ESC in Exile, Selensky’s Eurotour, Ukraine offensive and Putin as Lord of the Lost?

ESC in Exile, Selensky’s Eurotour, Ukraine offensive and Putin as Lord of the Lost?

The European Song Contest (ESC), which was actually supposed to be held in last year’s winning country, ie in the Ukraine, ideally in Kiev or Mariupol, has now been held in the UK in Liverpool. Proposals to let Selensky give a speech at the ESC as well as naming it „ESC in Exile“ were rejected because it was too political. Nevertheless, at this Euro spectacle, in which Israel and Australia also take part as part of Europe, the stage shows give more than the actual music, but there was enough Ukrainian blue and yellow, especially since the Croatian band with their song SC, with war images displayed on the screen, is a parody of the Ess title and opportunism. But not just a stage show competition or song contest, but also political because the two new NATO members and aspirants Sweden and Finland decided the contest beyond any musical qualities among themselves and the Eastern Europeans and Northern Europeans chose them along with other Europeans as the winner and winning duo. The Germans with their cheap copy of the former ESC winner Lordie as Lord of the Lost once again kept what the name promised programmatically as a looser band and once again took the last subscribed place, which now triggers heated discussions in Germany up to the eternally young and apparently important Thomas Gottschalk, who demands sanctions.

But for Selensky there are more important things than the ESC, as he is currently on a weapons procurement tour through Europe – from Italy, Vatican City, Germany and France and especially invited to the symbolic award of the European Charlemagne Prize in Aachen, where he gave a speech in which rehablitated  the of his former Ambassador Melnyk scolded Scholz  and claimed that he was now a good guy and had now completed the Zeitenwende/turning point. Accordingly, Scholz and the Germans were also donating an arms package worth 3 billion euros, which puts all previous arms delivery volumes in the shade – with the exception of the USA and GB, who are generous in higher-digit sums. Yes. Packages of weapons from Leo 1, light tanks, ammunition to howitzers from France, Italy and France, Shadow mssiles and drones from GB, but the Polish-Dutch fighter jet initiative including the F16 has become silent, although the much-awaited offensive of the Ukrainians is now imminent and that at the symbolic frontline town Bachmuth, the struggling Wagner boss Prigoschin is behaving more and more desperately and has even publicly called Putin an “ass fiddle”. But as a reading tip, the Washington Post. Referring to the leaked US documents, Selensky is described as dangerous, Janus-faced and with a hidden agenda, since he also wanted to wage war against Russia and involve NATO, which probably shows that there are also forces in the USA that are don’t want to stretch the arms delivery ranges too far.

“Zelensky, in private, plots bold attacks inside Russia, leak shows

THE DISCORD LEAKS | U.S. intercepts reveal the Ukrainian’s leader’s aggressive instincts, a marked contrast to his public-facing image as the stoic statesman weathering Russia’s brutal onslaught

By John Hudson and  Isabelle Khurshudyan

May 13, 2023 at 3:13 p.m. EDT

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has won the trust of Western governments by refusing to use the weapons they provide for attacks inside Russia and prioritizing the targeting of Russian forces inside Ukraine’s borders.

But behind closed doors, Ukraine’s leader has proposed going in a more audacious direction — occupying Russian villages to gain leverage over Moscow, bombing a pipeline that transfers Russian oil to Hungary, a NATO member, and privately pining for long-range missiles to hit targets inside Russia’s borders, according to classified U.S. intelligence documents detailing his internal communications with top aides and military leaders.

The documents, which have not been previously disclosed, are part of a broader leak of U.S. secrets circulated on the Discord messaging platform and obtained by The Washington Post. They reveal a leader with aggressive instincts that sharply contrast with his public-facing image as the calm and stoic statesman weathering Russia’s brutal onslaught. The insights were gleaned through intercepted digital communications, providing a rare look at Zelensky’s deliberations amid Russian missile barrages, infrastructure attacks and war crimes.

The Pentagon, where senior U.S. military leaders were briefed on the matters outlined in the leaked documents, did not dispute the authenticity of the materials.

At the very least, ex-NATO SACEUR Ben Hodges could now see himself correct with his prognosis for Crimea, as he said it could be conquered by August, at which caused Global Review to bet a bottle of whiskey against it. With the shadows and drones from GB, this might still be possible, since you can now attack and eliminate Russian lines of communication and supply with long-range weapons far behind the previously accessible front lines. In the worst or best case, you still have to find out which whiskey brand is preferred by Ben Hodges and, in view of possible Russian reactions, recommend: Fasten your seat belts!!!! Then it will become clear whether Putin wants to be the Lord of the Lost like the Germans at the ESC. Selensky was also quite pathetic during the Charlemagne Prize speech: With the victory in the Ukraine war, Europe would become a unit again and then in the future with Ukraine a superpower. To quote Martin Luther King Jr.: I have a dream.

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