Corona virus and the spirit of Wuhan- Proud to be a Chinese!

Corona virus and the spirit of Wuhan- Proud to be a Chinese!

The corona virus comes just for the Chinese New Year of the Rat. While the rat in China is regarded as an energetic animal that knows how to bite successfully through in life and business, Europeans in respect of rats are more likely to think of disease, plague, epidemics and the corona virus actually fits this more eurocentric perception well without becoming superstitious.

It’s time again. A new virus and the associated fear of the masses, which are really fueled by the media and social media and at the same time somewhat dampened. AIDS, Ebola, swine flu, SARS, BSE – every time the media fuels a pandemic sentiment of a new plague, black death and Spanish flu. Not that there couldn´t be a pandemic and there is nothing to be said against preventive measures, but the hysteria of many people that resonates in fear is annoying. The guilty party for the corona virus has already been identified in parts of social media. According to a message or fake news that is widely shared and distributed on social media and has the anonymous sender and source, „Netzfund“:

„For your understanding, the corona virus was produced in an institute in China by artificial mutation of other viruses by humans to produce vaccines against other viruses. The virus has now broken out in exactly the region around the institute. The artificially generated virus was patented in 2018. This patent is owned by the government-funded Pirbright Institute in the UK, whose main donors are the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Do I just not understand the logic behind it? We should all be vaccinated against a virus soon, which was only created by the vaccine serum ‚.

“The Pirbright Institute has been working on this virus since 2015.
The conclusion that the current version is certainly a mutation that develops further in the human host medium and becomes almost unpredictable only emerged after the tests – according to voices – in the vaccine laboratory in China. Bad tongues claim that it is a laboratory for biological warfare.

And bacteria do not care whether they are male or female genes, because it is not about the genes of the host medium, but about the genetic modification of the virus. „

From a purely vaccination point of view, attempts are being made against influenza viruses of any kind, but especially for the Asian strains – these are far more aggressive than the European strains – to generate an antibody by „homeopathic“ dosing. This does not work with some known, but very rare forms, because the mutation rate is higher than humans can develop antibodies.
With this corona virus, it is probably so high that it has to be regarded more as a biological warfare agent and not as a derailment of nature.

If you think very negatively and wonder if Ebola is not more dangerous, the answer must be no, because Ebola has an incubation of two days. This is quite unproductive as a tactical weapon, because the short incubation period is not enough to cause really great damage. With the current virus, the incubation period is somewhere between 10 and 21 days, because that is not exactly known either. This means that as soon as you carry the virus in yourself, you are a carrier without already being sick.
The hectic efforts of the Chinese government to seal it off city by city – 58 million people are already isolated! – shows how highly active mutant this virus really is. „

OK. When I read „Netzfund“ and no other sources, with such an explosive topic, then I, like many other, have justified reservations or doubts about the authenticity of these findings. As always, when an illness breaks out, apologetic fans of alternative medicine, opponents of vaccination and various conspiracy theorists claim that a virus has escaped from a military bio (weapon) laboratory, even human experiments are suspected or dark traders are suspected who contaminate humanity, mostly a pharmaceutical company to enforce profitable mass vaccinations at the WHO, which is portrayed as a lobbying organization and an extended arm of the pharmaceutical industry. In the case of the corona virus, the culprits and conspirators are Bill and Melinda Gates in cooperation with the People’s Liberation Army, the Pirbright Institute and the WHO. A similar pattern is also seen in AIDS, which was suspected to come from the Pentagon’s bioweapons laboratory, or in the Skripal affair a nearby British biological laboratory or a Russian laboratory was suspected. The corona virus is said to have originated in a food market in Wuhan, which is explained by poor hygiene, but does not yet explain how the corona virus originated and got there, insofar as this is the real place of origin.

