Medjedew, Albert Speer and the total war

Medjedew, Albert Speer and the total war

Former Putin and Gazprom adviser Dr. Sasha Rahr just wrote to me about Medjedew´s s 2023 prognoes (Decline und bankruptcy of the West) and pointed out that Medjedew is the brain of the National Security Council:

“Medjedew has made a forecast for 2023 that has it all. Musk becomes US President, civil war and state collapse in the US, collapse of the EU, withdrawal of Brexit, Berlin creates the Fourth Reich with the Eastern Europeans, war Germany-France, oil prices and gas prices up – Russia becomes an energy superpower“.

That’s probably all that confused drivel and purposeful wishful thinking in view of Russia’s own desolate situation, especially since Musk wasn’t born in the USA and therefore can’t become US President. At least not the usual Armageddon stories. This confusing drivel is probably intended to mean that Medjedev hopes, in the face of equally radical and confusing commentators on Russia’s decline, to be able to position himself as an alternative and to create hope.

However, Medjedew is just an opportunist,  now in charge of organising and financing the Russian armanents industry and maybe also a general mobilisation and maybe the transition to a pure war economy. My guess was that Glasjew was the new Russian Albert Speer, but now it seems that Medjedew will be hyped to this position ,If he can manage it like Speer. Medjewdew in the past was the Western hope of a moderate, liberal Russian leader who would replace Putin, his neoauthotarian tendencies, would emancipate fro his former leader  and democratize Russia. One of the biggest errors, but Medjedew has now to terminate his old credentials as a moderate and liberal by overcompensation it as a new radical., also to counter the Chef and cook of the Wagner group, Kadyrov or other silowiki and nationalist hard liners. However  ,the Russian economy will be –step by step or over night- – transformed  in a war economy we don´t know yet and former German military general as Ludendorf always saw the war economy of the Bolsheviks as role model which Putin may prefer. As Ludendorf  described it in his book „Total war“ general mobilization, militarization of the whole society and economy was needed, and “total war“ became also later the catch phrase of Goebbels for a unlimited people’s war as portrayed in the movie „Kohlberg“. Ludendorff as leading military next to Hindenburg saw the chief organizer für raw materials and logistics in the German military AEG-Rathenau as traitor of the total war with his international bank connections overseas, as Jew, as civilian and he became his main enemy and explanation, that German military allegedly  didn’t loose the world war on the battlefield, but because of an alleged conspiracy of international forces, Jews, Christians, the Vatican and Free Masons. Today it woud be Bill Gates, George Soros or alien reptiloids. International forces against the real national hard core which otherwise would have won the world war on the battlefield.  Rathenau then was murdered during the Weimar Republic. However ,I don’t know If Medjedew wants to organize the Russian war economy the Rathenau/Schacht/Speer way or is competent for that. However, Hjalmar Schacht as Hitler’s financial bank adviser how to organize and finance a war of aggression and as former chief of the Dresdner Bank and the Central Bank tried make Hitler clear that the German Reich was exhausted financially and that the last desperate option were the Mefo credits , junk papers which wouldn’t last very long before officially declaring bankruptcy. Schacht was fired, Hitler who said that Germany should be ready for war in 1940, started the war in 1939 because the Mefo credits ran out and he choose Albert Speer as the German Medjedew. However today we have nuclear weapons and other means of mass destruction, also from cyber space to space, economic warfare and hybrid warfare, but the tendency of the Chinese- Russian conflict is that both sides will transform gradually and maybe even dramatically in a open war economy. However, Russian hopes are, that Putin will get enough resources with his Resource Empire in Asia, try to build an anti- US- dollar Eurasian financial system which can prevent SWIFT and other financial and economic sanctions. , somehow get the lacking technology from China or India or a third party. It remains to be seen if Medjedew will be the new Albert Speer or the next Hjalmar Schacht. And even then, you can loose a war like the Germans nationalists and fascists did in WW1 and WW2. But Putin already pointed out, that the 99% of the Russian people were eager to sacrifice everything. This sounds more like Ludendorff´s “Total war” and Goebbel`s total people´s war.

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