Apocalypse now: Falun Gong Leader Li Hongzhi Speaks Out Again: How Humankind came to be

Apocalypse now: Falun Gong Leader Li Hongzhi Speaks Out Again: How Humankind came to be

Falungong leader Li Hongzhi announced another new publication by his fundamentalist Wall Mart Buddhist mass sect Falungong for the Chinese New Year in their central organ, the Epoch Times, we can read:

Falun Gong Founder and Teacher Publishes ‘How Humankind Came To Be’

Editor’s Note: The following is a rare, public-facing piece from the

Falun Gong Founder Li Hongzhi Publishes „Why Mankind Exists“/Why ist there Mankind

By Li Hongzhi

23. January 2023 Mr.

Li Hongzhi is the founder of the spiritual practice Falun Gong. The practice combines meditation and gentle physical exercises with a philosophy based on the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. After Mr. Li introduced the practice to the public in China in the early 1990s, an estimated 100 million people started the practice. Since then, the practice has spread to more than 100 countries around the world. Li has been nominated four times for the Nobel Peace Prize and has been nominated by the European Parliament for the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought. He was also presented with Freedom House’s International Religious Freedom Award. This article by Mr. Li translated from Chinese was published by The Epoch Times on Chinese New Year. …

Why does menkind  exist

First of all, I would like to take the opportunity of Chinese New Year to say hello to everyone! At the New Year celebrations, you should actually say a few words of welcome that everyone likes to hear. But the dangers I see are approaching people step by step. Therefore, the gods and buddhas have asked me to say a few words to all beings in the world, which gods want to say to them. Each phrase refers to heavenly mysteries. The purpose is to reveal the truth to people and give them another chance at salvation. Why does humanity exist? The cosmos goes through four lengthy phases from its creation to its end: creation, existence, decay and annihilation. As soon as the cosmos has reached the end of the last phase, that is, the phase of annihilation, everything in the celestial body, including the cosmos in which we live, will completely dissolve in an instant! All living things will be wiped out! When a man dies, only his body has aged and decayed on the surface. But his original spirit (his true self has not died) will reincarnate in the next life. The cosmos goes through the stages of formation, existence, decay, and annihilation, and human beings go through birth, aging, disease, and death.

This is part of the laws of the cosmos. Deities also go through this process, only it takes longer, and the higher the deities are, the longer this process takes. For them, life and death are free of pain, and they go through the process with their clear awareness, as if they were putting on a different jacket. This means that under normal circumstances a living being will not die. But when the cosmos and celestial bodies dissolve during the final stage in the process of creation, existence, decay and annihilation, there is no rebirth for living beings. All living beings and objects will no longer exist but will turn to dust. Everything returns to the state of emptiness. Right now the human world is experiencing the final phase of annihilation in the process of creation, existence, decay and annihilation. In the final stage, everything is no longer good and that is why it is on the brink of annihilation, and that is why contemporary society is so chaotic. The chaotic vices include the lack of kind thoughts in people, promiscuity, psychopathy, drug abuse and denial of belief in gods, and so on. This is inevitable when the celestial body comes into the final phase; he’s gotten to this point.

The Creator appreciates the deities and the many benevolent and wonderful beings and marvelous creations in the celestial body. Therefore, at the beginning of the period of decline, he took some gods and came with them to the outermost layer of the celestial body (the so-called beyond world of the Fa) where there were no gods, and created the earth there. The earth, however, could not exist alone; there must be a corresponding structure of celestial bodies to form a circulatory system for life and biological organisms. Only then can the earth exist. Therefore, the Creator created a large realm outside the earth, which the deities call the Three Realms. Before the time of salvation in the final stage, no deities, no matter how high, may enter or leave the Three Realms at will without the Creator’s consent. The area of the Three Realms is divided into three main levels: The level on which all living beings on earth including mankind live is called the world of desire. Above that is the second level, the world of form. And higher still is the world of the formless. Each world is higher and more beautiful than the other, but none can compare to the many heavens in the Fa world and above the Fa world. The heaven that people often speak of is actually heaven in the world of form and the world of the formless. Since each world consists of ten levels, the Three Realms have a total of 33 levels (including the Three Realms themselves). Menkind is in the world of desire, the lowest level where the environment is at its harshest. Human life is bitter and short, and the most dreadful thing is that there are no righteous principles in the human world. The principles of human beings are reverse to those in the cosmos (except for the principles of the cosmic laws which the gods impart to human beings). For example, ideas such as victor becomes king, conquering the world by force, and the strong being heroes in the eyes of the gods are not righteous principles, since all such achievements are gained through killing and robbing. The cosmos and deities will not do so, but in the human world it is necessary and achievable. These are the principles of the human world, reversed compared to the cosmic principles.

