Narrative warfare: The Resource Empire, Lukashenkov’s nuclear war threat and Putin’s sleepers

Narrative warfare: The Resource Empire, Lukashenkov’s nuclear war threat and Putin’s sleepers

In narrative warfare, attempts are made to manipulate Global Review with different information, or to feed it or not to feed it. For example, while an interview about the new NATO strategy was withdrawn by a leading German NATO general because he did not want to provide Putin with a propaganda template because of the paper’s lack of strategic capability, which is at best a minimal consensus, the (former) Putin and Gazprom advisor Dr. Rahr sent us  three articles. On the one hand, he pointed out that the USA is highly dependent on Russian uranium supplies and an embargo in this direction could trigger a serious energy or at least electricity crisis in the USA. This has now also been discovered by SPIEGEL, albeit more as an argument against nuclear power than against Russia than the headline suggests:

„Russia could inflict significant pain on the US“

The prices for fossil fuels are rising and rising – that makes nuclear power a reliable alternative. But the impression is deceptive: Russia controls almost 50 percent of the market.

In any case, Putin and Rahr’s narrative is that of a „Resource Empire“ as the only viable option for Russia. Since Russia has a lot of strategic raw materials, oil and gas, as well as food production and uranium, these are growing due to the climate catastrophe and the melting of the Arctic and the Resource Empire is becoming more powerful, as it is a „Resource Empire“ and the largest global country (Unsaid: with a rapidly declining population), it does not need any modernization of its economy like Kudrin or Khodorkowsky’s „Leap Frogging“ or even the Russian society (since Putin and Rahr see themselves  even as pioneers in terms of value conservatism and fascism with the Front National, Orban and AfD for Europe that could smasch the EU in order to free the Europeans from the liberal-democratic grip of the USA, especially with Trump) and without all the LGBTIQ-eco-hippie-hype and whistles, which is the same for these people and they can only imagine ecological cooperation for Russia and Gazprom, which supplies gas for blue and not green hydrogen, and that Siberian forests are reforested by means of EU funds, otherwise only the darkest soil and testicle and clod mythology like Karaganow and Dugin. At the same time, Dr. Rahr also agrees again that Putin will scrap Russia in such a way that it will only be a tribute state to China in what will then be a Sinocentric, multipolar world. As a Eurasian, you could still see this as a contribution to world peace and still hope for India, but certainly not from a Russian perspective, in which Russia will only be a supplier of raw materials and an appendage of China in the event of population extinction and nuclear weapons, i.e. at best the State Wagner for China against the USA.

Also, an article that the dictator of Belarus is now arming his fighter planes with Russian nuclear weapons and threatening the West with nuclear strikes—this is from the indicative Z Live News—Z for victory and propaganda symbol of the criminal Russian war (not to be confused with ZZ Top) that is now also used in Russian kindergartens and schools for the military training of young Russians so that they can fill up the emptying ranks of soldiers as a result of the bloody losses in the Ukraine war in the medium and long term, which are currently being filled more and more with Assads`” mercenaries , North Koreans, Chechens and Central Asian „volunteers“. especially since after Putin’s decision to increase the strength of the Russian army by 130,000 soldiers instead of openly declaring a general mobilization, it clearly indicates that he is aiming for a long war, and not only in Ukraine.

“Lukashenko threatens West with nuclear strike: “Everything is ready

Belarusian ruler Alexander Lukashenko has threatened the West with nuclear strikes. This was reported by the state news agency BelTA last Friday. Specifically, Lukashenko warned the West against further “provocations”. He reiterated that Belarus is ready to respond to „threats“ from the West. Lukashenko also brought nuclear strikes into play. „They in the West should understand that no helicopters and planes will save them if they decide to further escalate the situation.“ The Belarusian ruler referred to an agreement with Putin. „We had issued a joint statement that we would convert Belarusian Su-24 aircraft to carry nuclear explosive devices. Do you think that was bullshit? Everything is ready!““

In addition, Dr. Rahr wrote: “Several camouflaged sleepers (camouflaged agents) of Russia are said to be abroad. With 2.5 million Russians or ex-Soviet citizens in Germany alone, that’s like looking for a needle in a haystack for the Office for Protection of the Constitution (Verfassungsschutz).”

 In addition. Lukashenkov’s threat that he now has nuclear weapons and wants to use them against the West and NATO is pretty much a zero threat. For one thing, Belarus has no nuclear weapons, as with US nuclear weapons in the West, these are under Russian command at best under a two-key system, still need authorization from Putin, which is why he would also be held responsible for any nuclear attack on the West, insofar as he does not spend nuclear weapons to Belarus  andBelarus  declares itself a nuclear power, which is very unlikely. Any nuclear attack by Belarus against NATO would be seen as Putin’s nuclear attack, also against Ukraine and, in the former case, would also be answered with nuclear weapons. Alas, this ridiculous “threat” does not invalidate NATO’s nuclear deterrence. In short: using the A-word again and again slowly wears out and no longer has any effect.

Although there are many Russian-Germans in Germany (as well as Muslims), most of them are not suicide bombers, but at best vote for AfD or take part in one of their announced demos for the “hot autumn”. The FSB probably also smuggled in so-called sleepers. But whether they can paralyze Germany or the West by means of acts of sabotage and attacks is questionable, especially since not only the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, but also the entire intelligence services of NATO and beyond send information and work together, and are also experienced in stay-behind and Gladio matters And such reports underestimate Western intelligence capabilities somewhat aand try to portray them as being defenseless. Moreover, if such thugs ansd sleepers took action, it could even trigger a 9 11 effect against Putin and bring the West even closer together. And if one were to believe the official Russian propaganda surrounding the Dugin assassination attempt, Putin should be more concerned about Western and Ukrainian sleepers in Russia, especially since there are said to be 1.5 million Ukrainians living in Russia whose children are being forcibly adopted in order to Russify them .And then hundreds of thousands and millions of Caucasians, Chechens and Central Asians are living in Russia. FSB- take care of yourself!

