Peng Shuai, Metoo, feminist foreign policy, the Chinese birthrate and the Olympic spirit

Peng Shuai, Metoo, feminist foreign policy, the Chinese birthrate and the Olympic spirit

In the context of the Sino-American conflict, Chinese threats against Taiwan and the deployment of troops by the Chinese ally Russia on the border with Ukraine, which also affects the rest of the world, Europe and Germany, and in the run-up to Biden’s Summit of Democracies and the Winter Olympics in China in 2022 , the case of the Chinese Wimbeldon tennis star Peng Shuai, who was allegedly sexually harassed by a high CCP cadre, is stirring people’s minds. After she tweeted that she had a deliberate affair with Zhang Gaoli, the former Vice President at a young age, but was then visited, harassed and raped by him again at a later age, her social media accounts were first blocked by the CCP and then Peng Shuai “disappeared”. There was a lot of international protest, which prompted the Communist Party of Chiina to publish two videos with her, in which she could be seen happily with children on the one hand, and in a room in which she says that she is fine on the other. The world women’s tennis association WTA then canceled all engagemenst in China, while the IOC and the male world tennis association ATB rather appeased and tried to prevent any boycott.

 What exactly happened between Peng Shuai and Zhang Gaoli is largely speculation. That is an extremely difficult case. It could also have been like this: Zhang Gaoli was in his early 60s when he had this relationship with someone in her early 20s. In fact, as a 60-year-old you should think carefully about it, but it is not always easy to explain things in terms of power relationships or the use of power. It takes two, and a woman in her early 20s was grown up too.

The fact that after Zhang was retired and in his early 70s there was a rapprochement on his part that she did not wish for (and perhaps also a rape; we do not know that) is perhaps problematic – but certainly not clear. One wonders if one should tell such a case to the whole world on Twitter. This is what is done in the USA today, and increasingly in Germany too. Certainly not in China. Peng Shuai is of course an international personality and therefore does it exactly as one does in the West, perhaps also because – if she was raped – going to the police did not seem promising to her. Still, there is a fair amount of exhibitionism involved in such a move. And you have to be able to ask whether it is fair to a man with whom she apparently has been together voluntarily for a long time.

When you think of Peng, you first think of a Lolita. But probably not like in the US film Lolita, where at the beginning of the film you first think that old sugar daddy seduces innocent girl who sucks and licks on his lollipop. Nothing could be more wrong like. that. Lolita is a very puffy bitch, plays with the old men and gets them to murder each other. Great film, although probably more of a male nightmare. Almost a feme fatal, even if she is not an adult vamp or black widow. It may be that there are such lolitas in reality, and certainly also in China, especially with old men who may be powerful, but grew up completely puritan, while the generation that was young in the Hu Jintao period like Peng Shuai . had completely different experiences. Possible that Mr. Zhang realized that he had missed quite a lot in life and that this cute little tennis player came along. He certainly didn’t think of his powerful colleagues first, but of the fact that he could experience something that he could never have dreamed of.

But: It may take two, but the more powerful one, most of whom have an advantage and are in a position to abuse his power, especially since he knows that other powerful people will stand by him in an emergency, as well as the judiciary and the police It is more likely to turn a blind eye, especially since that has to be proven first by the victim. And in China and as a party cadre you probably can have many privilges and illegal zones, especially since the police and the judiciary are instruments of the CCP. Rather brave what Peng Shuaii did. She won’t get anything with it or win from it, except fthe punishment of the retired cadre. A lot of suppressed crimes and anger has built up over the decades, as you can now see with the church and Mee Too. The victims now dare to speak. Of course, the whole thing is now in danger of degenerating to the other extreme in the West and also be used as a career denunziation or weapon of revenge or for monetray purposes. Also see Kachelmann and Alice Schwarzer’s People’s Court in BILD:. And by moralists and Christian puritans also as a pretext to introduce a new prudish sexual morality. A lot plays a role.