Therefore, a person must cultivate according to righteous principles in order to return to heaven. Some people consider it a very good thing if they are a little better off than others. This is a comparison between people in this world. In reality, everyone lives on the rubbish heap of the cosmos. The Three Realms are built on the outermost layer of the cosmos, which consists of the lowest, coarsest, and dirtiest particles, such as molecules and atoms. In the eyes of the deities, this is the place where the waste of the cosmos is disposed of. Therefore, the deities regard the particles of this plane, that is, the molecules, as earth, and their plane as the lowest place. This is what the saying from the religion “God created man out of the earth” originally meant; so God actually created human beings with the substances from the layer consisting of molecules.

The deities created human beings on behalf of the Creator. Different gods should create different looking people in their own image. This is how different races came about, i.e. the white, the yellow, the black and so on. Although they look different on the outside, they have received their substantial life from the Creator and therefore share the same values. The purpose why the Creator commissioned the gods to create human beings is to use them in the final stage in the salvation of all sentient beings in the cosmos, including the gods. Then why did the Creator commission the many deities to create human beings in such a low and evil environment? Because here is the lowest level of the cosmos and the most painful place.

Only through suffering can one cultivate, and only through suffering can one eliminate one’s sinful karma. If a person can remain kind even in suffering, is grateful, and tries to be a good person, then he is improving. Also, the process of salvation is bottom-up; it must start at the bottom. Life here is tough. There could be conflicts of interest between people. Add to that the harsh natural environment. And people have to work hard, mentally, physically, and so on, to survive. All of this offers people the opportunity to improve themselves and eliminate their sinful karma. It is certain that in suffering one can eliminate one’s karma. If a person can remain kind even in suffering and conflict, he will accumulate virtue so that the level of his life will rise. In recent times, when the Creator has used human bodies to save sentient beings in the cosmos, many deities have incarnated as humans, and most of the souls that originally resided in human bodies have been replaced by them. With human bodies, they can endure suffering and thereby eliminate their sinful karma. At the same time, if in the place where there are no righteous principles, they can improve if they can still adhere to the righteous principles taught by gods and remain kind. The end times have arrived; the heavenly gate of the three realms has opened. And the Creator already chooses these kinds of people to save them.

In the process of formation, existence and decay, everything in the cosmos is no longer pure and not as good as it was when it first came into being. That is why he has entered the phase of annihilation. In other words, everything within the celestial body has decayed. All sentient beings are not as good as they were in the beginning, and all lives are impure and carry sinful karma, and therefore they should be destroyed. In religion this is called original sin. Now, in order to save the cosmos, the Creator caused many gods, many lords to descend into the human world, so that in this environment they could become human, endure suffering, improve themselves, eliminate karma, rebuild themselves and return to heaven again. (For while the Creator is saving people, He is simultaneously rebuilding the cosmos.) The new cosmos is absolutely pure and beautiful. If a person can maintain kind thoughts in such a difficult environment, if he can stand up against the onslaught of modern notions and cling to traditional values, if he still believes in the Divine in the face of the aggressive impact of atheism and the theory of evolution, then that person will become rescued. He will achieve the goal and return to heaven. All the chaotic ills now taking place in the world were ultimately arranged by gods. Their goal is to test all sentient beings to see if they can be saved. At the same time, people can pay off their karma in this painful process. And all this happens so that people can be saved and return to the heavenly world.

