Trump´s troop withdrawal from Germany, the future of NATO and the next D-Day

Trump´s troop withdrawal from Germany, the future of NATO and the next D-Day

We are now entering a very decisive phase. After Trump and many other U.S. Republicans and Democrats are tired of Germany failing to meet its 2% NATO commitments, its support for  North Stream and Huawei and its notorious anti-American sentiments which exist in Germany Trump is now serious about the withdrawal of US troops and US nuclear weapons, such as the SPD recently demanded, and reduces the US troops from 35,000 to 25,000, which Putin in a first statement initially sees as a signal of relaxation. But what happens if Trump relocated the US troops and US nuclear weapons to Poland so that the NATO-Russia Founding Act can be canceled, NATO by this way as he could support Polish reparation claims against Germany in order to fund Poland and sustainably weaken the EU and its central power, Germany? But not impossible either, or this option is a bargaining chip vis-à-vis Putin to get concessions and a deal? Prof. Alexander Rahr, Gazprom adviser to the EU and Germany as well as a member of the Valdai Club believes that Trump’s goal is to replace NATO by bilateral alliances with some core countries, in Europe, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, and the UK, and to reach a deal with Putin to get him away from China: As Putin would not like the idea of ​​the closer proximity of US troops and nuclear weapons, but at the same time, the United States no longer has NATO and the entire NATO hinterland for defense and economic support, which in turn is a plus for Putin, maybe if Turkey then also exits NATO. Perhaps this will open up completely different perspectives with regard to the remaining EU and previous central power Germany in other perspectives. The Polish PiS government demands now 360 billion Euros compensation for Germany´s WW2 crimes and damages.

The annual quarrels about Brendten celebrations and the war crimes of the Wehrmacht in Mittenwald are not in a vacuum. Some of the Greek representatives are among the opponents of Brendten celebrations of the German military and the Greek government is demanding 280 billion euros in compensation from Germany, the Polish government even 360 billion euros. These are still small states or, at best, regional powers, which demand this and the German government seems to take this relatively relaxed, but hypothetically asked: What actually happens when nationalists from other major great powers such as Trump-USA, Boris Johnson / Nigel Farage-GB create an anti-German mood and would demand reparations or compensation from Germany on D-Day, yes Russia would then also join the club and Marine Le Pen properly would beat the anti-German drum. On the German side, it will probably be referred to the fact that Germany has already contractually regulated this, and the enemy clause has been removed from the UN declaration, but what if Trump or others who don’t care about international treaties ignore this in their nationalistic furor?

The 2 and 4 agreement is viewed on the German side as a peace treaty, but what if Trump doesn’t care, wants to renegotiate it and wants a new deal? What if the former victorious powers under nationalist anti-German sentiment want to rip off the actual World War II winner, the economic miracle country and the world export champion Germany not fulfilling the 2% NATO expenditure benchmark, but enjoying and foreign trade surpluses? Pay back the Marshall Plan or something like that? It is also conceivable that a Greens government could make concessions here due to notoriously anti-fascist guilty consciences and post-colonial sentiments and open Pandora’s box.Especially as the Black Lives Matter campaign expands to a postcolonial LGBTIQ- Gendermainstreaming multicultural movement against the colonial, imperialistic and fascistic past of most countries of the former Western hemisphere and their angry white men. What started with riots against a police murder of a black man is now a movement against racism of the past and the present, against slaveholders, colonialists, imperialists, but mostly against the so-called angry white man. It´s partially also some sort of antiwhite racism under a new label. Even antifascist icons like Churchill are now under attack. While Boris Johnson points to the fact that Churchill fought a war against the most fanatic racism, National socialism, BLM supporters only see Churchill´s colonial past and the fact that he killed millions of West Bengals by starvation during the war. India is now also demanding 360 billion Euros in compensation for the exploitation of the former British empire. Even Churchill´s opponent Mahatma Gandhi is now under attack for discriminating against the untouchable Dalits and his affirmation of the South African apartheid system.

