From skinhead to tie fascist – an obituary

From skinhead to tie fascist – an obituary

A typical cliché for a Nazi in the 90s was still the beer-drinking skinhead, who was screaming  Germany conquers the world, with combat boots and baseball bats. The Bone skins, different from the Red Skins. The skinhead movement originally came from the de-industrialized industrial areas of Great Britain, almost at the same time as the punk movement and the Sex Pistols. In the beginning, the skins were a lifestyle movement that gave their life’s sadness a celebrating framework and combative impetus from a neglected working class youth, as the Who described it similar in their Quadrophenia as a battle of the former subcultures Ted and Mots and he later to be found between punks, skinheads and hippies and yuppies, especially since the working class with neoliberalism, globalization was outsourced more and more in former colonie and low-wage countries, the service society, information society and post-Fordist postmodernism flourished in the West and the skinheads as a residual proletarian convulsion were also an expression of this. Nobody wanted to be worker or even proletarian anymore, but citizens – at the latest after Thatcher brutally suppressed the miners‘ strike with the union leader Scargill. At that time, the neoconservative and thus neoliberal yuppie and cocaine consuming banker including Lady Di, TV series ike Miama Vice, Dallas and Denverclan prevailed and the City of London and Wolves of the Wall Street and  after the collapse of Soviet communism, there was a globalization euphoria with Fukuyama’s end times pamphlets “The End of History” and a bourgeois-liberal historical materialism, which only ran out of strength after 9/11, the Iraq war and the 2008 financial crisis, especially since the working and middle class grew in the emerging economies, but in the western countries shrank or felt threatened. .

 At first there were the so-called Red Skins, which became politicized and were more left-wing, but then the movement was quickly understood by the right as usable, since drinking beer, beating , pogo and screaming around by means of interspersed nationalist prolet-Aryans, was easier to be spread in the uneducated and mostly unemployed descendant sub-class working class and teherby performed at the loudest, especially since they were already nationalistically pre-impregnated by parents, the media and the school. The pride of being working class and having Glory was over with neoliberlalism, the collapse of communism in the Soviet Union and globalization. Any more glory and pride in something could no longer be seen in an internationalism of a working class, but above all pride in one’s own nation and to be part of it. Social is only possible nationally and the labor immigrants or other immigrants as the real reason for their own precarious situation. The right-wing radicals of that time were looking for stormtroppers like the German SA  and thought the skinheads might be the right choice, but their final  goal was the bourgeoisie who felt threatened by the globalization of fear of declassiciation and immigration.

 SS Schönhuber’s party Die Republikaner ( The Republicans) attempted an “intellectualization” more serving the national conservative steel helmet wing of the CDU / CSU by means of the New Rights of the Republican University Association (RHV), Armin Mohler’s Siemens Foundation and the magazines Criticon and Junge Freiheit, which especially found their new inspiration  in  in Alain Benoist’s “Ethnopluralism , which was later adopted by Samuel Huntington in the Clash of Civilizations  and became broadly effective. Biologistic race theory was replaced by a clash of cultures. So no more foreigners out,but  all ethnicities and cultures are equal, but everyone should stay among themselves. Germany for the Germans, Africa for the Africans. But when they come together or are mixed, then it will get explosive, or you want to fight the clash of civilizations

In addition, the Right also adopted thir performance and language as SS Schönhuber already spoke in leaflets of citizens and votersin male and female grammar form as every mainstream politican  and the dress code was also upgraded. Especially since the group from Filbinger’s Weikhardt Foundation around Schlierer toppled Schönhuber and wanted to appear even more bourgeois, which failed at that time. The Naziskins were out, the honest tie and suit fascist the new trend, who also has a little more education, work and school or even university degree and can appear eloquent instead of roaring  loud. Christian Strache, who had in that time trained day X with hardcore Nazis like Gottfried Küssel in military trousers and pump guns, preferred to move it to parliament with a tie and Armani. Nobody wanted a chubby skinhead SA anymore, but a partisan Harzburg Front as between DNVP and NSDAP, Gauland and Höcke. All in all: In the past, fascists were easier to recognize than the wolf in sheep’s clothing and the Harzburg Front of the AfD.

But maybe Trump is also the revival and the successful combination between a Naziskinhead and parts of the bourgeoisie and capital. American First growls in proletarian slang and a SA stormtroopers´storm on Capitol Hill like a skinhead with and at the same time in a tie and suit, also a billionaire, while Trumps´s stormtroopers had not the Skinhead outfit, but preferred more baseball hats or buffolo horns. He united more intellectual heads like Daniel Pipes and national conservative Republicans and capitalists as well as the Proud Boys and Altright militias, and he was different from the Democrats and established Republicans when he talked like Bernie Sanders of the working class and wins it at the same time as all the rednecks, because this is their language.

And on the other side, the Red Skins didn’t make a career either on the left. This proletarian lifestyle left, which wanted to fish in the working class milieu, failed to recognize that no one wants to call themselves worker or working class, is bourgeois with at least employee consciousness, everyone wants to be middle and upper class and be “normal“, very bourgeois, and the youth today are more voting for the Green Party or the Liberal and neoloberal yuppies and perceive such Prolet-Aryans­  as archetypes of angry white man, precisely those lifestyle left that a Sarah Wagenknecht criticizes or Bionade bourgeosie or eco-chiceria, who today are health-conscious, drinking water, at maximum non-alcoholic beer or a well-tended glass of organic wine, eat vegetarian and vegan and want to live sustainable and politically correct and wants to press  this lifestyle on the rest of the population. Therefore, in memorandum of the skinhead movement, a music video by Booze & Glory “London Skinhead Crew” and then again the Sex Pistols to commemorate the youth movements of that time, which were not so boring and politically correct.

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