France: The seventh Rothschild makes conspiracy theories flourish

France: The seventh Rothschild makes conspiracy theories flourish

No other bank or banker family has as many conspiracy theories as the Rothschilds. Although they were a significant force at the time when Jews were only allowed to lend interest, as were the non-Jewish Fuggers, and indeed they also formed the first multinational bank of the industrial age, they and most of the Jews active in finance quickly lost their influence in the financial world as a result of the bourgeois revolutions, secularization, when banking became accessible to all citizens and much more powerful banks and financial groups quickly developed, the non-Jewish bourgeoisie, the peasants and parts of the working class also attacked the hitherto successful Jews with anti-Semitism, social envy and pogroms reacted to the Holocaust.

 The Rothschilds were and are often offended by conspiracy theorists to be the secret founders of a secret world government – according to the logic: Money rules the world, the Jews control the money and the Rothschilds control the Jews and thus the world. This style is drawn from the Protocols of the Elder from Zion to Hitler’s chief ideologue Rosenberg’s concoction The Elders of Zion and foreign policy to Nazi films such as Die Rothschilds-stock market Waterloo to conspiracy theory writings such as Jan van Helsing’s” Secret societies”, Carmin’s The Black Reich to Erdogan’s or Arabic propaganda that the Rothschilds always still ruled the world and above all the USA, as well as the Fed and all the central banks of the world belonged to them. The Rothschilds have become the code for anti-Semitism and if you criticize that, then you are considered a potential slave of the Rothschilds and Jews.

 Interesting now is an SZ article that provides important information on how the Rothschilds really are: On the one hand, the banks have been separated, are now growing together again, are by no means the largest banks when you compare this with other banks or investment trusts or the numerous hedge funds – the Rothschilds are a pretty small number. In addition, their family business can no longer be organized in such a family way in the medium term.

 The SZ article wrote:

 “The seventh Rothschild With Alexandre de Rothschild, the next generation takes over the legendary Rothschild banking house. Business and political power are particularly close there. His surname is synonymous with financial aristocracy – known throughout Europe for a banking house that is as rich in tradition as it is powerful. But you hardly know him personally. That changes this week when Alexandre de Rothschild, 37, takes over the management of the Parisian bank Rothschild & Co.(…) The young dynast not only takes over a historic house that once financed Europe’s emperors and kings and later became the first multinational bank of the industrial age. As a leading adviser, Rothschild is today also a symbol of modern financial capitalism and its political entanglements – especially in France, where the institute is based. The bank is a pillar of the French economy and antechamber to political power. Since World War II, two heads of state have previously been Rothschild bankers: Georges Pompidou and current President Emmanuel Macron. With Alexandre de Rothschild, the Macron generation is now taking charge of the money house itself. (…) Alexandre de Rothschild already has a plan for how this business should continue to thrive. His father had rebuilt it after it was nationalized by France’s socialists in the 1980s and later reunited the French and British Rothschild branches to form a fine private bank with 3,500 employees worldwide and a final net profit of 236 million euros. Alexandre now aims to strengthen investment banking and wealth management to reduce exposure to the volatile business of mergers and acquisitions. And above all, he wants to wipe out an old weakness: under his aegis, Rothschild should finally become a surname that counts in the USA as well.”

If you look at the numbers: 236 million euros in profit, these are peanuts in a Deutsche Bank-Koppers comparison, just as the Rothschilds are a small family bank in an international comparison, which also wants to reestablish old connections among its branches, especially since the name Rothschild is known in Europe, but not in the USA, where they never played a significant role in finance capital or in politics. The younger Rothschild wants to get there, but even in Europe only Macron and now Gerhard Schröder have worked for Rothschild. But for anti-Semites, Rothschild is the code and the symbol for a Jewish world conspiracy. Although Macron and Schröder, with their neoliberal agendas and their EU policies, also represent the interests of the Rothschilds, it is much more important that they represent the interests of all capital, be it financial capital, industrial capital or large parts of middle-class capital. Whoever only says Rothschild to criticize capital and capitalism can no longer be classified as left-wing, but personifies, naturalizes, ethnicizes the context of capitalism, which then usually has to end in anti-Semitism and pogroms against the Jews, as European history has proved enough.

