The end of 100 years of Attatürk-Turkey: 2023 Beginning of the neo-Ottoman Türkiye

The end of 100 years of Attatürk-Turkey: 2023 Beginning of the neo-Ottoman Türkiye

On the 100th anniversary of Attatürk-Turkey now also its end and beginning of the neo-Ottoman era in 2023. The neo- Ottoman Türkiye is establsihed and founded by this election, Erdogan announces in the speech on the balcony of the presidential palace that the Turkish people are now „on a long journey to the Turkish Century“. His announcement that he is president of all 84 million Turks should not be misunderstood as an offer of inclusion and pluralism, but rather as a threat that everyone and without exception will now have to join the neo-Ottoman-nationalist people community, i.e. more of a totality claim for further polarization, repression and exclusion of the then even fewer members of the defeated opposition, at best integration of frustrated Attatürk Turks by means of nationalism and anti-Kurdish resentment. The rest will privatize or emigrate. The CHP’s nationalist campaign to immediately throw out the 2-3 million refugees in Turkey also didn’t really catch on, even if Erdogan took a more moderate position here than his two ultra-nationalist coalition partners and the CHP, which almost makes him appear as a humanitarian spirit again , but does not necessarily bring votes.

If you look at the euphoric reports in the western media before the run-off election, which hoped for a relatively easy election victory for the CHP, it becomes clear which misjudgments are so mainstream in the west. It was known beforehand that the elections were unfair and that Erdogan controlled the state media and apparently also the social media. But since a CHP member was elected mayor of Istanbul despite all this, it was thought that this could also be done at the national level. After all, there was the slogan: Whoever governs Istanbul also governs Turkey. This is what happened in 1994 when Erdogan became mayor of Istanbul and it was thought that this would also happen under the CHP. Then it was said that the economic crisis, inflation and the earthquake had finally ruined Erdogan’s reputation as the economic modernizer of the past. Apparently, many saw him as a rock in the ocean despite the disastrous interest rate and economic policy, or as he put it, „stability and confidence“. The autocrat now also claims to represent true democracy and the Turks have voted for this real stable democracy.. He refers Turkey’s President Menderes who was toppled ny a military coup, the succession of military coups and unstable coalition governments, interference from foreign states and forces that failed to strengthen the country economically and geopolitically and would have doomed it to disintegration and decline. Only the AKP and its 22-year rule changed that, the people also fended off the military coup in 2016 and thus created real democratic conditions, although the criticism of Attatürk Turkey and its political representatives is not entirely wrong. In any case, Erdogan and the Chinese Communist Party have both succeeded in portraying themselves as the nation’s saviors without alternative, without whom chaos and civil war, even war would be the result threatening the existence of the Turks are. With him and neo-Ottoman Türkiye, on the other hand, a Turkish century would emerge. That sounds more visionary and positive than the heterogeneous opposition, which essentially had its agenda mostly in the program being against Erdogan. Especially since he defies the US-led IMF and does not want to sell Turkey out or bring it into debt bondage and interest yoke, which he would have said to the IMF representatives at the WEF in Davos. „The steel will people“ are willing to make sacrifices themselves for this, as they fear the disintegration of Turkey and chaos without him, especially since the opposition alliance was a 6-party alliance that would probably have resulted in a very unstable government coalition. The opposition also does not seem to have really believed in the election victory, because many did not even go to the run-off elections, but were already demotivated and demobilized after the first ballot. In addition, it seems that the HDP’s electoral support for the CHP also made it possible for Erdogan to play the Kurdish card and portray the CHP as a PKK terrorist supporter, as he did with a deepfake photo collage showing the CHP candidate assembled with a PKK leader. But the bullshit belief seems wellestablished in Turkey. In addition, the equation that the young Turks and women would vote against Erdogan in such large numbers does not seem to be correct either, especially since the value-conservative rural regions, which the more urban CHP does not have as a primary target group, also can make the tipping point and not just Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. In addition, Erdogan, like Putin, Trump, Desantis, Orban, can also play the LGBTIQ gender card and portray the opposition as if they want to make Turkey gay and destroy the family and he portrayed the Attaturk Turks as a horde of corrupt drunkards with a Western-decadent lifestyle. The alternative: A strong man, a strong nation, a Turkish century.