 In short, we don’t know. Of course it’s patriarchal. That’s what it’s all about right now. The Chinese (men) would meanwhile say again: This patrachalist hierarchy is not that bad at all. For themselves and allegedly for society and the people. Because if we join western genderism, we will never get the demographic problem under control. It is difficult to say whether the analysis is correct. This is definitely a new line of reasoning, different from the socialist one, for which feminism has long been positive. The pointis  important that the Jamestown Foundation alsomakes a  the connection between this Metoo / Pengfall, the masculinity campaign of the CCP and 剩 女 , so the „leftover“ single women and the birth rate and perceived by the CCP the danger of population shrinkage of now 1.3 billion by 2050 750 million including over-aging problems, especially since the actions against the real estate speculators, the program for common prosperity, the prohibition of non-medical abortions, the prohibition of private eductaion, etc.,  in addition to the control over oligarchs is also and especially in this social and population policy And it is correct that there is no longer a purely rational thought, but rather the image of men, man, women and families, falling birth rates and the the Chinese people´s extinction, yes a kind of a people murder because of alleged gay marriage, softening, hedonizing and liberalization of the society, including feminism. Xi ideologically gets in one ideological line with the  Kaczynskis, Putins, Trumps, Bolsonaros, the AfD and the religious right.

Not only in China, also many men in the West and sometimes women want the old patriarchal macho and maybe also the lonely family-bread earners back, if this is not a worldwide trend. And not only of the white) ((old?) Men (?) who also see social disintegration and decadence in it and blame liberalism, hedonism, feminism and now genderism for it as the root and fundamental cause.

The CCP hits hard because it wants to deter imitators and because they fear an avalanche against hundreds of thousands of leading CCP Harvey Weinsteins that could undermine the power of the CCP, as the Catholic Church experiences in its abuse scandals. It doesn’t work quite the same  in China as it does in the United States. One can condemn that. But one thing is clear: MeToo, a topic that was mercilessly hyped, takes place ins very different enviroment in China.

If Zhang Gaoli had simply gone to a brothel, he now had a different stand. There he had paid and the prostitute / New German: Sex worker couldn’t say anything or be in a position to complain. What is with him and where he is, is unclaer and only the German newspaperFrankfurter Rundschau ( FR )asked this question, but there is silence and is not of interest on the side of the West. Peng Shuai is the object of desire, no longer from Zhang Gaoli, but now from the West, in order to annoy the CCP and to drum for the Olympic boycott, especially since all Metoo activists are also hope for new indictments against the CCP and want to bring it  in Bidden´s  upcoming Summit of Democracies. Perhaps, however, some neoconregime change philosophers  and feminists now also have the idea – after the more male-dominated Chinese democracy movement, the Uyghurs, Tibetans, alleged CCPdissidents, Falungong and Chinese Trump Guo Wengui didn´t topple the CCP – now a veritable Metoo-rebellion of all oppressed Chinese Suzie Wong women against the Ugly Chinaman  as Half of Heaven (Mao) could topple the CCP . Perhaps also a first example of feminist foreign policy, as Sweden has shown and is demanded by Claudia Roth andnew Grman foreign mister Annalena Baerbock.

The new PC term is feminist foreign policy, which is already officially practiced in Sweden by the government and its foreign ministry and is now apparently also being pursued befoe Baerbrock  in parts of Heiko Maas by Germany as a member of the UN Security Council. The German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen also spoke about this issue at the UN. Are we facing a paradigm shift? Angelina Jolein already met with NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg and demanded NATO’s commitment to women’s rights. Are we now facing an era of ecological, human rights and women’s rights wars? Or as Barbrock´s good fellow Claudia Roth once again pointedly formulated: “Let’s think big. Overcoming the worldwide patriarchy as a mandate to the federal government and global civil society – we will not do it below that! „. So, Trump, Putin, Xi, Erdogan, political macho and Muslim Machos – attention!  With Merkel and AKK as chancellors, Germany also seems to be on the safe side. Just „PC bullshit“ as a German diplomat explained to me? And as he commented: “Feminist foreign policy is nonsense, as is the distinction between foreign and domestic policy. It’s always about politics, more precisely the concept of the political, so it’s about feminist politics as opposed to masculine politics. In essence, then, it is about the opposition between men and women, about gender warfare. “

Possible, but  Merkel, AKK, Maas, Barley, Nahles, Hillary Clinton, Michele Obama, Ivanka Trump, Lagarde, Julia Klöckner, and others may see things differently. Compare the Women’s Forum with Merkel and Ivanka Trump, Lagarde and other women at World Economic Forum in Davos. The oppression of women, and even combating mass rape and sexual repression, as well as improving the living conditions for women are certainly ideals and goals that should be supported, but not only women are victims of regimes of violence, but men too. In addition, so-called masculine politics are also made by women, see Magareth Thatcher. And that women are the better people like Bachofen and a matriarchy  is the world solution is also whirled sexist feminist nonsense . Nevertheless, it is not wrong to give the hitherto disadvantaged gender a little more priority. But the question is whether the more realpolitically thinking nation-states will follow suit, let alone the authoritarian ones. And the refusal of Trump-USA, China, Russia and other states to stand up for the rights of women at the UN meeting shows the narrow limits.