 There may be Jewish networks and organizations and lobby groups, but they also exist in other ethnic and social groups without producing such conspiracy theories, and the Jews are not a homogeneous bloc, but rather have very different interests and political views, too many do not belong to networks and being Jewish does not automatically mean being a banker, capitalist or rich, since there are also Jewish workers, middle class, unemployed, poor, etc. Mayne Jews are  more represented in Hollywood, culture, financial world compared to their percentage of the population, one should see that most positions in politics, economy, military, culture are dominated by non-Jews. Even the alleged Israel lobby in the US is mainly due to the 80 million bio-American, non-Jewish bio-WASP evangelicals who see Israel as the Holy Land of their dreams and to the neo-imperialist US neocons and Republicans as the 5% US Jews who, especially over the US – American Israel policy are divided, moreover mostly more left-liberal positions are represented. In addition to AIPAC, there is J-Street or in Europe J-Call.

 Unfortunately, as with the Bilderbergers, a rational discussion of the subject is taboo. Mainstream politicians and mainstream media block any analytical debate on the subject of Rothschild, Bilderbergers, etc. The fact is that both groups are quite influential, but not, as conspiracy theorists would like us to believe, represent a secret world government or the dominant and only monocausal power, especially since there are also many other organizations, lobby groups, yes, even the capital has different factions and interests, especially since there are also various nation states that also promote their own capital and one can hardly assume that Xi-China or Modi-India are controlled by the Rothschilds, the Bilderbergers or Freemasons as a secret world government or dominant figures. That would be seen more as a laughingstock for the Asians and non-Western goverments and political groups about Western paranoiacs and Eurocentric neo-colonialists who desperately want to deny the decline of the West, but instead attack the Jews, the Bilderberger, the Zionist, the Illlunimatis or whatever idiotic mirage. #. In addition, by means of the Bilderberger and Rothschild conspiracy theories, capitalism is portrayed as neo-feudalism, in which personal connections are essential, everything is controlled by a few people, that it is a kind of neo-feudalism and not a dynamic following iron economic laws and general constraints according to the common capitalist economic system , to which everyone is subjected in capitalist competition and capital is forced to counteract the tendency of thetendency of the fall of the  rate of profit by intensifying work, expaanding working hours, multi-shift systems, lowering environmental standards and other measures.

While “the”capital has a common interest in keeping wages, working conditions, and environmental standards low, the labor movement and unions weak, a common interest in low taxes on the wealthy and corporations, and deregulation and privatization for new business, profit maximization, and investment opportunities, the various capital groups and capitalists, including finance capitals, in addition to temporary alliances and agreements, are above all in competition with one another, although not as anarchically as in the early days, but now more oligopolitically. Wanting to explain capitalism economically, politically and culturally by means of a conspiracy of the supposedly all-powerful Rothschilds or the Bilderbergers is not a criticism of capitalism, but structural anti-Semitism, which personalizes everything as a scapegoat criticism, monocausally simplifies everything, all world events and world history to the effect of two groups despite the existence of several thousands of other powerful actors or social movements, to make the complexity of the situation seemingly comprehensible and explainable through narrow-minded idiotic thinking, but it is not a criticism of the system.However,   If you want to counter conspiracy theorists, you should also establish Rothschild and Bilderberger research in the social sciences, which analytically cleans up these paranoid distorted images and counters them with facts and arguments. This could also be a sub-task that an anti-Semitism commissioner should take on.

Yet one must see that both the Right and the Left are divided within each other. While Gauland and Höcke talk about the Holocaust and German history as bird shit and see disgrace in Holocaust memorials and want to turn 180 degrees, the lesbian Goldmann Sachs Weidl supports a neoliberal dictatorship and is philosemitic. unlike the anti-Semitic, folkish Höcke, who raves about an „organic market economy“. While Marine Le Pen’s father still spoke of the Holocaust as a detail of history and was openly anti-Semitic, Marne Le Pen has switched to a philosemitic course, which above all only still sees Islamic immigrants as enemies, especially since she is an admirer of Putin. Her new Algerian-Jewish French competitor Eric Zemmour, on the other hand, only agitates against Muslims and immigration and costs Marine Le Pen votes. But attacking Macron because of Rothschild or his Jewish contacts is neither the attack target of Le Pen nor Zemmour.. Especially since Eric Zemmour, as a Jewish Frenchman, is always more radical and more popular with the right-wing French than Marine Le Pen. So in France, the problem is more anti-Muslim sentimetnts than anti-Semitism. Both the Front National under Marine Le Pen and Eric Zemmourr are both philsemitic and will therefore criticize a Macron for anything but his former Rothschild job. Especially since the foreign policy orientation of the two former Rothschild employees Macron, like Schröder, has a clear Eurasian orientation towards Russia and China, which Macron like Le Pen and possibly even Zemmour also share. But Rothschild is not necessarily talking about US Israel and the Jewish US-Israel conspiracy, but maybe even a Eurasian orientation, which he is not criticized by the French right-wing either.

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