The Big Conspiracy – from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion via Ludendorff to the Black Empire

The Big Conspiracy – from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion via Ludendorff to the Black Empire

While 9-11 is the small conspiracy theory, there are also the big and great conspiracy theorists. While the Truth 9-11 movement is still assuming a targeted conspiracy by the neocons around 9-11 to change the balance of power in the Greater Middle East, there are also conspiracy theorists who want to explain the whole of world history as a big conspiracy. I first experienced this  in my English teacher at high school, who had us read George Orwell’s „1984“ and then he told us his coclusion: In the Roman Empire there had always been a triumphate council, a trio, and world events can be explained in the same way: always three powers , 2 of which would always ally against the 3rd and then again with that one to isolate the other. Thus a dynamic trio was designed to explain world history was This more arithmetic and geometric theory of power completely disregards political and economic content, but only constellations between these three power groups. If he had also quoted Mao’s alliance with Nixon against the Soviet Union or now Russia-China against the USA besides the formtion of other forces , this would have been more credible, but this was a theory that was empty of content and did not seek any further justification. From Orwell he learned that these powerful people were manipulating everything, staging their wars just for show to maintain their own power. The powerful powers are about power and try staying in power—there was no indication of what they intended to use the power  and for what political or whatever goals. The possibility that there might also be differences and conflicts between “the powerful powers” was ruled out from the start. All show, all staging. Also, our English teacher had never heard of the „multipolar world“ that would reduce his triangle design to absurdity.

Simplifying world history and pouring it into simple formulas is the goal of all great conspiracy theorists. The tenor is always the same: a kind of secret society and secret world government has long existed, which controls all other states and also the world economy and the peoples and states that strangely enough, despite the equally assumed quest to subjugate them under a one-world government and culture, then plunge them into economic crises, conflicts and wars with one another to keep them from realizing and overthrowing the secret world government. Classic Divide and rule!

What is the first contradiction here: What do the consiraties theorists want?  A united world government or confederation that unites all peoples or for a return to nation states, ethnic groups and tribes that are still unspoilt and as self-sufficient as possible and autochon from the alleged one-world government? Or to the archaic-libertarian, state-liberated redneck lone fighter who fights his way through with an SUV, his own gun and survival kits of canned meat and his own gold reserves, as the advertisements from Koppverlag or Infokrieg suggest. Significantly, they never talk about it so explicitly.Because: : First of all, it is about clearly recognizing enemies and forming fronts—the enemies are always the same: the Illuminati, the Freemasons, the Catholics, the Jews, Jewish finance capital, especially the Warburgbank, Lenin and Hitler, the US East Coast, David Rockefeller and the Council for Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergers and all „their“ sub-organizations of lodges, secret societies and P-2. It would be wrong to deny the existence of these organizations.but It has to be questioned what goals they had/have, how powerful they were/are and not and whether there aren’t significantly more other power groups that the conspiracy theorists typically don’t name..

That there were in histor the Illuminati and the Freemasons is clear. They spearheaded the bourgeois revolution in both Europe and the United States. Conspiracy theorists are rxtreme suspicious of the fact that they fought for the values of  Enlightenment and had to work secretly in absolutist Europe. Firstly, because they mostly do not share their Enlightening goals, secondly, because they had to act subversively. Metternich’s restoration showed how necessary this was, since only France had actually succeeded in carrying out a bourgeois revolution, while the rest of Europe remained monarchical. The most violent propaganda was carried out against these bourgeois revolutionaries and this is expressed by the Russian-monarchist secret police widespread pamphlet „The Protocols of the Elders of Zion“, in which the bourgeois revolutions, especially the French Revolution, were presented as a Jewish conspiracy. It is ignored that the main revolutionaries were not Jews, neither Robbiespierre nor Danton. There is nothing in these Protocols about this either, it is more of a writing that some Jews proceeds from alleged general instructions from the alleged wise men at a cemetery, which they are then said to have used and which basically say that the end justifies all means and that camouflage, Lies, etc. can serve the end – exactly what the Russian Tsarist secret police did with the construction of the Protocols themselves. Personal connections, names, etc. do not appear at all, simply unproven allegations are made, which are mixed together from a few quotes from Jewish representatives and the Torah, but above all from the unproven traditions (Hitler’s chief ideologist Rosenberg later tried later with his elaborate work „Die Protocols of the Elders of Zion and Jewish World Politics „unconvincing to establish connections by name and person).

