The making of the Neo-Ottoman Empire: Turan army and transport corridor China-Central Asia-Turkey-EU instead of Putin?

The making of the Neo-Ottoman Empire: Turan army and transport corridor China-Central Asia-Turkey-EU instead of Putin?

Two interesting articles in the FAZ:

“Less Russia, More Turkey: How Central Asia Turns Away From Putin

Turkic states like Kazakhstan are working with Ankara to reduce dependence on Moscow. A corridor is intended to help stimulate trade with Europe. Russia’s war against Ukraine is forcing Turkey into a balancing act. Because she wants to maintain a balance between Ukraine, which she sympathizes with, and Russia, which has effective leverage against Ankara with its energy supplies and the conflict over the Syrian province of Idlib. In Central Asia, however, the war also opens up opportunities for Turkey. Because there the states used the opportunity that Russia has to pool its energies in order to reduce its dependence on its overpowering neighbor, according to Ankara.”

At the end of March, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan agreed to expand bilateral cooperation during a visit to Uzbekistan. In May Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev traveled to Anakra with twelve ministers; to deepen economic and military cooperation as an alternative to the SCO and Russia’s military alliance, since Putin sent troops against the revolution in Kazakhstan to put down the uprising, but has also proclaimed that Kazakhstan was Russian, especially with a Russian population in the oil-rich areas and Tokayev probably wants to secure protection from Turkey against possible Russian Ukraine scenarios against Kazakhstan. In addition, it is planned to build a transport corridor between China via Central Asia, Turkey and Southeast Europe to Hungary, which connects China, the EU, Central Asia and Turkey, both in terms of energy policy through the construction of pipelines and in terms of trade through the construction of transport routes, infrastructure and logistics. Putin-Russia is thus to be bypassed, with the question remaining as to whether the EU will not get into the next dependency on Erdogan-Turkey, which is spreading its neo-Ottoman empire from Africa via the Greater Middle East with the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and other Islamists, well also wants to spread to Central Asia and the Caucasus, wants to cancel the Lausanne treaty regarding Greece and has already announced the conquest of Rhodes and Atos together with the Docades Islands and  opposes Finland and Sweden’s NATO membership. Whereby the Gray Wolves/ the MHP of Turkes` successor Bahceli is the catalyst. Bahceli also called for Turkey’s withdrawal from NATO and, alternatively, for a military alliance between Muslim and, in some cases, Arab states with Turkey. Furthermore, the reconquest of the Aegean Islands. But it’s not just Bahceli who has big plans alongside Erdogan, but also former secular Turkish military leaders who seemingly want to revive then-President Özals‘ pan-Turkism:

„Debate in Turkey: Erdogan’s former admiral wants an army of the Turkic peoples

Turkey is challenged in Central Asia by Russia and China. A confidant of Erdogan is in favor of building up an army for the Turkic peoples. The proposal caused a stir. Turkey is listening to the powerful voice of former admiral Cihat Yayci. For Yayci was the celebrated creator of the “Blue Fatherland” doctrine, which underlies Ankara’s aggressive policies in the eastern Mediterranean. This doctrine declares parts of the Mediterranean, Aegean and Black Seas, which are assigned to other states under international law, to be Turkish maritime sovereignty. In recent years, it has become the official policy of President Tayyip Erdogan’s government. Yayci is one of Turkey’s most important strategic thinkers, and his statements carry weight. An interview by Yayci, who retired from military service two years ago and has taken over the management of a think tank, is now causing a stir. In the conversation, he commented on the consequences of the unrest in Kazakhstan for Turkey and spoke primarily about their suppression. In a long interview with the Islamist-nationalist daily newspaper Yeni Akit, he called for all Turkic states to set up an army so that they could take care of their own security. He calls them the „Turan Army“ after the mythical homeland of the Turkic peoples. His demand was triggered by the fact that the troops of the Russian-led Collective Security Treaty Organization (ODKB/CSTO), which put down the unrest, also include Armenian units. This is a development from which the entire Turkish world should learn lessons.”

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