So this means that people did not come into this world to achieve any success in society. The struggle and struggle in life; trying to get things by any means whatsoever can only make people bad. The goal of descending into the human world and living as a human being is to eliminate karma and cultivate yourself well. People came into this world to be saved. They came and took human form to await the Creator and His salvation so that they could return to the heavenly world. In waiting, life after life, they earn merit and accumulate virtue. This is the purpose of human reincarnation. The chaotic grievances in the world serve to make something big out of living beings. However, there are cases like this: some faced difficulties and asked the gods for help; but when their desires were not fulfilled, they began to hate the deities, so that they opposed them, even fell into demonic ways and created new karma. Those to whom this applies should turn away as soon as possible and ask the gods for forgiveness. If they repent, they can be saved. Everything that happens in our life, whether it seems justified or not, is actually the karmic consequence of what we have done in our past lives, for better or worse. How much virtue a person has accumulated in his previous life determines how much happiness he will have in this life or the next. If he has accumulated much virtue, then in the next life he could exchange virtue for a high and well-paid office. He could also trade them for various forms of wealth and happiness. This includes whether the family is happy, what kind of children he is having and so on. So this is the fundamental reason why some people are rich and some people are poor and why some people are in high office and others are homeless. The equal redistribution of wealth between rich and poor that the evil Communist Party propagates are the words of demons. You are wrong. The cosmos is fair. Those who do good will be blessed for it, while those who do evil will suffer—if not in this life, then in the next. Because that is an immutable law of the cosmos! Heaven, earth, gods and the Creator are merciful to all sentient beings. Heaven, earth, human beings and gods are all created by the Creator, and He will never favor some living beings and disadvantage others. The fundamental reason why some people live happily and others do not is related to karmic retribution.

In reality, gain and loss appear as a normal occurrence in society. But basically it is due to the karmic consequences that a living being has caused itself. Whether a person possesses or not possesses, gains or loses, manifests itself in the human world in accordance with the conditions of human society. Therefore, whether a person is rich or poor, it is imperative that he do good and refrain from doing evil. He should remain kind, respect heaven and the gods, and be helpful. Thus he will gather virtue and live a happy life in the next life. In the past, the elderly in China often said not to complain about suffering in this life. When a person does more good deeds, he accumulates more virtue, and then he will be better off in the next life. In other words, if a person has not done any good in his previous life, then he has not accumulated any virtue. And even if he then asks gods for help, it won’t do any good. The cosmos has its laws, and even gods must obey them. If a deity has done something it is not supposed to do, it will also be punished. It’s not as easy as people imagine. Should the deities grant all your wishes? The premise is that you have accumulated virtue in your past life for which you can exchange what you desire! This is prescribed in the cosmic law. But actually that is not the basic goal why a person should accumulate virtue. The goal of accumulating much virtue in earthly life is to pave the way back to heaven. It’s not about trading them for happiness in one life!

Master Li Hongzhi

January 20, 2023

Editor’s note: Falun Gong is practiced by more than 100 million people worldwide. Despite the magnitude of this cultural phenomenon, it has been largely unreported. As a media organization that upholds religious freedom, The Epoch Times is honored to be the first to publish this article by the founder of Falun Gong. We welcome all feedback, but expect comments to remain factual and respectful. Based on the experiences of other language editions of The Epoch Times and in order to protect the content from attacks by the Chinese Communist Party, we have decided to disable the comments section for this article. Of course, we would still be very happy to hear your opinion. To write to us, please click here and fill out the contact form. Thank you very much.


Falun Gong Founder and Teacher Publishes ‘How Humankind Came To Be’

Editor’s Note: The following is a rare, public-facing piece from the

Editor’s Note: The following is a rare, public-facing piece from the founder and teacher of Falun Gong, Mr. Li Hongzhi, that was provided to the Center for sharing with its readership. It provides a glimpse into the spiritual, metaphysical worldview of the practice as well as a timely meditation on our troubled world. Li is the recipient of numerous awards for inspiring the nonviolent response of followers in China to often brutal and complete state suppression, and is a four-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee.

How Humankind Came To Be

I would like to first pass along my greetings to everyone on the advent of the Chinese New Year.

New Year’s would normally be a time for sharing a few pleasant remarks about the occasion. But I am seeing imminent danger approaching humanity, and have been called upon by divine beings to pass along, for this reason, several things to everyone in this world. Each of what I am about to disclose is a higher, closely guarded secret, and these are being shared to provide a true picture of affairs, and to give people another chance at salvation.

