In the run up to Biden´s Summit of Democracies: Neototalitarian China´s democracy for the rest of the world

In the run up to Biden´s Summit of Democracies: Neototalitarian China´s democracy for the rest of the world

Now it’s getting funny: In the run-up to Biden’s Summit of Democracies, China has published a white paper „China’s Democracy“ and is now calling itself a true people´s democracy and is devoting four articles to the campaign 中国 的 民主 in the Global Times and editor-in-chief Frisbee-Hu personally has taken up the pen. The US monopoly on defining democracy is called into question. In previous years, the CCP had published its own human rights reports on the US, where it denounced and critizised racial discrimination , the prison system, social injustice and firearms crime So far, China has claimed that it does not want to impose its own political system as social model on other states and societies or export it, that the current Sino-American conflict, or the West-East conflict, is not a systemic conflict and that people should live together in peaceful coexistence. With the combat script „China´s democracy“, however, China is now trying to market its neototalitarian hanchauvinist-racist lifelong one-man dictatorship with Orwellian social credit system and state captialism in former Leninist tradition as THE true, efficient “whole-process” democracy of the people and as the actual and true democracy for humanity and export it as model. Or as chief editor of the Global Times Hu Xijin claims:

“ The US has gradually alienated the definition of democracy and tried to monopolize the right to define it. What China needs to do is to restore the original political intent of democracy. Our pursuit of whole-process people’s democracy will become a valuable practice for all human beings. „

The white paper and the Global Times voice justified criticism and lists weaknesses of US democracy, a plutocratic „money democracy“for a few rich, which only serves certain interest groups, who made promises during election campaign times that they never kept or could keep, the lack of efficiency, instability, the emergence of radical parties and demagogues, which led to the coup-like storm on Capitol Hill. Of course, a Russian expert apperachik is quoted in agreement, since Putin’s dictatorship also sees itself on the upswing in the shadow of „China’s democracy“.The CCP is adopting the demagogy of Trump and similar right-wing or left-wing agitators, according to which the USA is a democracy of the elites, while the People’s Republic of China is a democracy of the people. The elite versus the people. An the CCP elite is the people and what the people need and want. Perfect Orwellian New Speak of the neototalitarian Communist Party elite, which does not even allow elections in which the people have something to say, especially now as a one-man dictatorship, no even longer as a collective Leninist leadership. China skilfully ties in with the disaffection with political parties and the state in the West and developing or underdeveolped conutires, which has already brought up discussions about a “new state („Neustaat“) ”, although so far the CDU / CSU parliamentary group in Germany has only meant an administrative reform, but not a fundamental change in the political system yet . But that might change in the future with the help of China.

According to Orban’s battle concept of “illiberal democracy”, the CCP is now also trying to export its neototalitarian system as a democracy of the people and globally as a model for a democracy for the peoples of the world. In an analysis of the new Russian constitution, Dr. Hans Ulrich Seidt, former ambassador of the Foreign Office in Afghanistan and South Korea, the thesis that world and geopolitics will in future also be characterized by a competition between constitutions.

“Nevertheless, it remains an open question whether the latest amendment to the constitution can permanently secure or even improve Russia’s position in competition with China, the USA and the European Union. In the longer term, the decline in the Russian population, dependency on raw material exports and stagnating scientific innovation outside the arms sector pose extraordinary challenges for the Russian leadership. But the countries of the European Union and North America see themselves, as the corona pandemic clearly shows, facing problems of comparable dimensions. In this situation, the competition between the powers will lead to intensified competition between their constitutional systems and societies over the next decade. „

At the latest with the pamphlet „China’s democracy – a democracy that works“, the Sino-American conflict has now also become a systemic conflict, an ideological conflict about the political system, and indeed a competition, if not a war of the constitutions. This is still questioned by some voices because, unlike the Cold War between the West and the Soviet Union, capitalism and communism, capitalism, albeit in different forms and roles of the state, is the common basis of both China, Russia and the West. Especially since there are also quite a few voices in the West or in the underdeveloped countries who also consider the CCP’s economic system to be more stable and efficient. And there are enough people in the West who don’t care about the political system, whether democracy or dictatorship, as long as you can do business and make money and get rich. Especially since economic liberals also have doubts as to whether the paradigm of Karl Popper’s Open Society is still correct, according to which democracy not only creates freedom, democratic and intellectual freedom that produces creative ideas that make the democratic system more dynamic, both technologically and economically, so that it is also more efficient, generating more prosperity, especially for everyone, or whether an efficient economic and development dictatorship ala China with a greater role for the state also and maybe better realizes these goals, especially after the disastrous experience with neoliberalisma and after the financial crisis of 2008.

