Verschwörungsmythen: „Der Zionsimus“, „die Rothschilds“ und die Naturkatastrophen

Verschwörungsmythen: „Der Zionsimus“, „die Rothschilds“ und die Naturkatastrophen

Erdogananhänger haben ja hinter dem Erdbeben in der Türkei auch schon Verschwörungsmythen verbreitet, dass die USA dahinter stecken, sei es nun mit Elon Musks Satelliten, HAARP, einem scheinbar von aller Welt und Seismographen nicht entdeckten amerikanischen Atomversuch, Earth Penetrators oder einer im türkischen Fernsehen gezeigten angeblichen CIA-Wolke,die schon beim letzten Erdbeben über Istanbul aufgetaucht sei. Nun auch aus Tunesien steile Thesen Saeds, dass die Flutkatastrophe in Lybien doch irgendwie, auch schon von der Namensgebung mit dem Vordringen des „Zionismus‘ zusammenhänge.

“Tunisia hints Israel behind devastating Storm Daniel due to ‚Zionist name‘

„Zionism’s growing influence has penetrated:“ Tunisian President Kais Saied appeared to blame Zionism for floods that devastated Libya’s Derna.

By SETH J. FRANTZMAN Published: SEPTEMBER 19, 2023 13:40
Updated: SEPTEMBER 19, 2023 18:15

The massive storm that devastated Libya’s Derna is somehow linked to Zionism because it was named “Daniel,” according to Tunisian President Kais Saied. In a conversation posted on social media on Tuesday, he can be heard making a series of comments about the storm and its name.

Storms are often named randomly in line with various methods of naming storms after women and men and using sequential letters of the alphabet. Nevertheless, Saied said the name “Daniel” was evidence of “Zionism’s growing influence.”

Derna has been devastated by the storm and floods. The Arabic-language Euro News news site also reported on Saied’s comments. Bodies were still being pulled from the sea, and thousands of people are missing and presumed killed, it reported. A quarter of the city is believed to be destroyed, the report said.

Today in anti-Semitic madness:Tunisia’s president, Kais Saied, claims that Storm Daniel (which destroyed Derna, Libya) is evidence of Zionist infiltration & a Zionist „attack on the mind & thought“ bc it’s named Daniel, after a „Hebrew prophet.“ ‍♀️⬇️

— Monica Marks (@MonicaLMarks) September 19, 2023

“Amid this humanitarian crisis, a statement by Tunisian President Kais Saied sparked a wave of criticism that deemed him busy with another topic that was not commensurate with the scale of the disaster,” the Euro News report said.

He had excoriated the name of the storm, as if the name itself had something to do with how devastating it was, and he claimed “Zionism has penetrated,” it said.

Recent antisemitic incidents in Middle East, North Africa

Many social media users have reacted to his comments.

Some of the reactions on social media said “Daniel” is not only a name associated with a prophet and Jews, but also that he is known in Islam as well, and that there are tombs and pilgrimage sites associated with him in Iraq and Iran.

Others said Tunisia has become more authoritarian under Saied, and recent migration issues between Europe and North African states have focused on Tunisia.

In addition, there were concerns that comments like this came in the wake of an attack near the synagogue in Djerba. Tunisia has a Jewish community.

The comments also came in the wake of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas making antisemitic remarks and after a controversy in Libya regarding a meeting between the Libyan foreign minister and Israel’s foreign minister in Italy. The Libyan minister fled the country after reports of the meeting, and there were protests.

Mal was Neues.Jetzt hat mal ein Rothschildnachkomme ein Buch über Rothschildverschwörungstheorien geschrieben. Was wohl wieder neues Futter für neue Verschwörungsmythen sein könnte.Wie er selbst sagt, eine Gradwanderung. Denn richtig ist, wie er selbst meint, dass die Rothschildfamlie in fürheren Zeiten sehr einflußreich war, aber eben heute nicht mehr ist, da viele andere Finanzaktuere, vor allem auch nichtjüdische, inziwschen die Welt er Finanzen geflutet haben, was aber für Verschwröungsmythologen unerheblich ist, zumal sie die Rothschilds auch als antisemitische Chiffre für Juden nehmen. Und dann ist für diese wieder alles dasselbe und eine Mischpoke.

A Rothschild wrote a book about antisemitic Rothschild conspiracy theories

In ‘Jewish Space Lasers,’ journalist Mike Rothschild – no relation – plumbs 200 years of outlandish and harmful material to try and discover how one family became an unending target

By Amy Spiro Today, 6:39

Author Mike Rothschild and his new book, ‚Jewish Space Lasers.‘ (Terican Adkins)

Who runs the world?

