its support for Wahhabism and extreme forms  of Islamism in the Sunni world from the MENA region to Pakistan´s madrassas and in Asia (even to Indonesia) , ,but it would never be suicidal enough to risk their good contacts with the USA to produce 9 11 as a mastermind of all this and also put Osma Bin Laden and Al Qaida on their own black list.Therefore even if these documenta were revealed it is very likely  that it shows that the Saudis and its secret service in the embassies had contacts, but contact doesn’t mean the same interest.That’s why all US presidents try to cover up these relations, because they fear that revealing that the Saudi secret service had those contacts would be perceived by the US public as having the same interests or even be the mastermind of 9 11. Otherwise you could claim that the German BND because of its intensive contacts with Hisbollah was the mastermind of the rocket war against Israel which everybody knows is nonsense, even the Israelis and Hisbollah.

For secret services it is business as usual and Realpolitik,but not for the moralistic public.And for all critics of the Saudi government, the old slogan of Theodore Rossevelt is still modern: “They are bastards but they are our bastards”. That´is why all the US goverments try to support their best ally in the Greater Middle East, Saudia Arabia, Egypt, Israel, the UAE, even after the Khashoggi murder against the Islamofascist Muslimbroterhood and other Islamists like Trukey or Iran with the support of Russia and China. However Erdogan-Turkey, the Islamofascist Muslimbrothers all over the Greater Middle East and Qatar´s Al Jazerra will use this opportunity to focus on Salafism, Wahhabism and the Saudis, even if Mohammed Bin Salmen wants a new Saudiarabia with his Vision 2030 .However as Iran tries to get nuclear weapons and Pakistan has them, Turkey and Saudiarabia also try to get access to this as their contacts with Pakistan reveal. But it was the Trump administration and his son-in law Kushner who tried to give the Saudis with the Iron Bridge program access to this technology. However, Putin doesn´t perceive MBS as such an outlaw as many Westerners would like to see him when Putin warmly hugged MBS not only as a hydrocarbon ally during an international meeting to show him: If the US doesn´t support you, Russia, China, the OPEC and other states will do to come to a new multipolar world order.While Trump supported the US and many parts of international oil, gas and coal industry and hydrocarbon states as long as they were not importnat competitors to US LNG and carbons, Biden with his New Green Deal wants to change that. But on the other side, while Biden called Putin a „killer“, he didn´t air such statements against MBS and the Khashogi murder. Means: MBS is our bastard. From the point of Russia, China and the Muslimbrotherhood Sunnite dictatorships and sympathizers therefore it is useful to support all moralistic critics of the Saudis, to isolate them, inflame Western human morale and force them to move to the BRI-SCO camp. And then nobody can complain about political murder, human right abuses and wars like in Syria, Yemen, Azerbedijan or Lybia or other coming conflicts and wars.

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