Here are the articles in the Global Times for documentation purpose and to capture the arguments in detail:

White paper details China’s whole-process people’s democracy

By GT staff reporters Published: Dec 04, 2021 10:03 AM

Democracy that works in China Graphics: Xu Zihe/GT

Democracy that works in China Graphics: Xu Zihe/GT

China on Saturday released a white paper on its democratic model, elaborating with details and examples on how the whole-process democracy with people’s full participation works in China.

The white paper was released before the US‘ „democracy summit,“ which was scheduled to be held on December 9 and 10, and criticized for promoting democratic hegemony under the banner of democracy and dividing the world by ideology. 

The white paper, titled China: „Democracy That Works,“ was released by the State Council Information Office on Saturday. It introduces China’s whole-process people’s democracy under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, the sound institutional framework, the concrete and pragmatic practices of China’s democracy, and the new model of democracy that China has developed. 

„Democracy is a concrete phenomenon that is constantly evolving. Rooted in history, culture and tradition, it takes diverse forms and develops along the paths by different peoples based on their experiments and innovation… in China, the people’s status as masters of the country is the bedrock of all systems of the country, and underlines the operation of all the systems for state governance,“ the white paper said. 

Democracy that works in China Graphics: Xu Zihe/GT

Democracy that works in China Graphics: Xu Zihe/GT
It noted that the Chinese people exercise state power effectively through people’s congresses and people’s congresses exercise state power collectively on behalf of the people. The people’s congresses have legislation, appointment and removal of officials, decision-making and supervision, said the while paper. 

China’s whole-process democracy integrates two major democratic models – electoral democracy and consultative democracy to ensure people’s full participation not only in voting, but also in the national governance, Chang Jian, director of the Research Center for Human Rights at Tianjin-based Nankai University, told the Global Times.

Chang said that Chinese people can fully exercise their rights on voting for candidates to the people’s congresses, and participate in legislation especially during the process of soliciting public opinions, make decisions related to the country’s development, and supervise law enforcement and implementation policies. China’s democracy has also attached great importance on increasing people’s sense of gain when they fully participate in the country’s construction. 

The system of multiparty cooperation and political consultations under the CPC leadership, broad patriotic united front, the system of regional autonomy and the system of community-level self-governance are also important parts of China’s whole-process democracy, according to the white paper. 

Democracy’s core is of people’s status as masters of the country, and has various forms. China’s democracy is developed from its own culture and draws experiences from other civilizations and is still evolving, experts said. 

Democracy that works in China Graphics: Xu Zihe/GT

Democracy that works in China Graphics: Xu Zihe/GTKenneth Hammond, professor of East Asian and global history at New Mexico State University, thinks that China’s process is very different. „In China, you don’t make a big display. But instead, that process goes on, and then once decisions are reached, once a kind of consensus emerges, then the question is put into practice.“

„What you need is people who are committed to the public good and are going to work, not to advance their individual or even their group interest, but to find the things that work best for society as a whole. I think it’s a democratic process in China. It’s not the same kind of process that we have here. But it is a process that leads to the articulation and the effective management of social concern,“ Hammond told the Global Times. 

China’s political system today is as different from Western democracy as Chinese characters from Latin or Cyrillic alphabets. But it does not make this system inferior or less attractive, Yury Tavrovsky, head of the „Russian Dream-Chinese Dream“ analytic center of the Izborsk Club, told the Global Times. 

Tavrovsky noted that China’s democracy and political system has gained remarkable and globally eye-catching social and economic achievements. They have developed an efficient market economy, the second biggest in the world. In the past 10 years they have rapidly improved the livelihood of Chinese people and eliminated poverty for the first time in history.

