Zain Bhikha, Sesame Street Islamization and Islamic intelligent design

Zain Bhikha, Sesame Street Islamization and Islamic intelligent design

Interesting how modern and educationally reformist Islamists work today: Halalywood produces Islamic intelligent design. Creationism based on the Sesame Street pattern. The best example of this is the music video „Allah made everything“ by Zain Bhika. A bored school class, a-dry, theoretical teacher who writes on the blackboard the scientific evolutionary model and the natural laws of dinosaurs and even mathematical formulas. But before the class yawns away and falls asleep and does not take part in the class, of course an apparently intelligent headscarf girl asks the critical question: „Who did all this?“ Now the school lesson takes a funny turn. The teacher sings that Allah made everything, is the Creator, controls everything, we must be grateful to Him. There is dancing, singing and playing with colorful toys and animal figures. Life and happiness return to the school lesson. Allah Akbar!

 Zain Bhikha (born August 9, 1974) is a South African singer and songwriter, best known for his titles in the categories Islamic chant and nashid. Several albums have been recorded in collaboration with well-known artists such as Yusuf Islam and Dawud Wharnsby Ali Tied. Zain Bhikha mainly works with a drummer and several backup singers, who also became famous through the music of the Disney film The Lion King. Bhika’s texts deal almost exclusively with Islamic topics. As usual for nashids, only the voice and the drums are used in his pieces.

Or as he writes on his website:

“For over twenty-five years, Zain Bhikha has remained amongst the most iconic Islamic singers, inspiring fans the world over with his messages of upliftment and God-As a singer and songwriter and through creative workshops and television, Zain serves as an ambassador for promoting positivity about Islam whilst simultaneously delivering messages of unity and peace amongst nations. From the time that Zain recorded his first album in 1994, his experience as an artist has grown tremendously, increasing his exposure in his country of birth, South Africa, as well as globally.”

The preferred means are nasheeds. Nasheed (Arabic (نشيد, našīd (singular), أناشيد, anāšīd (plural); Arabic for hymn or song [1]; English Nasheed; Nasyid in Malaysia and Indonesia or Ilahija in Bosnia-Herzegovina) is the name for a type of Islamic music: There are nasheeds in Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Kurdish, Albanian, Bosnian, Pashtun and Indonesian languages, among others. Nassheeds are usually sung a cappella by men, they are characterized by Islamic-religious content such as the praise of Allah, the Prophet Mohammed, the existence as a Muslim or Ramadan. In the Salafist Islamist scene, so-called “battle nasheeds” are widespread as propaganda and battle songs for violent jihad against the so-called infidels. In March 2012, the German media control for yuth put three jihad songs on the index that were widely used on the Internet for the first time. These are Islamist battle songs by Denis Cuspert, who used to appear as a rapper under the name Deso Dogg. Well-known nasheed singers are:

Sheikh Mishary Rashid Al-Afasy Talib Al Habib Zain BhikhaAbou Maleeq (Denis Mamadou Gerhard Cuspert  or Deso Dogg) Yusuf Islam Sami YusufMaher Zain Muhammad al Muqit Hamza Robertson

Zain Bhika’s fellow campaigner Yusuf Islam also produced nasheeds for the youth in a more traditional and boring way, such as „A is for Allah“, which Bhika also has in his proselytizing songs:

 Yusuf Islam is better known by the name Cat Stevens, and was best known in the 1970s with his song „Morning has broken“, the standard song for all guitar teachers and guitar players around the campfire and their virgin fans. Then Cat Stevens converted to islam and called himself Yusuf Islam ever since. In the meantime, probably because of his experiences with Islam and Islamism, he has converted back again. Denis, Cuspert, alias Deso Dogg, has since been killed by a US drone as a fighter for the Islamic State and can no longer spread his messages of hate.

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