First is the question of how humankind came about. From the dawn of its creation to its final days, the universe has gone through an exceptionally long passage of time consisting of four stages: Formation, Stasis, Degeneration, and Destruction. When the final point of the Destruction stage is reached, the complete obliteration of everything in the greater cosmic body—which includes the universe in which we exist—takes place instantaneously, and all living things perish!

When a person dies it is just a matter of his physical body declining and breaking down, while his true soul (which is who he really is, and which does not die with the passing of his physical body) will continue on in a next life, being reborn. So just as the universe goes through formation, stasis, degeneration, and destruction, so too do human beings go through birth, aging, illness, and death. These are laws of the universe, to which even higher beings are subject, only the time span is longer, with the process being more drawn out in proportion to how great the beings are. Life and death are not painful for them, and they remain cognizant throughout these processes—to them it is as if but changing outfits. Put differently, normally lives do not really die. But when the universe and the cosmos disintegrate at the final stage of the Formation-Stasis-Degeneration-Destruction process, however, lives will not be reborn, and there will be no more existence of life or matter, with all turning to dust and there being only emptiness. Currently the human world is experiencing the last period in the Destruction phase of the Formation, Stasis, Degeneration, Destruction progression. Everything has changed for the worse in these end times, as fated, and destruction is thus imminent. And it is for this reason that the world is so troubled. Good thoughts are rare, people’s minds have become twisted, debauchery and drug abuse are rampant, and people subscribe to atheism. These are inevitable in the last stage of the cosmos, and bespeak of the time at which we have arrived!

The Creator cherishes all of the heavenly beings that exist as well as all of the lives that are good and kind, and all of the glorious creations in the cosmos. So at the beginning of the Degeneration stage He led a number of divine beings to the outermost plane of the cosmic body (known generally as “that which is outside the Divine Realm”), a place where there are no divine beings, and created Earth. But Earth hadn’t the capacity to exist independently; it needed for there to be a corresponding cosmic structure with which it could form a circulatory system involving life and matter. For this reason, the Creator made a larger expanse outside of the Earth, which higher beings refer to as the “Three Realms.” Before the final time of salvation would arrive, no higher beings, however great, were to be allowed to enter or exit this expanse without the Creator’s permission. The expanse of the Three Realms comprises three major realms: the Realm of Desire (yu), which is made up of the lives on this earth, including humankind; a second realm, the Realm of Likings (se), which is above it; and a third realm, further above, known as the Realm Without Likings (wu se). Each successive realm is higher and more glorious than that below it, though none can compare to the Divine Realm or the many heavenly kingdoms still higher. The “heaven” that people normally refer to is in fact within either the Realm of Likings or the Realm Without Likings, within the Three Realms. Each of the Three Realms has ten planes within it, making for a total of thirty-three planes in all, if you include the three realms themselves. Human beings reside in the Realm of Desire, and this is the lowest of all planes, with the worst environment. Life is painful and short here, but more dreadful still is the fact that in the human world few of the things people take to be truths are actually valid. What human beings hold to be true is on the whole considered the opposite in the larger universe (but an exception is the higher truths that holy beings have taught to man). For example, the divine does not consider it right for whomever is victorious in battle to become ruler, for territory to be seized by military force, or for the powerful to be seen as heroes—since killing and forcefully taking from others are involved. That is not the way of the universe, nor how higher beings go about things. Yet in the human world these are inevitable, and accepted. Those are the ways of the human world, but they are contrary to the ways of the universe. Thus, if a person wishes to return to heaven he must follow true, higher laws and work on himself. Some people are content when they are doing a bit better in life than others. But such people are only comparing themselves with other human beings within this human realm, when everyone here is in fact living in what is considered to be the trash bin of the universe. The Three Realms were established at the outermost perimeter of the cosmic body, and everything here is made up of the lowest, crudest, and filthiest of particles—molecules, atoms, and the like. In the eyes of higher beings this is where the trash of the universe is cast away. They thus regard this plane of molecules as dust or “clay,” and see it as the lowliest of places. This is the origin of the belief held in some religions that man was made by the divine out of clay. Man was indeed formed out of matter at the molecular plane.