China’s democracy model looks as harmonious in the Chinese political landscape as a beautiful pagoda. „To challenge it with a rather shaky and dilapidated Western skyscraper is not wise and may be even dangerous,“ Tavrovsky said. 

Democracy that works in China Graphics: Xu Zihe/GT

Democracy that works in China Graphics: Xu Zihe/GTVarious forms

China’s white paper on democracy was released against the backdrop that the US is trying to pull an alliance against China by drawing lines between so-called „democratic nations“ and so-called „authoritarian nations,“ and the Biden administration is promoting the „democratic summit“ to burnish the US image as a „democratic beacon.“ 

However, analysts said the flaws of US democracy are too obvious to hide, casting a heavy shadow on the torch of the Statue of Liberty.  

„One Person, One Vote“ is a democratic principle, but it is by no means the only principle, nor does it create democracy. However, it has long been misinterpreted and its meaning distorted by a small number of countries,“ said the white paper. 

The US has criticized China for not having a similar democratic pattern, and has smeared and attacked China’s own exploration of democracy and turned a blind eye to China’s development and achievements of democracy and human rights. But it is the US that distorted the core of democracy and promoted democratic hegemony globally, Chang said.  

Oleg Ivanov, Deputy Head of the International and National Security Department, Diplomatic Academy, Moscow, cited US Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s remarks that the erosion of democracy is also happening in the US with rampant disinformation, structural racism and inequality.

„Indeed, BLM, the storming of the US Capitol, the vehement exchange of insults between Democrats and Republicans, and the severe polarization of American society clearly indicates that US democracy is seriously sick. I do not mean to say that it is doomed to collapse tomorrow, but it is questionable that a sick society can be a beacon of democracy,“ Ivanov said

„American democracy may be attractive for other nations only if it gets rid of its flaws. So far, one can hardly predict it is going to happen soon,“ Ivanov noted. 

US democracy has fundamental flaws, according to experts. Qian Jinyu, director of the Human Rights Research Center of Northwest University of Political Science and Law, said that during its development, Western democracy had turned the idea of everyone sharing the right to govern into electing representatives, which defined democratic politics as „the rule of politicians.“ 

Western democracy is not the governance by the people but the governance by elites. The elites‘ political participation has replaced the people’s political participation, and such democracy no longer cares about the political cultivation of individual citizens. The participation of the people in the democracy is limited to their vote during the election, Qian told the Global Times. 

Qian noted that US democracy attaches importance to process but overlooks the effects and results. But China’s whole-process democracy has fixed the flaws while admitting the various forms of democracy, which is a unique contribution to human exploration of democracy and enriches the global theories on democracy.

Full Text: China: Democracy That Works

China’s democracy ‚more extensive, genuine and effective‘ than US democracy: officia

By Global Times Published: Dec 04, 2021 02:18 PM

A deputy to the 13th National People's Congress (NPC) casts her ballot on a draft amendment to the country's Constitution at the third plenary meeting of the first session of the 13th NPC in Beijing, capital of China, March 11, 2018.(Photo: Xinhua)

A deputy to the 13th National People’s Congress (NPC) casts her ballot on a draft amendment to the country’s Constitution at the third plenary meeting of the first session of the 13th NPC in Beijing, capital of China, March 11, 2018.(Photo: Xinhua)

Crumbling US democracy. Illustration: Liu Rui/GT

Crumbling US democracy. Illustration: Liu Rui/GT

China’s democracy is more extensive, more genuine and more effective than the US democracy, as the US politicians represent the interest groups but in China the whole-process democracy ensures implementation of policies that change people’s lives, senior Chinese officials said on Saturday as China issued a white paper titled „China: Democracy That Works.“

Under the US democratic system, politicians are agents of interest groups, rather than representing the interests of the majority of voters and the interests of the country as a whole, Tian Peiyan, Deputy Director of the Policy Research Office of the CPC Central Committee, said at a press conference on the launch of the white paper on Saturday. 

„Those politicians can make random promises for the sake of elections, but they seldom fulfill their promises after being elected. Superficially they accept voters‘ supervision, but in fact as long as they are elected, the voters have no option but to wait for the next election. They are only awakened during voting but become dormant after voting,“ Tian said. 

