(Political) Correctiv reveals: Young Leaders and Leaders made drunk by Russians

(Political) Correctiv reveals: Young Leaders and Leaders made drunk by Russians

As part of the turning point (Zeitenwende) , the rejection the old Ostpolitik, Realpolitik and uncovering Russian infiltration and lobby groups, the politically correct Corrective now comes up with new  investigative story, this time specifically about the so-called Young Leadership Programs of the German-Russian lobby groups, wjich were made drunk by the Russians which organized orgies for them:

. “Vodka, Scholz and Gazprom

So young lobbyists celebrated good business with Russia – and fueled the gas dependency. They let it rip, including white rabbits, dirndls and Stalin doubles: Sponsored by everything from Gazprom to Porsche, a new generation of the German-Russian business lobby celebrated. What apparently nobody wanted to notice during the party frenzy: The meetings of the „German-Russian Young Leaders“ primarily served gas and industrial business. Olaf Scholz also let himself be clamped. Research in cooperation with Policy Network Analytics „

These young leaders, who would never take part in an ordinary youth exchange, since this is in their view for ordinary people and the mob and plebs, are in any case a quite elitist, opportunistic, career-conscious people who also like to show up at universities with diplomatic cases, adoring all symbols of power and wanting to have them , or serving and climbing to the top of any party or front organization and wanting to leapfrog the carreer ladder even by mobbing and intrigues and anyway believe they are predestined for true leadership, especially since they also serve the established mainstream ideologies in a streamlined, but “young, modern” manner.

In the happiest and best case, such creatures and young talents will be created as Philip Amthor, who is also satirized by satirists as the oldest person in a young body and is more reminiscent of the fictional character Alfred E. Neumann of the former satirical magazine MAD:


However, this type of person or the policy is not the object of Correctiv’s criticism, but that some Young leaders (which by the way were often older) behaved hedonistic and excessive in orgies, the Russians even made the Germans drunk and intoxicated them and that those party animals now woke up with a real hangover. Especially since this sort of entertainment (Let me entertain you!) was often also tax deductible from the tax office under balance sheet items such as advertising expenses, PR costs, business meals or other things in order to promote world trade and world peace, national economic power and its prosperity and is not just a Russian invention. But in times of crisis, more people look at the petty cash and the penny, for what and who you spend it on and in times of war from whom you take what and not only investment monitoring is demanded. But that includes not only the young leaders, but also the older ones, including the current Federal Chancellor Scholz, and how the Arab oil sheikhs and German-Arab societies manage that kind of friendship and hospitality. is imaginable, but not reported so extenxive, even during the Olympics in Qatar some details were mentioned. But accoding to Correctiv that includes not only the young leaders, but also the older ones, including the current Chancellor Scholz.

Adenauer already knew that the Russians drink and party passionately during his first visit to Moscow, where he tried to neutralize long nights of negotiations with lots of vodka by drinking  liters of olive oil so as not to be drunk under the table and ripped off. Brezhnev also drank the red wine glass at the reception at Willy Brand at one sip, especially since Willy was not averse to the women, vodka and brandy wine and a good part of the German Ostpolitik and Russophilia was also due to the then international spriti of peoples understanding and internationalism by  fun drinking, as was also the case on television with Werner Höfer’s international Morning Pint (Internationaler Frühschoppen) on ARD by the „Old School-Macho-Gentlemen“ (Alice Schwarzer) smoking and drinking at prime time. Even with the most rudimentary Russian language skills (Druschba, Nastrowje, Towaritsch and Mir) it was possible to celebrate excessively peaceful coexistence and international friendship with a vodka and a few more. With Yeltsin, you could see this in Kohl’s drunken, funny dance-bear interludes and often slurred press releases in front of the camera, although sometimes doubts arose as to whether the good, impulsive and always blue, Slav-soulish  Boris should be given the nuclear suitcase without hesitation. Alongside Gorbachev, Putin was apparently the first sober Russian president, but perhaps also the only sober Russian. While the sober Gorbi destroyed the Soviet Union, the sober Putin now wants to resurrect it in a new form as the Russian world. It didn’t help either, especially since he now behaves like a drunk, aggressive prol thug or a drained alcoholic in withdrawal delirium. In any case, the frenzy of globalization and Ostpolitik is over now, at the latest with the Ukraine war.

These Young Leadership programs have existed before in different ways. One can imagine that the Russians also entertained the younger Trump when he was in Moscow. Vodka, Russian Stormy Daniels (according to Al Jazzerra, Stormy Daniels is also not a porn star but an „adult film actress“ and for the US feminist and Democrat Gayle Tuft a „fighting woman“ who now opples the angry white man Trump for his sexism in the bus interview: „Pussy fights back!“ ) and the whole thing was probably tapped on KGB videos. As the Stasi did with so many Western business men with prostitutes on the sidelines of the Leipzig and other trade fairs, or this is also done with Taiwanese businessmen in China. There are probably entire porn film collections in the secret service archives with the associated potential for blackmail.