When divine beings made man, they did so at the Creator’s behest, and He instructed them to each make human beings in their own unique image. For this reason there are the White, Asian, Black, and other races. While their outward appearances differ, the souls within them were given by the Creator. And that is why they have common values. The purpose that the Creator had in directing divine beings to make man, was to make use of man in the final times when He would offer all lives of the greater universe—including holy beings—salvation.

But why would the Creator have divine beings create humans in such a lowly and inferior place? It was because, with this being the universe’s lowest plane, it is the most grueling of places, and only when things are trying and painful may a person elevate himself through spiritual practice and shed his or her karma. When a person, amidst painful experiences, still manages to keep kind thoughts, have gratitude, and be a good person, he or she is growing through it. Salvation is a process of ascending from low to high, and so one has to start from the bottom. Life is trying for anyone living here. There are the tensions between people when they are trying to make out better, there is the terrible state of the natural environment, and there is the fact that just getting by in life takes a great deal of thought and effort, to name just a few examples. All of these circumstances provide people with opportunities to develop themselves and lessen their karma. It is certain that going through hardships can help people to atone for their sins and karma. And anyone who manages to stay good-natured amidst painful situations and interpersonal troubles is going to build up merit and virtue and, as a result, will achieve the elevation of his or her soul.

With the arrival of modern times, the Creator had intended to utilize mainly the human body to save the many lives of the universe. And so the souls originally in the majority of human bodies here were replaced by those of higher beings, who incarnated in them. With a human body they could reduce their karma and sins by enduring hardship. And in this place that is devoid of truth they could, by holding fast to the higher truths taught by God and persevering in goodness and kindness, achieve the elevation of their souls. The end times are now upon us, and the Heavenly Gate that leads out of the Three Realms has been opened. The Creator has been selecting for deliverance those who have done as I describe.

Everything in the universe had become impure during the Formation, Stasis, and Degeneration phases, and inferior to when creation was begun. And this is why things are heading for Destruction. In other words, everything in the greater universe has gone bad, the lives of creation are no longer as good as they were in the very beginning, are no longer pure, and all of them have accrued karma and sins. And this accounts for Destruction coming about. This kind of sin is what has been referred to in religious contexts as original sin. So that the universe could be saved, the Creator directed a multitude of higher beings and divine sovereigns to descend to the earth and assume human form in this setting, where they would suffer, elevate, atone for their sins, and forge themselves anew—re-ascending to heaven as a result. (The Creator has been re-making the universe at the same time as saving humankind.) The new universe is perfectly pure and simply glorious. If, in a trying setting like this, a person can still keep his thoughts virtuous; if he can hold his or her ground against the onslaught of modern values and views, and stick to traditional ones; and if he still believes in the divine in the face of assaults from the atheist and evolutionary camps, then that person will fulfill his purpose: to gain salvation and return to heaven. All of the madness now unfolding in the world was planned as such, for the final phase, by divine beings. Their goal was to test the lives here and see whether they were worthy of salvation, and give them a chance to, in the process, work off their sins and karma while going through difficult things. And all of this was done so that people could be saved and gain deliverance back to heaven.

All of this is to say that the purpose of people’s lives on this earth isn’t to accomplish something in the world. All of the intense efforts and attempts people make in life, and their drive to get what they want, which can even involve resorting to unscrupulous means, only make people immoral in the end. The reason people came to this world and became human was to atone for their sins and karma, and to make significant spiritual progress. People came to this world to gain salvation. They came and assumed human form to await the Creator and his salvation back to their heavenly kingdom. And while they waited, they built up merit over their many past lives; and that was the purpose of people’s rebirths. The troubled nature of this world is meant to make something great of these lives. Of course, there are some people who, when seeking divine help in times of duress, haven’t been satisfied with the outcome, and started to loathe God—even turning against Him as a result. Some have even turned to the demonic, dark side, and committed still further sins and made yet more karma. Those whom this applies to had best quickly come around and beg God for forgiveness, if they are still to have a chance of reaching safety. Everything that happens in one’s life—whether it seems warranted or not—is, in reality, the karmic consequence of what one did in one’s past lives, for better or for worse. The amount of blessings and virtue that one built up in one’s past lives determine what fortune is in store in this lifetime, or perhaps the next. If one lives a blessed and virtuous life now, perhaps it will translate in one’s next lifetime into a high position and salary, or it might translate into different kinds of wealth and fortune. And this would also include whether one has a happy family, or even how one’s children turn out, and so on. This is the fundamental reason why some people are wealthy and others poor, why some hold positions of high rank while others are destitute and homeless. It’s nothing like the diabolical nonsense that sinister communism spouts about equality between rich and poor. The universe is fair. Those who do good are blessed for it, while those who do bad things will face payback—if not in this life, then in the next. For this is an immutable law of the universe! Heaven, Earth, the Divine, and the Creator alike are compassionate toward all lives. Heaven and Earth, just as with man, were made by the Creator, and it is never the case that He plays favorites with some lives and shortchanges others. The reason some people lead happy lives and others do not all comes down to rewards and retributions for past deeds.