 The most popular thing was to criticize the Rothschild family of bankers. This Jewish banking family had a German, French and British branch. Even today you can see the alleged scene of the death of the old Rothschild father, who supposedly divided the world between his sons on his deathbed, on Arabic TV channels. Today’s conspiracy theorists explain the European wars with the Rothschilds, who would have played the states against each other to do business. It is ignored that the respective Rothschilds were rather house Jews, i.e. acted as subordinate financiers of the respective royal house, were usually also the first scapegoats when something went wrong in terms of state crafts and that the main criticism against the Rothschilds was from monarchist and national circles at thattime that they were pacifists and wanted to prevent wars out of business interests instead of patriotically fueling the struggle of the peoples with battle hurrah and war patriotism. At that time, the main criticism of the Rothschilds was that they sabotaged and prevented national and monarchical wars of salvation because of the easy money, . Today conspiracy theorists twist this into the diametrically inverted theory that the Rothschilds were behind all monarchical wars in Europe and inititated and pushed them—because of world expansion plans or but also because of the easy money. You can choose the respective explanation pluralistically and: Times are changing. Anti-Semitism adapts to the zeitgeist.

 The next major antisemitic pamphlet after World War I came from the German General Ludendorf, who had to find an explanation for his own failure as senior military commander alongside Hindenburg on the battlefield. In his work he allegedly denounces anti-nationalist and internationalist powers, especially Freemasons, Catholics (who are more executors of the Pope than Germans) and Jews, for betraying Germany in World War I and losing it as a result. This stab in the back theory, which was the starting point for all right-wing forces of that time. had in the center, the then chairman of the AEG, the Jew Walther Rathenau, who was portrayed by Ludendorf as the main saboteur in German warfare, since he had held a leading position in the supply of raw materials to the army and, like the Center Party and the Freemasons, was accused to work for the foreign inetrnational enemy powers. Rathenau was then also an outstanding hate object of the German right and was murdered by right-wing extremists in the Weimar Republic. It was no coincidence that Ludendorf wanted to a coup with Adolf Hitler in 1923 at the Feldherrenhalle in Munich. Their anti-Semitism and their conspiracy theories read almost congruently. It was therefore only a short way from Ludendorf’s stab in the back legend to Hitler’s „Mein Kampf“.

In Hitler’s „Mein Kampf“ the Jews are made responsible for everything bad in the world. Freemasons and Catholics are not mentioned, he concentrates everything on a Jewish world conspiracy. All national deficits are attributed to the Jews as a race. Hitler does not see the Jews as a religious community, but as a race, and thus provided the transition from clerical-völkisch/folkish anti-Semitism to folkish/völkisch-racist-liquidatoric anti-Semitism, which Goldhagen quotes. Accordingly, a Jew can no longer save himself by converting—according to Hitler—he has to be exterminated as a race. Hitler distinguished three types of races: the culture creators (the Aryans and above all the Germans), the culture preservers, who would preserve their culture but would not be able to make any significant cultural achievements apart from copying (e.g. the Japanese) and the culture destroyers (the Jews). But he focuses specifically on the labor movement and communism and social democracy, which he saw as expressions of Jewish activity, as well as degenerated culture and the media. In Mein Kampf, the Rothschilds. Rathenau, etc., were not mentioned personally, but only generally differentiated between “creative” (schaffendes Kapital/ German) and “exprioriating capital” (raffendes Kapital/Jewish). Hitler’s writing generalizes much more than Ludendorf’s work. Furthermore, Mein Kampf contains a multi-stage „nesting theory“ of the Jews, which in the German people, but also in other peoples, would have nested in the same way as a „parasite in the host nation“. Later, the NSDAP then completed their racial theory on the Jewish world conspiracy of Jewish US finance capital and the Jewish-Bolshevik conspiracy of Soviet Russia, which wanted to encircle Germany. The logic was: If you want to achieve world domination, you have to destroy all Jews. Hitler’s axis ally Japan, who also had read the „Protocols of the Elders of Zion“, also assumed similar world conspiracy theories – but the leading Japanese politicians had more of a pseudo-Machiavellian theory : If the Jews ruled the world, one must form an alliance with them precisely for that reason. Consistently, there were repeated conflictsbetween the two Axis powers on this point (cf. Global Review article “Japan’s Jewish Policy 1933-1945). After the Second World War, the Holocaust and Auschwitz, anti-Semitic conspiracy theories were officially a taboo in Germany. Admittedly, in the Rheinische Merkur and the Bayernkurier there and then appeared allusions that the Jewish Warburg-Bank had financed both Hitler and the Bolsheviks under Lenin, but apart from the Nationalzeitung of the DVU and the sectarian US American La Rouche sect, there was hardly any more elaborate openly anti-Semitic propaganda or the attempt at a closed world view based on conspiracy theory in right-wing circles. The first major „taboo breaker“ on the left was Karlheinz Deschner (author of the „Criminal History of Christianity“) with his anti-American book „Der Moloch“. In this he tries to portray National Socialism as a product of the US Jewish Warburgbank, which also „already“ financed Lenin. It seems correct that there were some limited transfers from the Warburgbank to both regimes for a certain time, but try to analyze the history of National Socialism and Communism to such a uniquely limited financial transaction is arguably designed to be fairly monocausal.

