What if: „Escalate to deescalate“- Limited conventional military strike by Putin on a NATO state or Germany if Russian territory is attacked with Taurus?

What if: „Escalate to deescalate“- Limited conventional military strike by Putin on a NATO state or Germany if Russian territory is attacked with Taurus?

Not just hypothetically: The F16 round is fine and the Germans deliver the Taurus cruise missiles, the Ukrainians then fire at Russian territory against all agreements, or announce that this was a accidental shot or Russian propaganda and false flags or just do this with tacit approval from Truss- and Masala-like forces in the West to test how the USA and NATO and Russia react to it, besides the already eisting unofficial small-scale war on Russian territory by means of drone attacks, even over the Kremlin and by means of Russian partisans under the leadership of real Russian Nazis like „White Alex“ Kapsutsin who lived most of his time in Germany? Here is a mainstream German Putin source that serves his narrative – Focus: „Denis Kapustin: The neo-Nazi who wants to bring Putin’s war back to Russia“


Vlasov 2.0? Well, one can say with FJ Strauss: „One mustn’t hesitate to use auxiliary troops“, but they often get out of hand, literally blow up or are part of a destabilization strategy, as he and the NATO Gladio with their support of fascists and military sports groups at the Oktoberfest massacre and the train attack near Bologna as well as other acts of terrorism experienced that cost Strauss the chancellorship in 1980, although he wanted to channel the trail to the KGB and the Stasi and left-wing radicals, including attacks on the Ostpolitik of the SPD , which did not succeed, however, because the Munich journalist Ulrich Chaussy, Walraff and the Langemann affair researched the real background, although they were never able to prove it and as a result of the cover-up there was only talk of a single assassin and a hand of a possible other assasin at the Octobre massacre disappeared from the evidence room and reports were shattered, as was later the case with the Office for the Protection of the Constitution and the NSU.

Ukrainian nationalism and Ukrainian fascism is still virulent despite Selensky’s PR show of democracy, LGBTIQ support and anti-corruption efforts with which he wants to make himself the democratic liberal pin up poster boy for the sake of a hoped-for EU and NATO membership, but Bandera admirer and former Ukrainian ambassador to Germany Melnyk and the extensive Banderra worship in the Ukraine is still clearly showing the post- war Ukraine and after the end of the Ukraine war democratic EU people will still have a lot of fun with Ukrainian nationalists and fascists, like with the Polish and Hungarian nationalists like Orban-Hungary or PiS-Poland. Luckily Erdogan is not in the EU, but in NATO .

What to do if the Ukrainians still fire at Russian territory with the Taurus or other supplied rockets and cruise missiles? Saying: In life, in life some shots go wrong and shit happens? Please no more or again, or if Russia doesn’t react to this either, to say: Maybe there’s more we can do and have the next  try? Now I do not believe that in this case there will be a nuclear attack, World War III or the Cuban Missile Crisis on the part of Russia. But Putin could then no longer limit himself to Ukraine as an example, but carry out a limited strike on the supply lines or a target in a NATO country with a conventionally equipped missile or cruise missile, in the safe knowledge that the USA and NATO in this case would not escalate either, certainly not with nuclear weapons. If I were Putin, I would fire a warning shot like this to make it clear that the USA and NATO are gradually crossing a red line with this dissolution of escalation broders and that the Ukrainians must seriously limit themselves. Proxy war on Ukrainian territory with a few encroachments on Russian territory okay, but nothing more and this shouldn’t be the norm, certainly not at ever higher levels. This message must be communicated clearly, and that cannot be done without a limited conventional warning shot at a NATO state as a last warning. Maybe also in Germany because of the Taurus. Maybe with a sweet comment: „Sorry, shit happens“ and „Return to sender“. At least that’s what I would do. Or a massive cyber attack with some blackouts. The hybrid war has many domains, facets and responses. However the Russian military strategy includes the doctrine to „escalate to deescalate“.

Insofar as this military strategy is still valid and the Russian military and siloviki and Putin still want to be taken seriously by the Russian hardliners and the West, they have to do it. Otherwise they have to overthrow Putin first. But now no more chatter that one would again serve a „narrative of the other side“ and that therefore everything must be logiclally wrong.

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