„Israel solution“ in the face of the threat of a“final solution“or Unity goverment?

„Israel solution“ in the face of the threat of a“final solution“or Unity goverment?

„There is an alarm mood in Israel and you don’t necessarily need to be the Mossad or an Israeli secret service to see the obvious, at least four warnings have been issued, but this hasn’t stopped Netanyahu from continuing to push his dictatorship reform:

“Military Intelligence warned PM 4 times overhaul rift harming deterrence – report

Officials said to believe Israel’s enemies — particularly Hezbollah and Iran — sense historic weakness, see opportunity to shift balance of power in region in their favor

By Emanuel Fabian and ToI Staff Today, 9:57 amUpdated at 10:54 am

The Military Intelligence Directorate reportedly sent four letters to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warning of the security consequences of his coalition’s judicial overhaul plans, the latest arriving days before the Knesset approved the first piece of controversial legislation earlier this week.

Senior intelligence officials warned that Israel’s enemies, particularly Iran and its proxy terror group Hezbollah, sense a historic opportunity to shift the balance of power in the region in their favor, amid deep, unprecedented divisions in Israeli society due to the overhaul plans, which they interpret as weakness, the Yedioth Ahronoth daily reported Friday, without citing sources or quoting from said letters.

According to the reported assessments, Israel’s enemies view the summer of 2023 as a historic low point in the country’s history, and officials are concerned that serious harm may be caused to its deterrence. Although intelligence officials think Iran and Hezbollah prefer to stand back and allow the crisis to destroy Israel from within, the risk of escalation is believed to be the highest since the outbreak of the Second Lebanon War in 2006, it said.“


It is quite possible that we will soon have another war in the Middle East in addition to Ukraine, in which the USA can no longer stay out and China and Russia are hoping for a game changer and imperial overstretch by the USA.  Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas sense weakness and a historic opportunity to permanently weaken Israel and the USA and to change the balance of power for the brave new multipolar world, perhaps even with the collapse and annihilation of the „Zionist entity“, vice versa Netanyahu may also be interested in ventilating the domestic political crisis with a foreign policy adventure or war, especially since Israel is also a nuclear power, and hoping for a rally around the flag, especially since Israel’s existence could really be at stake, a „final solution,“ so to speak ‚ and a new ‚Holocaust‘ against Israel could be imminent, as Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas hope. He could also set up his dictatorship all the more elegantly by means of martial law, especially since new elections or the biological exodus of Netanjahu would apparently not solve the internal polarization and the state crisis either. The question is whether Israel can then master it on its own and the USA can stay out of it. Then it could also be quickly tested what the „Israel solution“ so promisingly offered by Biden for Ukraine means in Israel’s reality. And what Merkel’s paradigm, that Israel’s security is part of Germany’s raison d´etat, is worth in practice. Some people are still hoping for a new Chinese peace initiative or mediation, especially since Netanyahu, who was not invited to the White House by Biden while Biden only received President Herzog, and Abbas were recently in Beijing, and China also saw the Saudi Arabia Iran deal as an image boost for its so-called Global Security Initiative. But that might also be wishful thinking. We had already addressed another scenario on Global Review. A possible military coup by the IDF.

But before these extreme scenarios occur, other options are still open. The Likud is now discussing the possibility of a unity government involving White-Blue opposition leader Gantz.

“Door is open for Benny Gantz to join Israeli government – Likud minister

Likud minister Zohar talked to Channel 13 about the judicial reform, and among other things, talked about calls for a unity government.


Published: JULY 29, 2023 21:51

 National Unity Party leader MK Benny Gantz is seen addressing the Knesset plenum during a discussion regarding the reasonableness standard bill, in Jerusalem, on July 23, 2023. (photo credit: MARC ISRAEL SELLEM/THE JERUSALEM POST)

National Unity Party leader MK Benny Gantz is seen addressing the Knesset plenum during a discussion regarding the reasonableness standard bill, in Jerusalem, on July 23, 2023.


If National Unity leader MK Benny Gantz is interested in joining the government, „let him join,“ Culture and Sports Minister Miki Zohar told Channel 13 in a Saturday evening interview.