This new movement is very selective as it blames the white man of the West for everything ignoring that slavery long existed before the Spanish, Portuguese or British imperialism, namely by the Arabs and Muslims who for centuries suppressed non-believers and enslaved millions of Africans and killed them. The British slave traders never caught and chased slaves in Africa. It were African kings and African tribes who caught other blacks and sold them for a fortune to the British. If it is about money or power , most people independent from their skin color behave according to their class and social power position. It were not only white men who invented slavery, but also white men who abolished slavery, be it the British or the capitalist Northern states of America and Lincoln in its civil war against the feudalistic Southern states. There were millions of white people who protested against colonialism and fascism, even if they had no success at that time. While this movement only sees the short period of Western colonialism and imperialism, it ignores the centuries of other empires in Latinamerica, Africa, the Greater Middle East and Asia and their cruelties against humanity. As crimes against humanity were just an invention of angry white men. While this movement is complaining about Western imperialism of the white man in Asia, it ignores the fact, that most atrocities were committed by Asians themselves, be it the Chinese civil war, be it Japanese imperialism, be it Mao´s Great Leap Forward or the Cultural Revolution or be it Pol Pot which killed even more millions of their own people. Therefore this movement is very biased and it ignores the fact that the former suppressed were oppressors before and might be the oppressors of the future, especially if you look at China and its treatment of the Uigurs and Tibetans as of its own people by its new neototalitarian social credit system. To some extent, this is racist antiwhite selfhatred.

While the BLM supporters and this movement, in reality, support the demands of the former 3 rd world which has risen now to new emerging economies and potential new world powers like China or India, Western nationalists mostly focus on their liberal and democratic white opponents. The nationalists of all countries who see the EU as the main obstacle to their plans and the central power Germany as the main danger have a common interest in destroying them. You would then discover and find historical reasons. Britain under Nigel Farage or Boris Johnson could blame Germany for the decline of the British Empire, Marine Le Pen Germany for the fall of the Grand Nation. The Trump-USA and Putin-Russia as winners of the Second World War would then refer to the cost of war and human life, especially since Russia could also proliferate with 20 million killed Soviet people. In addition, Germany would be perceived as the actual war profiteer who, on the one hand, would have rehabilitated itself as a free rider by means of a Marshall Plan, NATO and a foreign trade surplus to the USA, and would also have been the actual beneficiary of the EU by means of the euro, which would keep everyone in debt bondage. How does democratic and liberal Germany, which has been demilitarized sustainably and exists without nuclear weapons or a strong army, want to position itself against it, apart from its pride of being the world export champions, soccer champion l and a democracy? Playing soft power and the harmless good guy, including love parade and checkbook diplomacy, and demonstrating the purification of the once militaristic past forever around the world does not replace the hard power of the military and other factors. The last attempts to generate German or European hard power failed among the German Gaullists and Stalhlhelm politicans of the CDU / CSU FJ Strauß and Dregger, who also spoke of a new German Versailles under the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

These soft power arguments will not interest the nationalists and their supporters at all, because they want to destroy the EU and its demilitarized central power, Germany. Not even the AfD, which thinks of Germany as the paymaster of the EU and the euro, as well as for international organizations, would be considered as an argument, but the nationalist- neo-fascist AfD could then, at best, without the EU, also only be a gatekeeper for foreign powers such as Trump-USA, Putin-Russia. Le Pen-France and Johnson/Farage-GB when Europe is dissolved into nation-states and the neo colonization of the prey Europe begins.

What if an upcoming D-Day is dominated by a united anti-German compensation front as a continuation of the economic war? As I said: at the moment still very hypothetical, but there is also something like the cunning of history( German: List der Grschichte): Nationalists claiming that they were the new anti-fascists, who then portray democratic and liberal Germany as a hoard of new Nazism, as Erdogan has already done. And Boris Johnson already does not want to pay the 36 billion euros in Brexit payments to the EU and, conversely, a green do-gooder like Volker Beck wants to 26 billion euros to Greece for compensation for World War II. If you opened this barrel, it would overflow and Germany would be drawn into a Babylonian repayment blackmail orgy and isolation. Then the next D-Day of the Allied nationalists would be a new Versailles. Let´s hope that I´m too paranoid and pessimistic in my outlook.

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