Whoopi`s Sister Act 4: The Holocaust was not about race

Whoopi`s Sister Act 4: The Holocaust was not about race

Whoopi Goldberg’s statement that the Holocaust did not happen because of race, but rather was a dispute between white people, is an expression of the ideology of the woke culture, which since Black Lives Matters sees everything only under the categories of supposed privileges of angry white men over blacks . For this statement, any other person would easily have made it into the top charts of the 10 worst anti-Semites in the world at the Simon-Wiesenthal Center, as did the anti-Semitism commissioner of the government of Baden-Württemberg. But far from it. Since the Jewish community and progressive left know that Whoopi is not racist or even anti-Semitic, she enjoys widespread support and lenient tolerance, especially since she has also apologized. The Anti Defamation League forgives her such statements, the Jerusalem Post calls for amnesty for her, not to put her on the same level as Amnesty International, which had called Israel an „apartheid state“ and described her by another author as a symptom of the woke culture, which should actually be criticized.Oh, the Whoppy started a wave. In the Jerusalem Post, an author is now demanding amnesty for her. But the reasoning is also a bit crooked.The Holocaust happened „simply because of the blood in the veins“.

„‚Amnesty‘ for Whoopi Goldberg – opinion To place Amnesty International in the same category as Whoopi Goldberg is a mistake.



Whoopi Goldberg is symptom of America gone wrong on race – editorial

What Goldberg suffers from is a warped view of race that is heavily influenced by the woke culture that has taken over normal discourse in the United States and other Western countries.”


 The icon of the progressive left of the US Democrats Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez jumps to the side of Whoopi and the head of Yad Vashem recommends her a visit to the Holocaust memorial.

„AOC: ABC suspending Whoopi Goldberg ‚unnecessary,‘ ‚we should move on‘ Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez thought it unneeded to suspend Goldberg, who said she apologized sincerely, which was even accepted by the ADL.”


 In Der Spiegel, Samira El Quassi criticizes Whoppi’s statement and claims that the Holocaust is about race, which, like skin color, is a social construct.

“The Whoopi Goldberg thing In Germany

I’m not considered white, but in Morocco I am – that alone shows that skin color is a construct. Whoopi Goldberg misses that when she claims the Holocaust wasn’t about racism.”


 But the problem is that one speaks of races or „blood in the veins“, although races are not supposed to exist. You run the risk of unintentionally validating Hitler’s race theory. Whereby Whoppi’s racial lines run mainly along the skin color and black and white. But Whoppi´s comments are forgiven, because she also spoke of „inhumanity between humans“ and even her artist´s name is anti-racist. The Jewish artist’s surname Goldberg isn’t actually the spectacular thing, but the artist’s first name „Whoppie“, which is derived from whoopee cushion. This is somewhat reminiscent of the German photo artist John Heartfiled, who consciously chose an Anglo-Saxon-Jewish stage name in order to distinguish himself from the nationalists and racists. In any case, the woke community hopes that Whoopi will not utter any more intellectual flatulence and air mental farts.

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