Biden´s Asia tour, the Quad meeting and new tensions in the Indo-Pacific

Biden´s Asia tour, the Quad meeting and new tensions in the Indo-Pacific

Biden´s visit in Japan and South Korea and the Quad meeting were accompied by Russian and Chinese reactions and demonstration of solidarity and North Korea´s declaration to start new missile tests:

“Russian, Chinese bombers fly near Japan during Quad summit

As India didn´t want to condemn Russia, the Quad´s joint statement also was as follows:

“Quad joint statement avoids any mention of Russia, China”

 In Japan Biden also said that the USA would defend Taiwan and that China should not play with fire and bully Taiwan. Some experts see this also the end of US strategic ambuigity:

US forces would defend Taiwan: Biden

FATES LINKED: The US president said that sanctions on Russia over Ukraine must exact a ‘long-term price,’ because otherwise ‘what signal does that send to China?’

US President Joe Biden yesterday vowed that US forces would defend Taiwan militarily in the event of a Chinese attack in his strongest statement to date on the issue.

Beijing is already “flirting with danger,” Biden said following talks with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida in Tokyo, in which the pair agreed to monitor Chinese naval activity and joint Chinese-Russian exercises.

Asked if Washington was willing to get involved militarily to defend Taiwan, he replied: “Yes.” “

Meanwhile the preperations to let Taiwan become a member of the WHA, a body of the WHO are continuing and there will be a meeting in Geneva, Switezrland next week while China is declaring that this would met a strong reaction and be not n accordance with the One China principle.However the spokesman of the US State Department declared, that the USA ould not feel bound to the One China Principle in China´s interpretation of it:

“US not bound by Beijing’s ‘one China’ principle: State Department spokesman

The US Department of State yesterday criticized Beijing over its misrepresentation of the US’ “one China” policy in the latest diplomatic salvo between the two countries over a bid by Taiwan to regain its observer status at the World Health Assembly, the decisionmaking body of the WHO.

“The PRC [People’s Republic of China] continues to publicly misrepresent U.S. policy,” Department of State spokesman Ned Price wrote on Twitter.

“The United States does not subscribe to the PRC’s ‘one China principle’ — we remain committed to our longstanding, bipartisan one China policy, guided by the Taiwan Relations Act, Three Joint Communiques, and Six Assurances,” he added.”

Meanwhile a Western investigative media pool and Adrian Zenz leaked the so called “Xinjinag Police files”, which simoustanley created strong protest by the USA, GB and Germany against China, while Chinese foreign minister Wang YI called the papers “the lie of the century”. Xi Jinping meet with UN commissioner for human rights Bachelet and didn´t say anything about the Xinjinag Police Files, but pointed out the Chinese progresses in the human rights situation. The USA demanded that Bachelet cancel the China trip and thinks about further sanctions:

“Xi speaks with Bachelet, defends China’s rights progress

published : 25 May 2022

Graphic on selected reports on the human rights situation in China's Xinjiang region

Graphic on selected reports on the human rights situation in China’s Xinjiang region

BEIJING: Chinese President Xi Jinping held a video call with UN rights chief Michelle Bachelet on Wednesday, as she visits Xinjiang during a mission overshadowed by fresh allegations of Uyghur abuses and fears she is being used as a public relations tool by the Communist Party.

Beijing is accused of detaining over one million Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities in the far-western region as part of a years-long crackdown the United States and lawmakers in other Western countries have labelled a „genocide“.

Bachelet is expected to visit the cities of Urumqi and Kashgar as part of a six-day tour that has been dogged by concerns from Western officials, diplomats and rights groups that the Communist Party will attempt to use it to whitewash abuses.

China vehemently denies the allegations, calling them the „lie of the century“.

The United States has reiterated its view that Bachelet’s visit was a mistake after the release of thousands of leaked documents and photographs from inside the system of mass incarceration this week.

But Xi defended his country’s human rights progress during the call while Xinjiang was not specifically mentioned by either side, according to a readout from state broadcaster CCTV.

„Human rights issues should also not be politicised, instrumentalised, or treated with double standards,“ Xi said according to a CCTV readout, adding that China has „a human rights development path that… suits its national conditions“.

CCTV reported Xi as telling Bachelet that there is no „ideal nation“ on human rights.

He added that there is „no need for a ‚teacher‘ who is bossy towards other countries“, in an apparent reference to recent public criticisms of the trip by United States and UK officials.

According to the CCTV readout, Bachelet said the UN Human Rights Office is „willing to strengthen cooperation with the Chinese side“.

She was also reported to have said: „I admire China’s efforts and achievements in eradicating poverty, protecting human rights, and realising economic and social development.“

– ‚Appalled‘ –

State Department spokesman Ned Price said Tuesday the United States was „appalled“ by the latest allegations, after a consortium of media outlets reported on thousands of leaked documents and photographs from inside Xinjiang’s system of mass incarceration.

The Xinjiang Police Files, leaked by an anonymous source to academic Adrian Zenz, showed top leaders in Beijing including President Xi calling for a forceful crackdown.

They also included a 2017 internal speech by Chen Quanguo, Xinjiang’s hardline former Communist Party chief, in which he allegedly orders guards to shoot to kill anyone who tries to escape.

Britain and Germany also voiced outrage, with UK foreign secretary Liz Truss calling for China to grant Bachelet „full and unfettered access to the region“ and her German counterpart urging a „transparent investigation“.

During a Monday meeting with Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi, Bachelet was presented with a book of Xi quotes on „respecting human rights“, according to state media photographs.

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