In the 1980s, „Illuminati“ was the first „holistic“ conspiracy book to hit the alternative scene. The film „23“ portrayed quite well how these conspiracy theories entered the new creative classes, especially the hacker scene. It was striking how supposedly enlightened leftists got involved in the paranoid whirlpool of numerological mysticism, which suspected a Masonic code behind every symbol, date and every number. This development then continued in the 90s: On the one hand, the pseudonym author “Van Helsing’s” “Secret Societies” (Geheimgesellschaften) became a bestseller. However, this was still a crude mix of the usual Illuminati fantasies, Atlantis myth and Nazi UFOs, which was less dangerous because it was wildly esoteric. Even more sophisticated was Carmin’s work „The Black Empire“(Das Schwarze Reich) , which was a conglomeration of all possible relationships between politicians, lodges, Bilderbergers, Council on Foreign Relations, the Thule Society of the NSDAP, communist parties, P-2, etc. . If you read it, you get overwhelmed by the abundance of material, but one message always comes through: All of modern human history can be traced back to the Illuminati, who rule the world in their offshoots Council for Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergers, etc. Communism and capitalism are just two huge human experiments in which the Illuminati wanted to turn the peoples against each other on the one hand in order to maintain their power themselves and on the other hand to try out which social system worked better. The Cold War is thus understood as a huge experimental laboratory for two systems in which a secret world government had everything under control. The entire world history and also the Cold War is presented as a show of a secret  world government that already exists, in which the real rulers let the peoples fight and manipulate them so that nobody discovers their secret world rule so they make no revoultion against it. The most recent representative of this theory is the right-wing extremist blog Infokrieg (not to be confused with Infokrieger) – quote: „Both communism and fascism were created as cash cows, and more importantly, as control mechanisms, by the international bankers.“

 And so the EU is in reality a plot between Nazi bigwigs and the moneyed nobility/financial aristocracy.


Logically, these conspiracy theorists would have to speak out for an open world government that is controled democratically and unites the peoples with each other. But you never read anything like that. These elaborate works usually drift into the nationalist corner, which makes the true intention of these fantasies clear. As new right-wing radicals, they always try to blame international financial aristocracies, Jewish banks, US elites, Israel, etc. for National Socialism. to shift. always see some internationalist foreign powers who conspire against them and which are agents lurking and being  installed in the host countries. It were never German nationalists who voted for and supported the Nazis. Nationalism is never critizisedd; on the contrary, they fuel alleged criticism of globalization that blinks left but turns right. It were never nationalists like the conspiracy theorists ala Koppverlag, Infokrieg, etc. themselves, who act for right-wing extremist parties and “right-wing populist” movements. It is then more difficult for conspiracy theorists to explain the new multipolar world that is heralded with the strengthening of China and India or the BRIC countries. Is the CCP now also a product of the Illuminati? Mao and Deng Xiao Ping Freemasons?Ghandi, Nehru, Vajpajee, Rao, Singh too? The Bilderbergers‘ supposedly secret power center  already experiences massive competition from similar Asian clubs such as the Boao Conference or Russian counterparts. Sre these differneces just a show of the Illuminatis who controll everything and want to mae it appear as differences-divide et impera? The fact is: with the development of the productive forces, humanity has organized itself from small groups into tribes, then small states and now nation states. In the meantime, supranational organizations such as the EU are also emerging and other larger formations are being considered in addition to free trade zones. The development of the productive forces is by no means a product of some kind of conspiracy, but takes place very naturally and in competition. The political superstructure usually progresses more slowly than the growth of the productive forces, which is why there are frictions, conflicts and even wars. This does not suit conspiracy theorists, who also portray the entire economic history as a series of conspiracies or economic crises and financial crises as  a Illumintai show to keep people in fear and to keep them working, Cause and effect are systematically confused here. And like the conspiracy theorists: everything is illusion—a very Buddhist idea, actually. Or how is the headline in the self-portrayal of the conspiracy website „Everything is smoke and mirrors“? (Alles Schall und Rauch) ! “The world is an illusion that is being tricked into us in order to manipulate us and drive us like sheep. Just smoke and mirrors.” Maybe that’s why conspiracy theories are so popular not only on the right, but above all in esoteric left-wing circles.

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