US voters listen to those dazzling slogans only during the election, but they have no say after the election, the Chinese official said. 

However, China’s democracy is whole process people’s democracy under the leadership of the CPC, the Chinese official continued. Party members and leaders at all levels must accept the whole process and all-round supervision of the Party and the people when performing their duties to ensure that the power granted by the people is always used for serving the people’s interest.  

And they also maintain a close contact with the public, listening to people’s requests and striving to solve their problems. 

The different behavior of US politicians before and after elections is due to the lack of a supervising mechanism for politicians including congressmen after they are elected, Guo Zhenhua, Deputy Secretary General of the Standing Committee of the NPC, told the press conference. 

With the unique „revolving door“ phenomenon in American politics, it is no wonder that American lawmakers speak for interest groups and are swayed by lobby groups, Guo said, noting that on the contrary, in China, both the Constitution and the Electoral Law stipulate that deputies to the NPC and local people’s congresses at all levels must be supervised by voters and the original electoral units. 

Both voters and the original electoral units have the right to recall their elected representatives, he noted. 

The effectiveness of China’s democracy is also underscored in solving the problems and improving people’s lives. 

During annual NPC meetings, nearly 3,000 deputies made thousands of motions, most of which are related to livelihoods questions, such as the effort to ease the burden of excessive homework and off-campus tutoring for students undergoing compulsory education and improve employment flexibility among food-delivery staff, Guo said. 

For example, to ensure the labor rights of the delivery staff, the National People’s Congress deputies suggested improving their social security conditions and that their employers should take main responsibilities. Li Suping, an NPC deputy from East China’s Anhui Province, called for improvement of relevant laws and policies to strengthen the employment management of the express delivery system in May 2020. 

Also,Chinese authorities have introduced a set of guidelines to ease the burden of excessive homework and off-campus tutoring for students undergoing compulsory education in July after rounds of consulting with NPC deputies, officials and policy advisers. 

For NPC deputies who are unable to perform their duties in accordance with the law or have violated laws and disciplines, voters or electoral units may cancel or remove their deputies in accordance with the law, without waiting for the election, Tian noted. „This kind of democracy is broader, more genuine, and more effective than American democracy,“ he said. 

The ineffectiveness of US democracy was also amplified during the COVID-19 pandemic, experts said, noting that the bi-partisan system has been using the pandemic for its own propaganda instead of figuring out how to save more people. 

As the US becomes the world’s only superpower, it has become self-inflated and arrogant, overconfident in its own democratic system, and exported the so-called American democracy to the world as a tool to maintain its hegemony, Chang Jian, director of the Research Center for Human Rights at Tianjin-based Nankai University, told the Global Times on Saturday.

„All these factors made American democracy lose its capacity of learning and fixing its own loopholes. The systemic discrimination and unfairness in US itself, as the struggle between the two parties has intensified, has exposed the inefficiency of American democracy more thoroughly,“ Chang said. 

The US touts itself as a „beacon of democracy,“ but the fight against the pandemic has exposed a slew of drawbacks of its democracy. The fact that 50 million people have been infected and 800,000 died showed its democracy didn’t bring voters any wellbeing but disaster, Tian said, addressing a question raised by the Global Times at the press conference. 

„In contrast, China’s democracy shows respect and protects every individual. Thanks to its institutional advantage, China has launched an unprecedented fight against the pandemic and made an all-out effort to save everyone, from newborn babies to the elderly aged over 100,“ he said.

As US alienates definition of democracy, China should walk a bright road of whole-process people’s democracy By Hu Xijin Published: Dec 04, 2021 10:56 AM Illustrator: Liu Xidan/GT

Illustrator: Liu Xidan/GT

The US has gradually alienated the definition of democracy and tried to monopolize the right to define it. What China needs to do is to restore the original political intent of democracy. Our pursuit of whole-process people’s democracy will become a valuable practice for all human beings.

I believe this is the great and glorious mission of China led by the Communist Party of China. The success of whole-process people’s democracy should be tested and defined by the continuous success of the entire country. The most important thing is to do two things well: First, the country should continue to advance faster than the economic and social development of major Western-style democracies; Second, China should explore a path to common prosperity under conditions of market economy. It is not easy to do either of these two, but China must do them well to satisfy its citizens and convince the world. 

