Claudia Roth with War drums- a good instrument for militarization

Claudia Roth with War drums- a good instrument for militarization

War drums and drums could become a musical instrument to promote militarization, to get armies march to the drum of the music, to combine it with it, but in legions and march formations. Well many military music bands are just doing that. Just Scottland The Brave performed by a military band where drums and bag pipes and marches and discipline are equally important:

But the original war drummer doesn´t stand out and doesn´t get the main attraction. His playing is integrated in the bag pipes and the march. No war drummer who leads the march. Embedded at best.

However, it is interesting that the so called civil society is creating its own war drums where the war drummer stands out as he/she dominates the performance. Here two examples:

Finland and Sweden want to join NATO – they already have the right marching music – that’s how you could interpret the music video clip by the Swedish gothic band Kent „Da som Nu För Alltid“. In addition, with the war drummer in the procession of the lemmings also “feminist foreign policy”. Pippi becomes militant. But the beat of the wardrums unites the nation and creates a mass movement:

A nother example of which makes the war beat is the Song by Heid Brühl „100 men and one order“ („!00 Mann und ein Befehl“. A song which only has the war drum which symbolizes the unquestionable order, while Heide Brühl is ambivalent and leaves to her audience, if they perceive this as questionable or as the war drum which unites all classes, laxers the nation or the Volksgemeinschaft.

Another example for the input of wardrums is this video of a Scottish revival group „Clanadio“ of drummers. The leader, a ZZtop guy who seems to be interested in the sound wants a relaxed interpretation of the w arrior-like Scottland The Brave with a little bit soul and blues and just for fun. But Scotland The Brave as the Flower of Scottland is a patriotic and also a military song which remembers old battles and therefore future battles and wars and is not neutral. The guy to his left seems more a creature of a  Medieval revival group, but the guy to his right is the real war drummer which then is leading the war drums in a perfect military interpretation while the two bagpipers join him. The wardrum Enimem and 8 miles out.

However. Let´s wait when the Bundeswehr military band is also engaging outstanding war drummers or maybe Claudia Roth for her bellicist Green Party is hiring regional, diverse and female war drummers for the march against the authotarian East as music for the people. To counteract pacifist music like Biermann, Reinhard May, Nena, etc- Or better: Nena beating the war drums for or against  99 red balloons and like the Swdish Gothic band. Well Claudia Roth which in Clausewitz´s terms is the continuation of Nena in political terms, could join Nena as continuation of Claudia Roth in musical terms and if war drums are promoted, they both could be the continuation of war in a political and musical sense and distancing themselves from “rag pacifism” / “Lumpenpazifismus” (Sascha Lobo) against war fatigue and war laziness („Kriegsmüdigkeit“).Maybe then Claudia Roth hasn´t to make her yearly pilgramage to the Ride of the Valkyres in Bayreuth anymore and find a new version of her subtile cultural war readiness beyond Hitler´s Wagner. Of course the music for wars and conflict has changed. The US army liked during the Vietnam war and Apocalypse Now The Stones and the Ride of the Valkyres, the US army prefered the Bloodhoundgang during the Iraq war „The roof is on fire, burn motherfucker, burn“ and so on. Therefore it is interesting while the main music propaganda of the militaries is quiet mixed, that civil groups and the Scancinavian band Kent is making a revival of the war drummer.

War drummer
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