If you ask Beyonce, it’s girls. But if you dive into virtually any conspiracy theory floated in the past 200 years, one name consistently emerges: Rothschild.

The once powerful and famous Jewish banking family has featured in practically every antisemitic conspiracy theory in modern times. If they are to be believed (they’re not), the Rothschilds have either caused or profited from every world war, control every central bank, hunt humans for sport, sunk the Titanic, are secret lizard people and, of course, caused COVID.

How did one family become such an enduring target for centuries of cranks, charlatans and crackpots?

Journalist Mike Rothschild – who is, he declares on the front cover, no relation – decided to dig deep into both the family’s history and the plethora of conspiracy theories in his new book, “Jewish Space Lasers: The Rothschilds and 200 Years of Conspiracy Theories.”

“Almost all conspiracy theories are rooted in antisemitism, and almost all antisemitism is rooted in conspiracy theories,” writes Rothschild in the introduction to the book. “Jewish people will always be scapegoats for some people, and the Rothschilds are some of the best-known Jews in modern history. In many ways, the story of Rothschild conspiracy theories is the story of modern antisemitism. That is how inseparable they are.”

Baron Guy de Rothschild (center) with his son David (left) and lawyer M.E. Izard are shown at the Palace of Justice in Paris on May 24, 1969. (AP Photo/Cardenas)

In a recent interview with The Times of Israel, Rothschild – who previously wrote a book about the QAnon conspiracy – said that despite growing up with the famous name, he knew little about the family before researching them.

“I really didn’t know much about them, other than they were really wealthy,” he said. “I certainly didn’t know their history, I didn’t know just how entwined they were with 19th century European politics… part of it is, I think, because the family just doesn’t have that visibility anymore. There really is no Rothschild empire to speak of. They’ve sold off virtually all of their business holdings.”

And yet, he notes, the family continues to be namedropped in every dark corner of the internet, even in 2023, despite their greatly diminished prominence: “They’ve downsized a great deal – it just hasn’t caught up to the people who put them at the center of every conspiracy theory.”

Slightly glib

In case you’ve been living under a rock without internet access, the book is named for a phrase somewhat falsely attributed to conspiracy theory-toting current US Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who – it was discovered a couple years ago – once wrote a Facebook post blaming a Rothschild-powered space satellite laser beam for intentionally starting California wildfires. New York Magazine’s Jonathan Chait labeled the theory “Jewish space lasers,” and the phrase went viral.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., answers questions during a panel discussion at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) Feb. 26, 2022, in Orlando, Florida. (John Raoux/AP)

Rothschild said he hoped the pithy title might draw in a wider readership.

“This is a book about some really dark stuff, and about 200 years of antisemitism – but I also think it’s a hard sell to get people to just casually pick up a book about centuries of antisemitism,” he said. But a “slightly glib title and a slightly glib cover, and it’s about conspiracy theories – that’s the kind of book that people are just going to casually pick up, and then they’ll get into the story.”

The novelty of a Rothschild writing about the Rothschilds is also bound to raise a few eyebrows.

“There is that theory that your last name chooses your career,” he joked. As he started writing about conspiracy theories in general, he said, “I would get comments [online] like ‘of course a Rothschild would say that’… year after year of all those comments started to plant the seed of writing this book, and figuring out exactly who the Rothschilds are and of course, more importantly, who they’re not.”

Across 13 chapters, Rothschild explores the family’s rise to power, debunks some of the most common myths, no matter how outlandish, charts how such activity fueled dangerous and deadly rises in antisemitism and explains the way such conspiracies have evolved and mutated but never disappeared.

Yet even a detailed 300 pages can only skim across the surface of the incredible deluge of antisemitic books, articles, films, speeches, cartoons and more which have been dedicated for centuries toward vilifying the Rothschilds.

An article with the headline ‘The House of Rothschild – Its Rise and Fall’ is seen on the front page of the Nazi newspaper ‘Der Stürmer’ from May 1938 at an exhibition in the Jewish Museum in Vienna in 2022. (Alex HALADA / AFP)

The bizarre and the outlandish

The author moves through the material with touches of wry humor and occasional incredulity in the face of a wall-to-wall antisemitic onslaught.