In terms of common prosperity, the market economy will naturally drive income and welfare gaps. So far, both the US and India – the most developed country and the largest developing country  under the Western system – have serious gaps between the rich and the poor. Only some small societies alleviate this problem by providing high welfare. As the world’s largest society, China is facing multiple missions. It is necessary to find out the mechanism of common prosperity and embed it in the process of China’s striving and let it be integrated with other missions. This exploration is certainly groundbreaking. It is the most serious exploration and fulfillment of human beings‘ beautiful ideals. 

Mankind is gradually solving the problems of hunger and poverty, but the impetus for development is insufficient and the issue of equity is particularly difficult to be addressed. Western democracy, especially the most typical US democracy, has been seriously overdrawn. Its positive aspects have almost been exhausted. China should be confident. We should walk a bright and convincing road of whole-process people’s democracy. The proposal of this concept is equivalent to the declaration of China’s goals. The great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is also the great process of whole-process people’s democracy from establishment to perfection.

The author is editor-in-chief of the Global Times.

US money democracy game for few, merely in name: scholars By Zhang Han Published: Dec 03, 2021 05:01 PM Updated: Dec 03, 2021 11:58 PM Illustration: Liu Rui/GT

Illustration: Liu Rui/GT

A country’s democratic model and political path are determined by the country’s history, economic and social development, and there is no democratic path that is applicable worldwide, Chinese scholars said at a symposium on Friday, criticizing the US for utilizing the concept for its political interests.

Academics at the symposium shared the consensus that the US democracy has been decaying. Evidence has been mounting that proves how „democracy“ is controlled by plutocrats, becomes the game of very few elites and remains mere in name but fails to achieve effective and orderly governance.

Some 100 academics and students in relevant disciplines attended the symposium held by the Human Rights Research Institute and School of Politics and Public Administration at Northwest University of Political Science and Law (NUPSL). 

Yang Zongke, president of the university and director of the institute, said in his speech that the standard of democracy mustn’t be whether it conforms to a certain format, but should be whether the people are the masters of their own country. 

The US democracy is a game of a few political elites at the core but has to be disguised as democracy for common people to gain legitimacy. The US cannot fix the contradiction and decadence in democracy can’t be avoided, experts said. 

A poll on Americans aged 18-29 by Harvard Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics (IOP) revealed Wednesday that only 7 percent of young Americans view the US as a „healthy democracy“  and 52 percent believe that democracy is either „in trouble“ or „failing.“

Commenting on the poll, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said on Friday’s routine press conference that US democracy is money democracy, a trick to fool the people domestically and a tool to impose hegemony abroad. 

Multiple keynote speakers at the Friday symposium touched on problems plaguing American society, which are vivid examples for Zhao’s remarks, including rampant gun violence, racism and increasingly polarized party politics, chaotic and weak governance. An iconic incident is the storming of Capitol in January 2021. 

Professor Tong Dezhi from Tianjin Normal University pointed out that Western capitalism in economy and democracy in politics are contradictory in nature and lead to plights in practice. Capitalism emphasizes property rights and efficiency, while democracy requires citizen rights and equality. In this sense, movements like Occupy Wall Street, Black Life Matters are inevitable.

From history angle, US political system was elite republican when the nation was founded, and has evolved to mass democracy. But the democracy has been reduced to the right to vote in practice, which only leads to economic, social and political inequality, experts said. 

US democracy is facing the inherent crisis of legitimacy caused by dysfunction of its representative democracy model, which focuses on format but ignores effects, they said. 

In the model, Democrats and Republicans take power in turn. Presidents are elected by Americans but neither represents interests of the people; That’s the root cause of neither Donald Trump nor Joe Biden can tackle the COVID-19 pandemic.

Chang An, executive director of NUPSL’s Human Rights Research Institute, pointed out that the symposium centers on the quality of democracy. In addition to the format of democracy, we must also pay attention to the quality of democracy and the effectiveness of democratic systems. 

Western democracy is capital-oriented and inherently flawed. Oligarchy, racial oppression, human rights disasters, and hegemony in foreign policy can hardly be called democracy, Chang said.

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