Against Western Defeatism – Letter to a Friend

Against Western Defeatism – Letter to a Friend

You criticize again and again that THE bad West “proselytizes” and so called „missionaries“ against the rest of the world with human rights and democracy, that the Germans once again heal the world with the German spirit,you don’t see any other forces there, suspect a vacuum that only the West wants to fill, but you seem never to have heard of Chinese, Russian, neo-Ottoman, Islamist proselytizing missions that don’t seem to exist at all, just trying to explain them as the former’s reaction, although they have been there before. Even beginning with Khomeini. The accusation was never that the Shah was too democratic, but not enough democratic and the West supported him in order to get an even more brutal expansionist Islamofascist dictatorship, which was the beginning of modern Islamism.

We should talk about so-called Eastern and Far Eastern missionary attempts, about Russian, Chinese, neo-Ottoman, Islamist, Iranian, etc. be it Russia’s 4th Rome, Novorussia and Eurasianism, China’s Great world community and with Russia multipolar world order that addresses  German sentiments for security and order and the Kantian world peace, including the Confucius Institute and the Chinese United Front, Ditib, Dialogue of Civilizations, etc. Now you may hear about it for the first time, since it never occurred to you as an argument, especially since some states make their proselytizing rather subtle and not so noisy like a Baerbock, whereby you should have realized, at the latest after Habeck’s visit to Qatar, to what extent the proselytizing idea of ​​feminist foreign policy is reaching its real political limits. The Iraq war and Libya were criminal, imperialist democratization wars according to their own understanding. One should only differentiate when one speaks of THE West: Germany and other European states were against it in both cases and Rumsfeld was not able to distinguish between old and new Europe (especially Eastern Europeans and the British) without a reason. At the moment it is about a world order claim by the main imperialists USA, Russia and China, including some regional powers such as Erdogan-Turkey, Iran and Saudi Arabia together with Qatar and the Gulf States, and within this also about a fight for human rights and liberal democracy, what even  John Mearsheimer points out, although he doesn´t like the idea of liberalism. That’s a difference if you’re still interested in democracy in your own country and think it’s worth defending. In addition, China, Russia, Erdogan, the Islamists mobilize and proselytize worldwide and you want to limit yourself provincially to a village, a holiday beach, a niche and Germany and indulge in cultivated niche neutralism and pacifism so as not to fall into Sascha Lobo’s dictum: Ragpacifism. Holidays on the North Sea, only Russian warships are not allowed to land, but otherwise the white flag is raised.

At the moment, in the fight for a new division of the world, it is again about the defense of democracy and human rights, since a Trump, Orban, AfD, a Front National Le Pens do not share these socalled Western value either. It is an outward and inward struggle at the same time, with the external forces promoting the forces of dillusion from within, as they see them as “useful idiots”. They believe that all the old liberals are only worth destroying and that under their rule they would come to a new world order and deals that would make the world more peaceful and orderly and everyone would be bigger and stronger in the process. The opposite will be the case, because as soon as the common main enemy of liberalism is gone, they will tear each other apart nationalistically.

This is an undeclared world war, both internally and externally, and at the moment it seems to be being waged in military terms only marginally at  the outer frontier, or threatened with it. And not only on the geographical fringes. Putin gave the Front National 40 million euros to get out of NATO and make the Frexit and thus smash the EU, he supports the AfD in hope of a Dexit after a Brexit and Lavrov welcomes the AfD for their new Russian Gauleitership over the then Russian AfD colony with a red carpet in the Kremlin, whereby it is interesting that both the AfD and the mainstream media, nor the so-called lying alternative media, never talk about the Dexiit of the AfD, which is now officially part of the election program, but only report something about hate speech and fake news. Alongside Kaczynskis, Putin, Xi, Trump, Erdogan and Orban want to destroy the EU, permanently ruin Germany in order to eliminate it as the central power in the EU, and permanently weaken or paralyze NATO. That’s why I’m now allergic to people who only blame the West for its mistakes, and there’s also a lot of German nationalism going on there, which has never forgiven the USA for having won the Second World War and who rave about a occupying power in Germany and BRD GmbH, however, ignore all the other actors mentioned in their stupid anti-Americanism, which then often results in anti-Semitism. Then also on BILD TV Sarah Wagenknecht in a trio with Gloria von Thurn und Taxis with Gazprom’s Schröder’s former press spokesman in the association that the Germans as a civilized people should unite with the Russians as a civilized people against the barbarian US cowboys, especially since the alleged princess also claims to be linked to Russian tsars through marriage and blood lines. Well, Gloria and BILD are the right representatives of German culture, only Ballermann and Layla are missing and Wagenknecht feels well understood by civilized people. Sometimes it seems to me that German history has taken a quantum leap from a nation of poets and thinkers ( Volk der Dichter und Denker) to a nation of judges and henchmen ( Volk der Richter und Henker)  to a nation of not non-crazy thinkers. ( Volk nicht ganz dichter Denker).

