BILD-Manifesto Germany, we have a problem!

BILD-Manifesto Germany, we have a problem!

BILD-Manifesto Germany, we have a problem!

Our world is in chaos, and we are right in the middle of it. Since the terrorist attack by Hamas on Israel, we are experiencing a new dimension of hatred in our country – against our values, democracy, and against Germany.

The recent days reveal what has been simmering and boiling in our society for a long time: In our country, there are many people who oppose our way of life. People who celebrate the murder of innocent civilians. Those who teach their children to hate others, because they are „infidels“. Those who want to forbid women from wearing skirts or trousers. Those who despise the Basic Law and instead listen to radical preachers. They exploit tolerance because they want a different society.

We must not accept this! This cannot continue!

Germany must now say NO! To anti-Semitism, to misanthropy, and to all those who say „No“ to us.

Because in our so wonderful and embracing country, the dignity of EVERY person is inviolable: No matter what hair color he has, which language she speaks, what one believes in. We must defend this! If we stumble now, we fall.

That’s why BILD has formulated a manifesto.

A kind of house rules, a guiding idea for what keeps our free society together. The text is addressed to all people living in Germany.

Because: Never again is now!

This is our Germany

Since 2015 alone, our country has taken in more than three million refugees, many of them from the Arab world. We held up „Welcome“ signs. „We can do it!“ was Chancellor Merkel’s mantra.

However, the photos on these pages show that we haven’t managed to make clear what we expect from everyone who wants to live in this country with us. That we do not want to change our way of life just because we have guests.

And we forgot that there are two words that are much more important than „We can do it“. They are: „Never again“! And „Never again“ is now! They mean: Never again anti-Semitism in Germany, never again tyranny and racism. All of this applies to all people who live in this country.

A manifesto in 50 points

1. For everyone living in Germany, Article 1 of the Basic Law applies: „The dignity of man is inviolable.“

2. For us, there are no infidels! Everyone can believe in whatever they want – even Santa Claus.

3. Anyone who considers our constitution and our legal system as a collection of non-binding recommendations should leave Germany as soon as possible.

4. Anyone who wants to live here permanently must learn German. Only when we speak the same language will we understand each other.

5. Everyone can demonstrate peacefully in Germany for their convictions. Free speech does not include threatening people, assaulting them, throwing rocks, burning cars, or celebrating murderers.

6. We don’t wear masks or veils; we look each other in the face (unless it’s Carnival or Corona).

7. Respect and charity sustain our free society.

8. Against the backdrop of the darkest chapter in our history, Israel’s security is a matter of German national interest! This means: Standing up for the security of the Jewish people is non-negotiable. Criticism of Israel’s politics is, of course, allowed.

9. We say please and thank you.

10. We gladly shake hands as a greeting or farewell.

11. We see the police as „friend and helper,“ not as a repressive force or an enemy.

12. Many Germans eat pork. Of course, not everyone does. By the way: We have 10 million vegetarians or vegans because freedom also goes through the stomach.

13. The state has a monopoly on violence. Apart from the state-appointed agencies, nobody has the right to use violence against people or things.

14. We accept that our freely elected parliament sets the rules for our coexistence, which can be checked by independent courts.

15. Men are allowed to love men and women women. Whoever has a problem with that is the problem himself. Love and let love!

16. Even if someone feels neither male nor female, they are not persecuted or punished. In our country, citizens are allowed to think freely and live queer.

17. We don’t see social services as employers but as institutions that help people in financial need, people who can’t work. Not people who don’t want to work.

18. We respect the judiciary because it judges without prejudice.

19. Women wear bikinis or bathing suits in the swimming pool. And if someone wants to swim naked in the Baltic Sea – that’s okay too!

20. Women and men are equal in every respect.

21. Equality also in payment for work (we still have to catch up there)!

22. We discuss controversially and passionately, but we don’t insult those with different opinions.

23. We are tolerant with the tolerant.

24. And we have no tolerance for intolerance!

25. We only use fireworks on New Year’s Eve, so when it’s allowed.

26. We don’t burn flags of countries we dislike. That’s a crime!

27. We respect every religion, but we clearly separate religion from state.

28. Women who have affairs are not ostracized, let alone beaten or stoned! In the event of a divorce, joint custody applies to the children. It doesn’t matter who caused the marriage to fail.

29. You don’t have to be a virgin to get married!

30. Those seeking protection from political persecution or war in Germany will find it. Even those who have no claim to it can often stay. We don’t expect gratitude, even if it would be appropriate. But we do demand strict adherence to our laws and respect for our values and way of life.

31. We don’t marry off children. And men can’t have more than one wife.

32. Women decide – like men – for themselves how they dress, who they’re friends with, whom they love, whether they’d rather go to a club or church, whom they vote for, and what profession they choose.

33. Germany is a country of grillers. After a picnic in the park, we take our trash with us.

34. Knives belong in our kitchens, not in our pockets.

35. We pay taxes because we know they are the foundation of the state.

36. When a woman says no to a man, it is final and absolute. Anything else constitutes sexual harassment or rape.

37. We expect everyone who can and is allowed to, to seek employment and provide for themselves – even if social assistance or citizen’s income might initially be higher than the salary.

38. There is compulsory schooling in Germany. We believe in the importance of education and learning.

39. We give up our seats in buses and trains for the elderly and disabled.

40. Cheers, Germany! Beer and wine are part of our culture here. Respect it, and if you don’t want to drink, don’t.

41. How long or short a skirt is, is decided solely by the woman wearing it.

42. Those who cannot tolerate the caricature of politicians, celebrities, gods, or prophets are not in the right place in Germany.

43. The media question politicians, but we generally trust that the elected officials decide truthfully and for the people’s welfare.

44. Honor does not mean the right of the strongest.

45. Respect and appreciation are just as natural in social networks as they are in supermarkets or offices.

46. We try to protect the environment and conserve resources. Sustainability is the future.

47. Germany has a heart for children. They are not beaten but promoted.

48. Catcalling, like whistling or calling out to women, is harassment.

49. Boys and girls can go on school trips together, participate in sports, and swim classes together.

50. We love life, not death.

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