Our recommendation to Dr. Rahr, insofar as he is available for such suggestions, but also to other Russians inside and outside of Russia:

„Slowly detach yourself from the concept of the Resource Empire and look for a synthesis between the ideas of Kudrin or Khodorkowsky’s Leap Frogging. And also a solution to what you call the value conservatism, which, like the national conservatives of the Weimar Republic, has gone over to fascism and criminal aggression. That mad national conservatism, that so-called value conservatism, which posed as the 4th Rome to “liberate” Europe from liberalism. Russia has to get away from the Resource Empire, away from this kind of value conservatism, towards a Russian liberalism and economic model, if not western, at least towards a new synthesis of a Russian liberalism and economic development path. All clinging to this war of plunder, the Resource Empire and the previous value conservatism, which is now fascism, inevitably leads to Russia becoming a tributary state of China and a state Wagner. We don’t know where you stand. Putin is clearly showing that he wants to wage a long-term war in Ukraine and against the West by increasing Russia’s armed forces by 130,000 troops (if he can get them together). The US, UK and the Eastern Europeans want the same. Nothing can be done with Putin. But your task could be to come up with a successor concept (not Glazyev and EAEU under the Russian world and Novorussia) that brings together frustrated siloviki and Russians who stayed at home, as well as the opposition in exile. Preferably via a synthesis that brings together Kudrin’s and Khodorkowsky’s ideas, since the Chinese way of the world’s low-wage country and workbench of the world at the time would be just as much a dead end as the Resource Empire is. An original intermediate synthesis that does not shock Russia away from the Resource Empire, but can bring about a continuous, gradual change towards a modern and more liberal society. No shocks like the 100-day crash program from Sachs under Yeltsin, no new Wild East like in the 90s, but also not the stagnation and expansion and aggression like under Putin. A new development model that will allow the Russians and the West to cooperate peacefully, although the really hard thing will be to reduce the power of the oligarchs and siloviki and to control them democratically. In terms of economic policy, the transformation is more gradual, like China has done: first pilot projects and start-ups, which are then gradually expanded across the whole country if they are successful. But sticking to the Resource Empire and “value conservatism” is a dead end and will only make Russia a tributary state and state wagner of China. The LGBTIQ question should not be the focus of either the liberal or the conservative side. Sole toleration would be enough. But to pretend that Russia or the world would perish because of gender issues or (Russia’s) problems with homosexuality and could only be solved by means of the moral concepts of the Russian-Orthodox Church – this can no longer be allowed to happen.

Russia was and has always been important to us, also as part of the European continent, even if many parts are in Asia and that is why Eurasianism was able to develop in such a way. Up to the point that with this fixation, the smaller ex-Soviet states are left out of the equation, or the Ukraine. One can be thankful to the much-maligned Melnyk that he spoke plainly and polarized and thus initiated a kind of rethinking in Germany. But the Eastern European states were only able to understand Russian imperialism so well because they themselves, like Putin, thought “conservative of values” structurally and like Mearheimer or Bzrezinski and, like Orban, Melnyk who is praising the fascist Azov regiments and downplaying the Holocaust or the PiS in Poland have this authoritarianism and nationalism in their national gene, as they now accuse the Russians of having it in their „gen“. They know each other best – from nationalism to „value conservatism“, to militarism and homophobia – as opposed to these liberal, more pacifist Western Europeans. Since they don’t have nuclear weapons and sit on the UN Security Council like their brother Abel Russia, the Eastern European nationalists have to hold back on their own aggression, but they are making more decisive progress in the Ukraine war in NATO and the EU compared to the rest of Europe – Rumsfeld would say Old and New Europe. And that is not only due to the geographical proximity.

But Russia’s current path, this criminal war of aggression against Ukraine, the entire concept of Novorussia and the multipolar world including the Resource Empire must either be restricted by force of arms or bring about a regime change, at least Putin’s fall and Putin’s Russia must also be thoroughly reformed by the Russians themselves , since neither the USA can conquer it nor the Ukrainians, as the USA did in Germany and Japan, including all reeducation. The current path of resource empire, value conservatism and war of aggression is a total dead end and even a Eurasia ideologue like the chief ideologue of the Russian Asian Pivot Karaganow only wanted a turn to Asia and China, in order to reunite with Europe and the West in the supposed new Russian strength that would result from this and to face West and the USA at eye level. But the trend is towards a Russian tribute state to China and a Chinese State Wagner. It would also be interesting to know what John Mearsheimer and his offensive realism have to say about this, who assumed that Putin and Russia would switch back to the West if China gained too much power. Apparently, however, the trend is going in the other direction and Putin is apparently ready to become a tribute state to China in order to maintain his own power. It’s not just about a short-term ceasefire or the formation of new blocs for a new Cold War, but also about Russia remaining a part of Europe. But that is not feasible with Putin, his siloviki, other Russian elites and his power premises, not even without Putin, if this Russian neo-imperialism continues to exist structurally in a gentler form and can then radicalize itself again, not even without a historical review of Russian history, inclusive precisely the crimes against the Ukrainians and also reparations for this predatory war. Our approach, which does not seperate Russia from Western civilization, is far more dangerous for Russia bashers than any legitimate Putin bashing.”

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