And to everyone: One may criticize the Israeli settlement policy, but the assassin militias of Erdogan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Iran in Syria, Iraq, Libya or Yemen with their hundreds of thousands of dead are never worth mentioning, even in comparison to the relatively harmless excesses of the Israelis which some lunatics compare to the Nazis and the SS.

One shouldn’t constantly criticize the Achilles heels of the so-called West if one wants to ignore or reinterpret the whole murderous massacres in the Greater Middle East and now also in Ukraine—preferably with Russia Today. Everything else is value relativism, weakness in geopolitical analysis, and defeatism. Actually, one would have to fight for a completely different society and world order, for which none of these great powers stand, be it the neoliberal-capitalist USA, the leader-capitalist-controlled oligarch system of Russia or China, but there is nothing in sight. That is why the only way out seems to be to speak out in favor of liberal democracy and a social market economy, which is now being increasingly dismantled and disavowed by its own representatives and not seen as a promise, not even as a promise of prosperity, but rather as the minor evil, if at all. What is not quite understood in all of this: It is not just about Ukraine, but about a fight for a new international multipolar world order, which is mainly being led by the USA, Russia and China and in which Europe and Asia as well as Africa and Latin America are the battlefields and bloodlands. This also became clear in Putin’s so-called Berlin peace speech in the German Bundestag in 2001, in which he demanded not only a Eurasian economic area, but also a unification of European and Russian defense potential, in short: a Eurasian military alliance against the USA, the dissolution of NATO. Many thought that this was not meant seriously and that Russia could not attack NATO militarily, but after Schröder’s Eurasian world policy, which brought Russia into the G8 and even wanted to bring China into a G9, the mood in the USA changed and Putin switvhed to an strategy of internal dissulusion and decomposition of NATO nad the EU and support for Trump, NIgel Farage, Orban, Le Pen, AfD, alternative media, etc. Obsolete NATO, Brexit, Frexit and then Dexit. Nobody took it seriously. Nor is Putin only concerned with Ukraine and Novorussia. Lavrov made that clear in his speech at the Munich Security Conference when he said that there will be no regional solutions as long as there is no new international security architecture like the Russian and Chinese multipolar world order, and that any peace solutions are only interim steps on the way to this goal. In short: Even if there is a much-demanded ceasefire in Ukraine or if Putin even gets some territory in Ukraine, this does not mean the end of the struggle for the new world order, but only the beginning. Especially since he is still hoping for Trump’s re-election or Le Pen’s election in France in the medium term.

The EU and NATO may be strong against external enemies at the moment, but not necessarily against internal enemies who cooperate with external ones. This is not the case for defense and externally Putin could also test this in the Baltic States, as Michael O Hannon’s book „The Senkaku Paradox- Great power wars on small stakes“ already describes. Or just Xi in the South or East China Sea or Taiwan. Especially since Xi gave Putin the green light for the Ukraine war during the Winter Olympics, but only miscalculated like Putin, since both believed that this would be a blitzkrieg that would shake NATO and the EU and thus the West in the long term and leave them standing there helpless. First of all, a miscalculation and Xi acts as if he never knew anything about it and all Sinophile China experts still believe him. So much for the plain text about people who only ever criticize THE West. There is a lot to criticize, especially since the capitalist system has its own contradictions, but as long as there is no other real alternative, this remains worth defending as the minor evil for the time being. If this also fails, one really has to think about a planned economy with rationing and eco-dictatorship, when the market and freedom of the West as well as the economic growth dictatorships of the East could no longer prevent the climate catastrophe and other crises. But maybe then anyway: Game over!

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