But in the case of transatlantic lobby organizations, instead of vodka, prostitutes, Havana cigars, gifts, McKinsey and KGB, it is whiskey, Havana cigars (alternatively also Cohiba), gifts, McKinsey and CIA and then everything is recorded by the CIA and by a broad target group, it should also be like US high school students like during the spring break parties in Florida. How do the South Koreans, Chinese and Indians entertain their guests and promote friednship? Will it stop at eating kimchi or will there be K-pop, Bollywood and karaoke orgies?

 Global Review also asked Dr. Alexander Rahr, who is perceived by the Ukrainian propaganda organization Underdog Ukrainians as „Putin’s voice in Germany“ and as such a networker,what actually happened to the very busy Baron Bossner, who worked in Berlin:

“Does the busy Berlin Russian baron Bossner, who officially trades in Caribbean cigars and rum, but was accused by Bellingcat of dealing in cocaine and weapons, organize such lavish festivals in addition to cultural and literary events? Think of the picture of him, you and Sahra Wagenknecht in the red-light salon. But Sahra and lavish orgy? Probably not!“

Dr Rahr said: „The Baron has retired. No contact. Maybe he lives in Spain now. Will definitely show up again“

Konstantin Loskutnikov (Bossner), Alexander Rahr, and Sahra Wagenknecht (Die Linke)


It’s true, because Bossner gives the impression of a power-hungry hedonist and a stand-up man who doesn’t gives up in any crisis.  

Dr Rahr added: „We’ve all celebrated far too many lavish parties. Now we suffer from the hangover afterwards.”

 Yes, but above all from a political hangover after a frenzy of Ostpolitik, Realpolitik and neoliberal globalization, which is now called the turning point (Zeitenwende). Only the Greens stayed sober, so to speak, and didn’t get involved in these German-Russian leadership programs and lobby organizations. In addition, in the transatlantic leadership programs, they weren’t the lavish orgy party animals, if you look at figures like Cem Özdemir or Kathi Schulze, who are more likely to drink mineral water and let themselves be intoxicated and drunk by woken ideals of democracy and American political correctness puritanism. In any case, it remains to be seen whether in times of the new US prohibition and puritanism and post-heroic drinking of mineral water such lavish celebrations are still so contemporary since masculinity is no longer defined with the ability to drink, but is seen as “toxic masculinity” and IQ/intelligence, strength of character and morality in liters of mineral water, smoothies, Red Bull energy drinks, mallow teas or oat milk consumed is meticulously measured and statistically recorded with a health bracelet and the associated fitness app, along with athletic performance. The party is over, maybe the game is over too, but young leaders and this type of person will probably continue to exist and all the networking stuff and their drug is hunger for power and positions which leads some of them to hybris.

But there is still hope as former NATO general Domroese jr. wrote us
“ …I recently gave a lecture at YOUNG PRESIDENTS in Hamburg. All around 40+, CEO or owner, all academics. Interested, probably out of concern that the Russian war might come to Germany…. Good drinks but NOBODY DRUNK.”

Yes, this is apparently a new generation of young leaders. While the Yuppie and Wolves of Wall Street generation in the neoliberal era of young Trump, Hayek and Reagan watched Dallas and Denver Clan, in Germany on state televison, they today watch „House of Cards “ or“Squid Games“ on Netflix or Amazon in a 24/7 rythm like sexoholics watch porn films on Netflix and Amazon. Sex and drugs and Rock´n Roll is not alcohol, Marijuhana, LSD anymore. If they consume anything at all except luxurary brand products and status symbols of power and megawealth, then it are performance-enhancing Wolves of Wall Street- and yuppie drugs such as cocaine, Viagra or amphetamines, which have already served the Wehrmacht and the US Army well, especially since they are also supposed to explain part of the Asian economic miracle or ecstasy, which they still know from their love parade and fun society times of the 90s, in which they were socialized, but no alcohol or hippie weed like the self-confessed young marijuhana smoker Bill Clinton, which only makes you relaxed, laid back, stoned and passively peaceful. In addition, since the MK Ultra experiments of the CIA and the Pentagon, LSD has turned out to be rather fatally destructive for the combat readiness and fighting spirit of the military and the increase in performance, as is the subject of the film „Jacob’s Ladder“, Steel thunderstorms/Stahlgewitter. Ernst Jünger also visited Hoffmann and comsumed LSD more because of the borderline experience like the drug pope Timothy O Leary, who was more concerned with life-philosophical self-knowledge and hoped for- psychodelic expandion of consciousness. The latter therefore today is perceived lethargic looser stuff and nothing for real winners, at best something for creative culture people and artists. And maybe in this context Dr. Rahr’s Russian baron Bossner returns to Berlin, insofar as Bellingcat’s cocaine story is true or he had not already supplied the metropolitan elites and young leaders with non-alcoholic Winner luxury goods. The video from Marteria is also interesting for this change of lifestyle and is therefore recommended here as illustration:

All Dr. Alban and No Coke is useless in this context:

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