When you see people winning or losing in life, it appears to come about in a normal way from things in this world. But it is ultimately the karmic consequences of those people’s past doings. Whether people have something or not, or are winning or losing in life, is going to play out in ways that accord with this world. So no matter whether you are rich or poor in life, you should be sure to do good, refrain from doing bad things, stay good and kind, be spiritual and devout, and be happy to help others. And by doing so you will build up blessings and virtue, and reap their rewards in the next life. In the past, the older generation in China would often talk about things like not lamenting your lot in life when things are hard, and about earning a better next life by gaining virtue through good deeds. And the point was that it’s useless praying to God for help if you didn’t do good things in your former life and earn blessings. The universe has its laws, and even higher beings must obey them. Even they will be punished if they do things they shouldn’t. So things are not as simple as people take them to be. Should people expect higher beings to give them whatever they pray for? The prerequisite is that one has to have built up the blessings and virtue for it over past lifetimes. And so the things that come to you are on account of the blessings and virtue you have! This is what the laws of the universe dictate. But speaking on a fundamental level, getting what you want is not the ultimate goal of accumulating blessings and virtue. The real purpose of building those up is to pave the way for you back to heaven. And that is what’s most crucial, not the brief round of happiness that they can bring you in this lifetime!

Teacher Li Hongzhi
January 20, 2023

(The piece is translated from Chinese.)


In addition to the first writing Zhuan Dafa, which is more of a fundamental Buddhist-syncretic basic writing of his Wall-Mart religion, Li and his sect also published the writing “9 Commentaries on the CCP”, in which they call for the overthrow of the CCP, then the book “How the devil controls the world“, in which they  expanded the concept of communism to evil liberalism, ecologists, feminists, atheists and enlightenment, and now for the Chinese New Year guru leader Li Hongzhi is reporting to humanity again with a new writing: „Why is there mankind“. To a certain extent one could almost understand that the CCP forbids such a clerical-fascist fanatic who speaks of himself as a god or deity, as well as of gods and deities in general and constantly speaks apocalyptically of the annihilation and an end time of mankind . This is reminiscent of the US religious right and evangelicals, Apocalypse and Armageddon. It is also significant that Li and Falungong claim that they have been nominated four times for the Nobel Peace Prize, allegedly for the Sakharov Prize for freedom of thought by the EU Parliament and that they were awarded with the Freedom House’s International Religious Freedom Award. As long as it is against the CP China, even fanatical clerical-fascist anti-communists seem right and useful for the defenders of freedom as wereq the Western-backed Islamists and holy warriors from Osama Bin Laden, Hektamayar to the Mudjahedin who were supported against the godless communists of the Soviet Union. Although the Falun Gong is not terrorist or not yet militant, but „only“ attracted attention by self-immolation like the Dalai Lama followers in Tibet, but should Li Hongzhi really replace Xi, a religious dictatorship under the leader and master Li would follow and it could be expected that the Mao portrait on Tiananmen Square near the Forbidden City would probably only be replaced by a Li Hongzhi portrait. And then the West would have a Chinese-influenced world missionary sect with nuclear weapons in power, which then wants to “cultivate” mankind in the great awakening of the end times of the coming annihilation.

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