Xiongan–Chinas grüne Modellstadt für das 21. Jahrhundert und die Brave New World

Xiongan–Chinas grüne Modellstadt für das 21. Jahrhundert und die Brave New World

Nach der Modellstadt Shenzhen der 80er Jahre und dem Modellstadtteil Pudong der 90er Jahre will China nun eine neue Modellstadt gründen: Xiongan. Diese soll eine futuristische grüne Stadt des 21. Jahrhunderts werden, welches andere Stadtplaner für die Zukunft als Modell und auch Exportschlager dienen soll. Bisher hält sich die KP China noch bedeckt. Selbst in internationalen Medien wird dies nicht weiter kommuniziert. So ist nur in Fortune knapp zu lesen:

„China’s Newly Imagined ‚Green‘ City Gets Its First $19 Billion in Funding

China’s plan to create a brand new city for at least 2.5 million people a couple hours south of Beijing received its first state funding yesterday.

The $19 billion loan from state-owned China Development Bank begins the process of turning farmland in Hebei province into the “green, livable and modern urban area” the government envisions.

The money spent on infrastructure and relocation services for Xiongan may top $290 billion in 15 years, Morgan Stanley predicts, and the new city is expected to receive every penny: President Xi Jinping himself has publicly backed the idea as a way to usher in innovative companies and universities into to the area some 60 miles from Beijing.

The government calls it an area of national significance, a similar designation to previous build-outs of the tech hub Shenzhen and the oft-photographed, neon-skyscraper-dominated Pudong area of Shanghai. After more than a decade, Xiongan will grow to 2,000 square kilometers, the size of Shenzhen, according to state press.Planners are starting from a low bar. Beijing and some of China’s other biggest cities are usually gray, uninspiring sprawling areas, seemingly designed without much care for the people inhabiting them. Residents scoffed when Beijing ranked as one of the world’s most livable cities in a ranking by The Economist Intelligence Unit two years ago.Those Beijing residents might welcome Xiongan, however, which is expected to ease congestion in the capital city by providing cheaper housing just a 30-minute high-speed train ride away.“


Bisher hält sich die KP China mit Informationen zurück. Bei Xinhua ist nur zu lesen:

Xiongan building complex sets example for infrastructure in China’s future cities

10:34, May 28, 2018   Xinhua

SHIJIAZHUANG – A sprawling building complex, about the size of 14 soccer fields, in the Xiongan New Area, gives a glimpse of how future cities may look.

In 112 days, the Xiongan Public Services Center, including eight separate buildings, were completed in Xiongan, an new economic zone about 100 kilometers southwest of Beijing. China aims to build the area into a low-carbon, intelligent, and globally influential city where people and nature exist in harmony.

Workers used more than 30 new environmentally-friendly construction technologies. Building materials are prefabricated and assembled, with minimal impact on environment. Construction was three times faster than regular building work. Construction waste was reduced by 80 percent.

The site includes 210,000 square meters of gardens. No fossil fuel cars are allowed to enter the center area.

The walls are made from insulating materials. The indoor temperature can be kept above 16 degrees Celsius in winter without having to turn on heating.

There are over 20,000 sensors in the area. Facial and sound recognition applications are widely used. Shops are unmanned and an intelligent bus system allows buses to depart according to the number of passengers.

In April 2017, China announced the establishment of Xiongan New Area, spanning three counties in Hebei province. Xiongan is another new area of „national significance“ following the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone and Shanghai Pudong New Area.“


Ein kurzer graphischer Überblick über die Ziele und die Bedeutung Xiongans in Chinas Nationaler Strategie ist zu finden unter:


Der KP China ist Xiongan solch ein zentrales Anliegen, dass sie nun auch ein Buch über die neue Modellstadt verfasst hat, über dessen Inhalt wir in absehbarer Zeit berichten:

„New book sheds light on Xiongan national strategy

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/4/5 17:48:29

A book unfolding the inspiring future of Xiongan New Area and what it means to the changing world order will soon be released to the public, putting China’s essential national strategy into the spotlight.

The book, published by Citic, is called Millennium Xiongan: Disruptive Technologies / Emerging Industries / Future Capital and will explain how Xiongan will develop and influence the whole country from an unofficial perspective of a think tank for the first time. Innovative analysis of the area’s technological advantages and industry development will be made with the connection of different historical contexts, delivering a big picture of the area in the long run. As a special economic zone, Xiongan’s features will be further clarified through comparisons with Shenzhen and the US’s Silicon Valley.

Established in April 2017, the Xiongan New Area is located about 100 kilometers southwest of Beijing and serves as a development hub for the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei economic triangle.

Citic told Global Times that the e-version of the book is already online and the paper book will be available in early April. “




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