More Precht, Machiavelli and Brzezinski than Pippi

More Precht, Machiavelli and Brzezinski than Pippi

Today’s FAZ article is highly recommended:

„My generation doesn’t understand anything about power politics“

 Defense expert Ulrike Franke, born in 1987, calls for a new debate on the value of the military. She has little hope in her peers.: “We are witnessing once again how Vladimir Putin uses war as a political tool. They claim that a generation in Germany is now taking responsibility that is incapable of accepting or even perceiving military power as an element of politics. What do you mean? My generation tends to regard the exceptional historical situation of their youth as normal. The so-called millennials were born in the 1980s and 1990s and grew up in a time when they were hardly touched by real conflicts. We can hardly imagine fundamental geopolitical change because we have never experienced it. My generation struggles with the idea that power politics enforced by military means is a reality that demands answers. We were shaped by Francis Fukuyama’s thesis of the end of history. We believed that only trade, economy and globalization were decisive.“

And neoliberalism, which was hyped by all parties  and demanded a lean state, de-bureaucratization (what is now referred to as “bancrupt reduction” from the Bundeswehr to courts, police and federal railways and social housing), shortening study and school times in order to be “fit ‚ and’slim‘ and ‚hip‘ for globalization. The market will decide, or as Bill Clinton said: „It’s the economy stupid“, in order to then bring China into the WTO and thus breed its biggest competitor. Anyone who saw things differently was marginalized and viewed as an ideologue, troublemaker and idiot. As was the motto of the Love Parade in 1998: One World, One Future. And everything on coke and ecstasy euphoria like the former Hippies wth their slogan Sex and DRugs and Rock´n Roll – from the neoliberal bankers since the Reagan era to the techno generation and then electro. As was the motto of the Love Parade in 1998: One World, One Future.

Now it’s lamented: The hippie and flower powerpeacenik generation, which then presents itself as a hedonistic continuity via the Pippi Langstrumpf  and Love Parade and now gender-feminist postmodern generation. ,is a total failure in terms of security, power and geopolitical thinking. Now you can blame these generations forever, but you can also rely on self-reflection and tutoring for this generation, as well as demanding that the state and its education system as well as its public media regularly offer such knowledge and not just the private YouTube market and individual interest, especially with all the alternative conspiracy sites, but continuously and bindingly. Keywords: educational mission, even when there are fewer crime and regional thrillers and Rosamunde Pilchers and cooking shows. Perhaps a quiz show on security policy issues would also be conceivable. To recommend introducing a kind of military knowledge education in the curricula and in the public media programs and more geopolitics in geography. Furthermore, not only Eurocentric-humanistic Romans and Adolf, but also at least the history of the USA, China, India and Russia in compact form and in outlines and maybe also Africa, Asia and Latin America, but not always only the old Egyptians and Mayas .Replacement of religious education and not even expanded Islam education, but general ethics education, where the ideas of the Enlightenment, the essential worldwide and not only European philosophers and thinkers along with Sun Tze and Machiavelli and only then come the world religions.In addition, not only history, but also future research, technology, futurology, also where this was right and wrong in the past, disruptive technologies and their implications in all areas, book presentations and book reviews, for example of Yuval Harriris Homo Deus or ex-Google boss Eric Smiths and Henry Kissinger´s“ The Age of AI”. Dare more Precht, Machiavelli and Brzezinski than Pippi.

Pippi, who was also sung about by Andreas Nahles in the Bundestag, made Putin possible, but Pippi is ambivalent – the libertarian-anarchistic-hedonistic-dreamy pacifism is the weakness, vice versa, Pippi’s saerch for freedom and pursuit of happiness is also willingness and will to fight, even without the consideration of economic disadvantages and political consequences to defend the free world – as long as it doesn’t affect herself. We do not know how Pippi would have reacted if her Villa Kunterbunt had been seized due to bankruptcy as a result of economic sanctions. But that would also be stuff for a geoeconomics lesson and Pippi would have to learn about the international supply chains of her smartphone and how to secure the raw materials, production facilities and trade routes economically, by foreign policy and militarily so that you can can then enjoy Pippi videos.

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