Russian draft treaties – what does the CCP say about them so far?

Russian draft treaties – what does the CCP say about them so far?

Putin-Russia has presented draft treaties to the US and NATO. In terms of content, the smallest demand is that there will be no NATO expansion to include Ukraine, that the USA and NATO abstain from any NATO expansion, even in the entire post-Soviet space and its areas, no military cooperation or equipment and maneuvers or even no military bases despite the 1997 NATO Russia Act of and that the West is withdrawing from the East, just as Russia also wants a comprehensive disarmament from nuclear to conventional weapons. Furthermore, nothing more is mentioned about the Paris Charter, but the whole thing boils down to redefining a Russian sphere of interest that includes Ukraine, Belarus and the post-Soviet space in the sense of a Neo-Yalta. Whether this is a maximum demand that can be negotiated, whether this is a minimum demand, which will be followed by further demands, should they be accepted, remains to be seen for the time being. To what extent Russia itself is ready to reduce its military potential in Western Russia, to want a structural non-aggression capability, and to what extent it is ready to give the USA, NATO and the EU security guarantees in return is still completely open. Russia must be careful that its draft treaties are not perceived as an unofficial ultimatum, which may be aired in the knowledge that the West can´t accept it, in order to have a pretext for an invasion of Ukraine. So as a kind of Eat bird or die or as in roulette red or black, so as a kind of Russian roulette. Now Russia has withdrawn some troops, some working groups are meeting after the Biden-Putin meeting, the NATO-Russia Council is to be reactivated in February, and further talks between the US and Russia will take place in January.

Interesting question: How is China reacting to the Russian draft treaties? Does the Communist Party of China say: Doomed to fail, of course because of the West´s fault, and Russia should rather take a seat in China’s bosom, or does China perhaps even present its own draft treaties from which a compromise for a new multipolar world order could result? Essentially there is silence at the moment. The People’s Daily does not write anything about it, the Global Times, which has been cleaned up by the forced retreat of  the nationalist editor-in-chief Frisbee-Hu and which is now also subordinate to the People’s Daily, only cites an alleged popular poll about the US-Russia talks, which believes that the isolation of China is for the US itself harmful. But how would the US, NATO and the EU react if China and Russia submit a draft treaty? Or ccordinate its draft treaty with Russia in favor of a common new multipolar world order? It has obviously not reached that point.

But one must also see that China’s public reactions are no longer the same. The Global Times, which under Frisbee-Hu Xjjing rose to become the unofficial „mouthpiece“ of the CCP and allegedly of the Chinese people and which was also tolerated as a nationalist bad cop alongside the actual party newspaper People’s Daily as a good cop, is now just as censored as the South China Morning Post. Under Xi Jinping, CCTV, CRI and other television and radio stations were first placed under a central propaganda unit. After the Chinese oligarch Jack Ma bought the South China Morning Post through his Alibaba group and provided it with a payment barrier, as well as idiosyncratic opinions, most recently at the WEF in Davos, the CPC forced him to resign from Alibaba and the SCMP now also changed course. The same thing is happening to Frisbee-Hu Xijing with the Global Times. He is deposed and replaced by an editor of the official KP newspaper People’s Daily, although he is allowed a small comment column. Frisbee-Hu cultivated and promoted the Wolveswarrior rhetoric, stirred up nationalism, everything that the West did was doomed to fail in his comments, however he always pleaded for military action and a hard line against the USA and the West. Conversely, he was pretty much the only one in China who mentioned the Tiananmen Square massacre, which the CCP wants to avoid and terminate from the collective consciousness as only 89 veterans still might remmber and the mothers of the victims while new genertions have grown up since then who necer heard about it . Frisbee-Hu himself was one of the democracy demonstrators in 1989 and then, after the massacer and  his experience as a Yugoslavia correspondent in the face of the collapse of the state, switched to the line of the CCP, condemned all democracy activities and the 89 movement as destructive and harmful.His nickname Frisbee- Hu comes from the comparison that Hu runs like a dog after each propganda frisbee the CCP throws at him In spite of this, the CCP did not approve of this point, as it generally wants to erase the memory of the 89 movement and the massacre – as is now the case with the removal of the „Monument of Shame“ and the ban on the commemorative demonstrations in Hong Kong. Conversely, Frisbee-Hu, who properly stirred up Chinese nationalism, was criticized by even more ultra-chauvinistic nationalists when he repeatedly relativized his harsh and extreme demands and switched the bad cop back and gave in to the official party line of the real mouthpiece of the CPC, the People’s Daily

In any case, the nationalist Frisbee Hu like the liberal Jack Ma is no longer acceptable for the CCP in its rush to conformity with the CCP and both are forced to resign and are replaced. If Frisbee-Hu were still editor-in-chief of the Global Times, he would write in view of the Russian draft treaty: Doomed to fail because of the USA and the West. Russia can only exist with China or that China should now also demand security guarantees and spheres of influence on contractual terms.. Now that the CCP has made out of the Global Times another People’s Daily, such smashing comments are missing. Also no demands, should the USA partially accept Russian demands, that this also means the possibility for China for guaranteed spheres of influence in Asia, also in the direction of a New World Order in a multipolar world. All of this cannot be read. Only that the Chinese people speak out against a policy of isolation. Whereby a survey is quoted. The CCP, be it People’s Daily or the Global Times, is waiting diplomatically and silently for the further developmentof the US-Russia talks at the moment.

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