Anti-Putin protests in Russia: Russian Hitler Shirinovsky as the new hope of Western regime changers?

Anti-Putin protests in Russia: Russian Hitler Shirinovsky as the new hope of Western regime changers?

The Western media air the breaking new s of anti-Putin demonstrations in Russia. Putin toppled a governor and claimed that he was involved in political murders. However, the population and electorate of that governor are opposing Putin and  Moscow and are helding demonstrations. However in the media you only got one sentence that the governor was an “ultranationalist”. In fact the much praised governor and hope for is a member of Russia´s Hitler party Liberal Democratic Party of Russia with Shirininovsky as leader. Russian fascists now try to destabilze Putin and topple him by the level of the governors. However stupid Western regime change ideologists are now also thinking about the level of the governors to topple Putin or replace him by a wishful governor as president:

Kai Ehlers in his article in the German magazine Freitag (Friday) quotes a study by the Social democrat Friedrich Ebert Foundation which also hopes that the new President could come from a governor level, especially as the Covid crisis could destabilize Putin´s rule::

“Once again, people are thrown back on their self-sufficiency structures, if they still exist. If not, there is an existential need. What modest prosperity has been achieved in the past 20 years is up for discussion – one would have to speak separately of the super-rich upper class. The vast majority depend on “family supplementary care”, mostly through the dacha, which has so often proven to be the resource to survive in precarious times. In these circumstances, the passages of the constitution that subscribe to the right to self-government may not have been felt by many to be restrictive but helpful.

It remains to be noted that all the names that currently appear for a successor to Putin in Russian or Western publications are pure speculation. As symptomatic, reference should be made to the “Mind Games” of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and the Center for Eastern European and International Studies. When asked what might happen in 2024, fancy names were tried and even a „successful governor of the Siberian Krasnoyarsk region, Yekaterina Nadezhnaya“ was invented, whose name was derived from the word „reliable“. It should be noted that the word „Nadeschda“ is not about reliability, but about hope.”

It is thrilling if you ask ordinary Western regime change supporters whom they want to bring in a power position instead of Putin. Mostly they don´t know even the names of the opposition leaders and act according to the slogan: Everything is better than Putin. This sort of ignorance also paved the way during the Iraq war 2003 and  the Arab spring that everything would be better than Saddam Hussein, Ghaddafi, or Assad. It turned out to be a disastrous misunderstanding and was a total mess. Civil war. failed stats, millions of deaths, the Islamic State and an Islamist winter, refugees, and chaos were the result.

Most ordinary Western regime change supporters are also not listening to what Boris Reitschuster, one of the most prominent Putin critics in Germany says about the Russian opposition:

„It is a multicolored heap, the spectrum of which ranges from the left to the right. Liberal heads of the opposition – like the former chess world champion Garry Kasparow – accuse contemporaries that in reality they have less to complain about the authoritarian system under Putin than about Putin himself. The opposition is far from being “flawlessly democratic”; should it come to power, which is not foreseeable, Russia would in no way become a constitutional democracy based on the Western model overnight.“

And that is even an understatement. Now some Western regime changers  place their new hopes in governors who could replace Putin. However, they had not Shirivnosky´s governor on their radar yet, even as he seems to become the political focus and avantgard against Putin´s rule. Western regime changers believe that Putin is the ultimate evil and there could be nothing worse. However, Shirinovsky and all the right radical groups, sometimes even supported by Navalny show that even a Russian Hitler could be the result. Western regime changers  act according the slogan “ Everything is better than Putin, the Turkish military, Saddam Hussein, Assad, Ghaddafi, General Haftar, Al Sissi”, but the results are and will be in the Greater Middle East Islamist, expansionist dictatorships and maybe even a fascist regime under Shirinovsky or other right radical groups in Russia instead of semi-authotarian Putin. The Russian fascists and the Western regime changers hope now to topple Putin by the level of governors. And this is also dangerous as Russia could desintegrate as an entity with sorts of war lording governors who undermine Moscow´s authority and that of the central state. Is this the Western hope for Russia in the future as Russian is also a nuclear power.

It could be the era of a new antifascist front in Russia and the EU and between them against the new Russian Hitler Shirinovsky. However to achieve that Putin should also cancel Russian support for the European fascist parties as the Front National, FPÖ, AfD, etc. Maybe Russia and the EU could stabilize each other in this effort, stop regime change ideas on both sides and could make a mutual non-intervention alliance which Dr. Kortunov once supported and maybe a New East Policy..

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