Putin’s 5-point plan for Ukraine

Putin’s 5-point plan for Ukraine

Yesterday, after Putin’s rather general statement about the „demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine“ as the general goal, one of Putin’s advisers, Dr. Rahr today send us an alleged 5-point plan of Putin:

“The Putin plan for Ukraine:

  1. Occupation of Kiev and installation of a provisional government, probably led by Medvedchuk
  2. Ukraine commits to non-alignment
  3. Elections and constitutional amendment, Ukraine becomes a federation
  4. Ukraine joins the Eurasian Economic Union
  5.  International Gas Consortium in Ukraine. Upgrading of the pipelines to the west. Nord Stream will become obsolete”

The elections are likely to be a farce, the constitution will be written by Putin and submitted for signature and acclamation, and also will be a clone of the constitutional “reforms” in Russia and especially in Belarus, opposition members and their parties and  will be “denazified” , banned or  go into exile or jail . Especially since in Putin’s propaganda Orwellian New Speak, war is peace  and democrats are fascists and Nazis. What is clear is that the goal of NATO membership will be the first to be removed from the current Ukrainian constitution. It remains to be seen to what extent Ukraine will be demilitarized, whether the Ukrainian army will be dissolved or integrated in the Russian military, or whether Russia will still have troops deployed in Ukraine The EAEU and the gas consortium will effectively integrate Ukraine economically and geopolitically in Novorussia and decouple it from the West and the EU. Since the Western countries won´t invest in the international gas consortium and Ukraine after the sanctions, the question arises who will be involved and who will recognize this new Ukraine. As Dr Rahr said Chinese capital was welcome at the international gas consortium and it was also open to the Ukrainian gas princess Timochenkov, who, despite verbal defiance, maintains very good relations with Russia.

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