Now there are at least 5 more years to go, insofar as Erdogan will not now establsih open dictatorship, established himself for life, perhaps also dynastically, as the leader of a neo-Ottoman empire Türkiye. The cold balance of power also triggers a race for congratulatory messages. First, of course, by anti-Western, authoritarian states; Putin, Orban. Iran, Taliban, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, etc., then with a little delay and a hangover, the USA and the EU. The Greens, who called for Erdogan to be voted out of office by a party congress resolution, are unlikely to have made it any easier for their Foreign Minister Baerbock. Erdogan will probably be invited to the White House by Biden before the end of the year and the arms deliveries blocked by the US Congress will be lifted in order to pave the way for Sweden’s hoped-for NATO membership. The EU must be prepared for a renegotiation of the refugee deal and, if necessary, for a new crisis involving Greece’s Aegean islands, including LNG fields, on the 100th anniversary of the Lausanne Treaty. But after this election victory and the founding of the neo-Ottoman Türkiye, Erdogan will not be sold off so cheaply and will make full use of the power he has gained and drive up the price, and he will also value being addressed no longer as Attaturk- bird Turkey, but as proud Neo Ottoman Türkiye.

Maybe these were the last Turkish elections and for a Turkish century you need not only lifelong terms of office but also nuclear weapons so that this lasts longer than Hitler´s Tausendjährige Reich/ 1000 Years Empire. In the meantime, the first Turkish nuclear reactor has been built with Russian help. The remaining nuclear weapons technology against the prospect of a Turkish exit from NATO and SCO membership?  At least Erdogan is not lacking in the will to obtain nuclear weapons:

“Türkiye, South Korea and Japan Will these states soon become nuclear powers? (…)

The signs are clear and they do not point to a world free of nuclear weapons. Iran is currently the tenth country to continue working towards its own nuclear weapons, and this tempts other governments to think aloud about it as well. Moritz Kütt from the Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy at the University of Hamburg would primarily keep an eye on Turkey. „I hope it doesn’t happen,“ he says in the ntv podcast „Learned something again“. „But Turkey would be my first tip at the moment.“ Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan makes no secret of his deep interest in nuclear weapons. It is unacceptable that some countries have nuclear missiles but Turkey does not, he said at an economic summit in September 2019 .

There are many reasons for this desire. Turkey is surrounded by many potential sources of conflict, says nuclear weapons expert Kütt. Syria is on the doorstep, Saudi Arabia is not far away, and neither is Iran, which is also said to have ambitions for nuclear weapons. But things are also crackling with Greece and NATO. A nuclear weapon would not only reassure the security situation in Ankara, but also boost egos. Because atomic bombs guarantee a place in the front row of geopolitics. An idea that Erdogan should like. However, the Turkish president cannot hope for a delivery of American nuclear weapons. Erdogan said in his speech in 2019 that his country had asked both Donald Trump and his predecessor Barack Obama for smart bombs.

In both cases, the US presidents would have refused. That’s why Turkey will now „build the bomb itself,“ he said at the time. This plan may already be put into practice: the country wants to put its first nuclear power plant into operation in 2023. „Civil nuclear energy is often the first step in a nuclear weapons program,“ explains Kütt. There would be numerous supporters of such a program even without the United States, and the Turkish government is currently making all sorts of contacts with all sorts of nuclear weapon states. „Turkey buys its missiles in the USA, but also in China,“ says Kütt. Shortly before Christmas there was a high-level meeting with the Pakistani military. The nuclear reactor will be built by Russia. However, the plans in Turkey are still limited to the very clear statements made by the Turkish president.”

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