 If there were also a war against mass rape, as in the case of the anti-IS operation, this would also have other motives as just only the noble ideal of the oppression of women. It won´t bring about a paradigm shift ala Roth, but a shift in topic. Especially since in international relations the states and not “the people” remain the subject and mostly also the object of foreign policy relations and this is a more idealistic glorification of the nature of Western state organs and their interests. The humanitarian intervention titles are mostly window-dressing and propaganda of a state that is essentially looking for  investment opportunities for its capital, sales markets, raw material and energy sources for its capital, with the large corporations, its accompanying suppliers and financial institutions and the supply of its economy to expand the income of the state, its economy and as a colleateral benefit prosperity for its own people, therefore build foreign raltions and alliances and militray bases  and then when these goals are achieved, the state may also deal with human, women and minority rights on the top of this demand pyramid, insofar as it is a liberal democracy. Realpoliticians see it that way, value politicians think hik that  this relationship would just be the opposite. It is the old antagonism between Brecht’s “First there has to be bread, then comes morality” and Solzenytschin’s “Man doesn’t just live on bread”, the striving for freedom, which sociologists also portray in pyramids of needs. Germany’s pop and star philosopher David Precht also sees levels of civilization, with Germany now moving from bread to freedom to the next level of animal, plant and species protection of a globalist ecological world salvation ideology due to its prosperity – in contrast to the older generation, which is still was shaped by the eating wave of the post-war economic miracle and is on the lower level of the hierarchy of needs, which is now climbing ever higher civilizational heights of a new world spirit. A new generation has grown up here at German and Western universities that adopt a postcolonial postmodern postmaterialistic gender-feminist-ecological world spirit on the civilization pyramid and want to act as the new world spirit in the world. The younger university graduates no longer believe in realpolitik or the neo-realistic school ala Kindermann or Morgenthau, which the previous generations were taught. A new academic elite and young people are pushing into higher positions and that already affects the students / Friday for Future and the Greens and now also the new German foreign mister Annalena Baerbock. . The older generation are then the „angry white man“ who are in danger of being overwhelmed by this development.

In misjudgment of these power relations, value politicians then always ask themselves why the so much community of valuesof the UN, the USA or NATO does not intervene in Rwanda or Rohingya-Burma or Darfur or why the Allies did not attack the logistics of Auschwitz. This will be done if realpolitical interests allow it, as well as military capacities and political support from the democratic populations. Especially since both interests sometimes go together: The US civil war was a dispute between the more feudalist, non-industrial slave-owner south against northern capitalism and its capitalists, who saw their economic interests in the south in contradiction, but the abolilionistsi, who were the big Black Live matters movement of that time and cared about human rights, were also an important political catalyst and window dressing in the war mobilization of the north. And even today, NATO or Western states are always happy when they have humanitarian intervention titles that can make economic or geopolitical interests and their wars which by idealsts are perceived as egoistic and flatly materialistic,therefore appear humane, with the Iraq war 2003 for the Greater Middle East oil and democratization or the  IS coalition, for example, taking action to end the genocide against the Yazidis, moderate Muslims and Christians and mass rape by the IS . The latter should be definitely supported, even if it was of course also about control of the Iraqi oil areas and the Greater Middle East. Now with the new energy fracking superpower USA and the shift to the New Green Deal such warsi the Greater Middle East are not wanted and no one cares about human rights or the situation in these regios as the US withdraws its troops and disengages. Now the Asian Pivot becomes more important. So-called investigative journalists then cover dirty stories about secret service activities of the CIA, the BND, etc. who are involved in arms deliveries, coups, secret diplomacy without pointing out that the secret services do not do this for their own account, but are the executive organs of the highest state government agencies. But with the myth of an independent secret service and gray area, more quota and bestseller sales can be achieved than with analyses why governments, for what realpolitical motives, guide their secret services to implement their policies in a clandestine manner. At its core, states wage wars over economic and geopolitical interests.