“I really set out to write a book that was not just another travelogue of Jewish suffering,” Rothschild said. “We have a lot of those, and a lot of them are epic and legendary works for a reason. But I wanted to do something a little bit different that really leaned into how bizarre some of this stuff is and how outlandish a lot of these personalities and a lot of these accusations are.”

Rothschild doesn’t attempt to downplay the fact that, at its peak, the family was enormously influential, vastly powerful and extraordinarily wealthy. But he is careful to spell out the dark consequences of the attacks on them, and is cognizant of the inherent danger in exploring such topics.

“There is always a very, very thin line between covering something and platforming it,” he said. “We run into that all the time with mass shooter manifestos or really popular conspiracy videos… and I feel like I hit on a good balance here, by not quoting big chunks of a lot of these works, not trying to ‘both sides’ them,” he added. “It’s really contextualizing these works.”

The logo of Swiss private banking Edmond de Rothschild is pictured on the facade of a building hosting a branch of the bank, in Lausanne, on August 19, 2020. (Fabrice COFFRINI / AFP)

As the book moves into more recent history, Rothschild traces how such conspiracies have been mainstreamed by contemporary figures, from Alex Jones to David Icke and at times even former Fox News host Glenn Beck. The author outlines how many theorists have pivoted toward setting their sights on Hungarian-born billionaire George Soros – who “really is the Rothschild of the 21st century” – as their latest stand-in, and also lays out how a number of antisemitic conspiracy theories have become not just common but mainstream in many Muslim countries.

But he gives only a passing mention to such theories espoused by groups like the Nation of Islam and Black Hebrew Israelites, although notoriously antisemitic NOI preacher Louis Farrakhan has repeatedly railed against the Rothschilds in speeches and writings.

Part of the reason, the author said, “is that it’s hard to classify exactly what’s going on there… those movements are so complicated. There’s so much going on there that it’s hard to explain all of that without going down a very different rabbit hole.”

One thing that became clear to him after digging through centuries of vile hatred, is that such trends, theories and hateful lies are not going anywhere anytime soon.

“Humans are simply too hard-wired to ever leave behind the demand for someone to blame their problems on,” he wrote. “And the need for that target to be Jewish and wealthy is almost hard-wired in modern discourse, as proven by decades of Soros conspiracy theories, which crawled out of the slime of centuries of Rothschild conspiracy theories, begat by millennia of antisemitism and prejudice in Europe.”

Wie arabische, islamistische oder auch irnaische Verschwöungsmthologen machte auch schon die Trump-Ikone, die US Republikanerin Marjorie Taylor Greene einen angeblich von Rothschild betriegenen Laserstrahlsatelliten für Waldbrände verantwortlich. Ist auch einfacher so. Kein menschengemachter Klimawandel oder andere Faktoren sondern ein Rothschildgemachter Waldbrand. Dann stimmt das Weltbild wieder.Trump wird auch vorgeworfen Antisemit zu sein, aber er wettert vor allem gegen das liberale Judentum und verbüdnet sich mit konservativen, rechten, rechtsradikalen Juden und Israelis gegen die er nichts hat, wie auch sein Schweigersohn Jared Kushner ja selbst rechter Jude ist und seine Tochter Ivanka zu Judentum konvertierte. Auch wenn er white supremciyst und Neonazis auch als Verbündete hat, s ist er kein eigentlicher Antisemit. Ähnlich verhält sich das mit Elon Musk, der George Soros und seine Open Society Foudnation als Magneto udn Ausgeburt des Bösen bezeichnete. Soros ist zwar Jude, aber eben als Poppernachfolger der Inbegriff und exponierteste Vertreter des Liberalimsus, den die Rechte unabhängig von der jüdischen Herkunft bekämpft, wobei schon richtig ist, dass da die Grenzen zwischen Liberalismuskritik und Judentum oft vermengt werden und unscharf sind und das auch von eingefleischten Antisemiten gerne zusammengepackt wird, wie schon bei Hitler, der von der jüdisch-bolschewistischen Weltverschwörung sprach, die sowohl die liberaldemokratische „Judendemokratie“ der USA, wie auch den Sowjetkommunismus umfasste. Jedenfalls verteidigt Israels Rechte und der Likud Trump und Musk gegen Antisemitismusvorwürfe und hat Netanjahu auch Elon Musk gerade in Israel empfangen, da dieser dort auch eine Teslafabrik zu bauen gedenkt. Wenn er nicht mal wieder mit seinen Satellitten wie die Rothschilds Naturkatastrophen , Erdbeben und Waldbrände verursachen soll.

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