The news contradict each other. Most virologists consistently emphasize the relative harmlessness of the coronavirus. It is less contagious and dangerous than the flu and even if you are infected, you can only expect a kind of severe cold, which does not have to automatically lead to death – with the exception of old people and people whose immune systems are already weakened. In Germany alone annually 20,000 people die of flu and tens of thousands of resistant hospital viruses, without this triggering a comparable hysteria, but is priced in as normal mortality, which is occasionally and marginally reported. This contrasts with the downright hysterical measures from the barracking and large-scale quarantine of cities of millions in China to the closing of national borders. Conversely, Chinese business people travel abroad as before, e.g. to the ISPO sports fair in Munich.

That doesn’t go together, either the virologists are wrong and the coronavirus is more dangerous than expected and the Chinese government has something to hide or we are dealing with a form of mass psychosis. Or the Chinese government wants to demonstrate how omnipotent and superior its neototalitarian, political system is in the field of public health and quarantine , maybe the CP C wants to show that she will react earlier and more decisively than in SARS and have everything under control and act more effectively when it comes to mass barracks in cities with millions can than other countries and political systems.

Videos of patriotic chants of the millions of people in Wuhan ringing across the city are now circulating on YouTube and on social media in circles of the Chinese opposition, and some dissidents hope that this will become the political awakening of the Chinese people and the spirit of Wuhan (Spirit of Wuhan). Hong Kong can now also politically infect China. People get up and storm breaks out. There is hope that other social ills in China could now politically be aired and break out, but I guess most in terms of health mass-hysterical and paranoid Chinese support their government in finding the mass detention necessary and perceive it as a symbol that the national community of fate and destiny can and must really prove itself. Western virologists also attest the CPC to good medical crisis management. Especially since a lack of hygiene regulations and food controls are also the case in other capitalist and factory-based forms of production and the Chinese opposition does not fundamentally question this type of business model. In addition, the CP China may now also put an end to the nice and charming food stalls on markets and streets – with reference to public health.

And the rumor that the corona virus comes from a bio-weapons laboratory of the People’s Liberation Army (VBA) sounds like Fakenews, and even if it was true and this state secret would come to light, nationalist-minded Chinese, who not only perceive defense preparedness in categories of public health. but also think of military defense, certainly will not be caught by such a revelation. And what about the mass protests in Hong Kong? Are the demonstrations now prohibited due to infectious mass gatherings, contagion by means of quarantine and hygiene requirements? That would be an elegant way to get rid of the annoying mass protests. What would be left for the Hong Kong demonstrators? Do you want to sing masses of protest songs from the skyscrapers and emulate the spirit of Wuhan?

In any case, there is now the first foreign policy scandal around Corona. The Danish newspaper Jillands-Posten, which already caused the anger of Islamists and parts of the Muslim world with Mohammed cartoons, has now printed the Chinese state flag with 5 yellow viruses instead of 5 stars.

„The cartoon, published in Jyllands-Posten on Monday, depicted a Chinese flag with the yellow stars normally found in the upper left corner exchanged for drawings of the new coronavirus.

China’s embassy in Denmark called the cartoon „an insult to China“ that „hurts the feelings of the Chinese people“.

The embassy said the cartoon crossed the „ethical boundary of free speech“ and demanded that the paper and cartoonist Niels Bo Bojesen „reproach themselves for their mistake and publicly apologise to the Chinese people“.

After breaking out in the city of Wuhan, the official number of confirmed cases of the new virus reached more than 4,000 in China as of Tuesday, with over 100 deaths.

Some 50 infections have also been confirmed elsewhere in Asia, Europe and North America.

On Tuesday, Jyllands-Posten’s chief editor Jacob Nybroe said they would not „dream of“ poking fun at the situation in China but also refused to apologise.

„We cannot apologise for something we don’t think is wrong. We have no intention of being demeaning or to mock, nor do we think that the drawing does,“ Nybroe said.

„As far as I can see, this here is about different forms of cultural understanding.“

Several Danish politicians backed the paper, with Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen quoted by the Politiken newspaper as saying „we have freedom of expression in Denmark. Also to draw“.“

The Chinese government is demanding censorship from the Danish government. The Danish government rejects this by referring to freedom of expression and the press, so let’s see if there is a nationalist boycott campaign on the part of the CPC. Westerners making jokes about the Chinese malaise could be the best propaganda slogan for the CP China to start a patriotic campaign.

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