 The fact that human and women’s rights can also emerge as collateral benefits along with other collateral damage in such operations does not change the main motivation of states for their foreign policy, diplomacy and wars. It would have been quite possible that Ivanka Trump calls on all women in the world to support her father’s Iran war against the Islamist machos in Tehran to free women, even if her father is more concerned with the oil reserves. Let’s see if this becomes a future model. In the case of Ghaddaffi, war propaganda lies by the Libyan opposition about alleged mass rape of women by Ghaddaffi’s alleged African mercenaries („Negroes rape women“) were spread, which turned out to be deliberate fake news. Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International were unable to find any such cases, despite intensive research, and a leader of the Libyan opposition then openly admitted that these cases were fictitious because they and parts of the West wanted to create a mood for a NATO operation and they succeeded. But if you have doubts about this, you can quickly be accused of archaic machoism and be portrayed as the potential rapist in the future ,if you are  an opponent of war – in the language of gender-feminist post-colonial political correctness as „angry white man“. Helmut Schmidt always warned against quoting human rights for wars, because as a realpolitician he knew that the warring nation-states were more concerned with geopolitical, sometimes also economic interests, and only secondarily with human rights and Western liberal values. Schmidt was also co-editor of ZEIT, until it was taken over by the pro-American neocon and friend of Brzezinski Josse Joffe from the SZ and Giovanni di Lorenzo and after that the newspaper  took on a more human rights warlike orientation. A possible paradigm shift from realpolitik to value politics can certainly still come, be it through feminist foreign policy.

In any case, it is interesting that the 1 million Uyghurs in China’s labor, internment or concentration camps seem to have already been forgotten and the Peng Shuai case is at the forefront like nothing else. On the one hand as a women’s issue, on the other hand because of its usefulness for a boycott of the Winter Olympics in Beijing. But this may also have something to do with the fact that women now have less to say in the Uyghur movement. Rebiyah Kader was the chairman of the World Uyghur Congress and used to speak to all kinds of statesmen and women, but it is true that she no longer has much to say since the evangelical anti-abortion activist Adrian Zenz with his pamphlet Sterilizations, IUDs, and Mandatory Birth Control: The CCP’s Campaign to Suppress Uyghur Birthrates in Xinjiang, published by the Jamestown Foundation which brought the 1 million genocide story into circulation, almost exclusively swathed about forced abortions and genocide using the birth rate So make a kind of (Christian) birth jihad out of it, or like Eibl Eibesfeld once fabulated in the 80s: War of the craddles. However, this is now apparently mirrored by the CCP, which, in view of the falling Chinese birth rate and the panic of a population decline from now 1.3 billion to 750 million in 2050, wants to wage a war for the Chinese cradles. When the East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM) was removed from the international terror list, the US was more concerned with legalizing a number of ETIM members who were not Islamist but who had joined the movement for lack of alternative, to divide the Islamist ETIM, bring the alleged secular parts to the establishment of the East Turkestan Awakening Movement (ETAM) and to take away from China the cheap ETIM pretext against terrorism and War on Terror, which has now become a fight of the Chinese against the Uyghurs, completely Han-chauvinist-racist and a fight of birth rates and cradles .. But the ETAM, like the whole Chinese opposition in exile, is mostly in the USA and isolated and that is why there now seem to be forces who, in view of the desperate state of the Chinese opposition, now hope for an uprising of the supposedly oppressed Chinese women by means of Me Too and Peng Shuai..

One must also not forget that a number of so-called liberation movements or political movements have already understood that in a mainly male-dominated movements, you sometimesbetter  puts an alibi woman at the top, because the West likes to see it that way and it makes it easier to get funds and money . Conversely, women like Bhutto or Aquino or Aung San Sui Kyi are daughters of former male folk heroes and representatives of the upper class and are more likely to be perceived as their will representatives and testimony executors than as women or as representatives of women’s rights. It may be similar with Rebiyah Kadeer. But you hardly hear anything from her anymore. More from the East Turkestan Akwakeing Movement ETAM, which has a male chairman who clearly distances himself from ETIM and wants to bring ETAM into play as a secular counterpart that the West is supposed to support within the WUC. In any case, it is not the Uyghurs, Tibetans, former democracy movement, and Falungong that serve as reference points for the Summit of Democracies, but above all the case of Ms. Peng Shuai, who is said to embody both Metoo, feminist foreign policy and the Olympic spirit.

There were pioneers of this postcolonial, postmodernist combination of Metoo and Black Live Matters back in the 80s: in the Madonna song „Like a prayer“. The Jesus, prophet and the victim of police violence a black Jesus prevents worse and the rape of a white girl, but then gets arrested as the only person present at the crime scene, whom she liberates from prison by means of her testimony. .Black Jesus Christ Superstar and Christianity not as an abuse religion, but as a liberation from sexual oppression and racism. Some think Madonna is anti-clerical or anti-religious, but in realityshe is just raising Christianity. to the forerunner of Black Liive Matters and Me Too. That could actually be their anthem and hymn of these two movements: :.

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