„At no point did we join a boycott, and anyone who wanted to join this government according to its basic outlines could join in a moment,“ the minister said when asked about the prospect of Gantz joining the government. „Unfortunately, there were those who chose to boycott, and we are in a situation of a narrow coalition,“ he said, in reference to the opposition’s boycott of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu due to his ongoing corruption trial.

„We want a right-wing coalition, and we know that Benny Gantz really likes being in the opposition because that’s how he gets stronger politically, so we are not an option for him,“ Zohar estimated. „We are not ready to boycott, if Gantz is interested in joining, let him negotiate according to the basic outlines of the government, and let him join.“

 Zohar: The government respects High Court decisions

Also asked about the petitions against the legislation to repeal the reasonableness clause, which will be discussed by the High Court, he said: „The government aims to respect the decisions of the High Court, as we have respected them in the past, just as we expect the High Court to respect basic laws – that has been the equation throughout the years.

„We will respect all court decisions. A court is an important body in Israeli democracy, along with the government and the Knesset, but the court must continue to respect the principle according to which basic laws have the status of a constitution, and I hope that this will not be violated.“

„Netanyahu’s position is clear, throughout his years as prime minister he has always respected the decisions of the High Court, and we will not change the equation, but at the same time we very much hope that we will not find ourselves in a new situation in which the High Court overrules a basic law, this is something that has never happened before,“ Zohar added.

Regarding the controversies surrounding the planned judicial reform, he stated: „I hear the rumblings but I don’t accept that ‚we broke the country,‘ because when I walk around the street, for every person who tells me to stop the legislation, another person says to continue, which means that the people are completely divided.“

A complete divide among the Israeli people

„The polls are not related to reform or no reform, it is related to the situation in the country, the situation in the country is a situation that makes people afraid, and probably rightly so, there are many good people who want the reform and there are those who do not want it. Our role is to heal the rift, we want to continue to legislate with a broad consensus.“

Zohar then pointed an accusing finger at the opposition: „From a political point of view, these demonstrations are convenient for the opposition, but above all, aside from the small political whims, there is a country to manage, there is a country that needs to do everything to take care of the cost of living and its security, and if there is no cooperation from the opposition, the responsibility is also on them.“


Apparently the Likud wants to avoid more chaos and a civil war with its offer taking Gantz into a unity government. My guess is that as a condition of a unity government with the Likud, Gantz must insist that Ben Gvir and Smotrich be ousted from the government or, if they remain part of such a government, that their powers and offices will be drastically cut. .Perhaps a tacit amnesty can then be agreed for Bibi in court proceedings. However, it is questionable whether this will result in a kind of constitutional convention with an Israeli constitution, as some optimists hope, that can eliminate the latent constitutional or state crisis. With his temple visits and other measures, Ben Gvir now wants to flee to the front and escalate the conflict as quickly as possible. Strange calm in the Tehran Times and on the part of Iran. As previously mentioned, the section on the Lion of Nablus, Palestinian Gen Z and the „Final Intifada“ following the Jenin clashes has now been removed from the website. Or is it just the calm before the storm and waiting after the Ashura festival, similar to how a short „peace“ break is sometimes taken during Ramadan times. Conversely, Nasrallah continues to threaten Israel and Europe and organizes an arms show and military parade at Ashura.

Nasrallah: Middle East will not rest until ‚cancerous‘ Israel is removed

Hezbollah leader to Netanyahu: Beware of any foolishness • Hezbollah warns against Ben-Gvir’s Temple Mount visit on Tisha Be’Av


“Hezbollah uses Ashura religious events to show off ‘modern weapons’ – analysis

Terrorist leader Hassan Nasrallah threatens Israel, European countries and puts out homophobic statements as his militia terrorizes Lebanon.

 Lebanon's Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah addresses his supporters through a screen during a religious ceremony to mark Ashura in Beirut's southern suburbs, Lebanon July 29, 2023 (photo credit: REUTERS/AZIZ TAHER)

Lebanon’s Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah addresses his supporters through a screen during a religious ceremony to mark Ashura in Beirut’s southern suburbs, Lebanon July 29, 2023

(photo credit: REUTERS/AZIZ TAHER)


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