Storming of the Reichstag, extra-parliamentary and parliamentary opposition

Storming of the Reichstag, extra-parliamentary and parliamentary opposition

As an aftermath of the attempted assault on the Reichtstag, and the public outcry, Querdenken 711 is no longer holding demonstrations in Berlin. They will be organized by the Berlin branch Querdenken 30. Querdenken 711 wants to continue demonstrating in Stuttgart. Organizer Ballweg was yesterday in the RBB program „We have to talk“. The moderator and participants interrupted him constantly, that was very unfriednly and unfair. But he also stated that he had not seen any right-wing extremists at the demonstration. In addition he claimed that „V-men“ of tthe secret services had distributed Reich war flags to the demonstrators who had no idea what they were carrying with them. At first Ballweg does not see any right-wing extremists at the demo and when he does see them, the bearers of Reich war flags, Nazi outfits and right-wing devotional objects are poor victims of „V-men“ or even „V-men“. In the case of a few thousand, the Office for the Protection of the Constitution has a gigantic troop of “ V-men“-undercover agents.

Ballweg’s version that V-men of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution stand behind all of this and that it also has nothing to do with the „basic rights coronademo“ is now also spread by the federal chairman of the AfD:
“Tino Chrupalla: Was the“ storming of the Reichstag ”wanted in the end?

Berlin, September 1, 2020. Federal spokesman Tino Chrupalla asks ten open questions that Berlin’s Senator for the Interior Andreas Geisel (SPD), the Office for the Protection of the Constitution and President of the Bundestag Wolfgang Schäuble must answer:

1. Was an independent rally registered in front of the Reichstag on August 29, which had nothing to do with the demonstration for fundamental rights?
2. Who registered this rally?
3. Is it true that the Office for the Protection of the Constitution knew the group of applicants and that it passed on its information on the people to the Berlin Senator for the Interior, Andreas Geisel?
4. Is it true that the Office for the Protection of the Constitution suspects members of the reported group of terrorism?
5. Why did Senator Geisel fail to take appropriate protective measures in view of a rally directly in front of the Reichstag?
6. Specifically: Why were there only three police officers on the stairs at the time of the rally?
7. And Bundestag President Wolfgang Schäuble has to be asked: Where was the Bundestag police consisting of 180 officers? Were they all on leave? On a weekend like that?
8. Did the authorities consciously “approve” the alleged “storming of the Reichstag”?
9. Did the Verfassungsschutz tell Senator Geisel how many informants were there for the action on the stairs?
10. Last but not least: why doesn’t a journalist ask such questions?

As they say at Toyota: Everything is possible! But AfD politicians and right-wing extremists are familiar with the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, the police and the armed forces, where they have members or sympathizers – from ex- chief of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution Georg Maaßen, who now wants to build a bridge between the Union and AfD through the Value-Union (Werte-Union), be it the former East German chief of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution constitutional Röwert, a Bundeswehr militaries like Padzerski, Junge or now a former 3-star general, the KSK, SEKs, NSU 2.0 in the police and everything that has not yet been discovered. But since the AfD already wants an authoritarian or, like Höcke, a fascist state, they wouldn’t have any constitutional scruples regarding the proportionality of the means with regard to the state monopoly of force. The AfD would rather be angry that democratic sections of the security apparatus have set a trap for them, while they would rather set traps using agent provocateurs and V men in order to criminalize left movements and collectively lock them up in concentration camps. The AfD and the right has tradition and experience there: The Reichtag fire in 1933, which a sacking SA commando staged and for which it blamed a Dutch anarchist named Lubbe, led to the Reichstag fire law, the state of emergency and an essential stage of the fascist seizure of power. But it is more likely that the fairy tale of the trapof the democratic forces of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution is rather the AFD’s own fascist dream projection.

Conversely, Ballweg pointed out that a demo is not a closed event with admission control and controllers at the door and that anyone can come. The question is, if you were a demonstration organizer, how would you do it? In the past, it used to be that there were clearly separate left and right demos. No mix. But things have changed since the peace demonstrations in 2014 at the latest. Is it the slogans, the mobilization organization? The lack of political clarity? Many rights are not visible and even without the Reich war flags. How could you filter them out and who would then kick them out? If you notice that among the thousands of demonstrators there are also thousands of right extremist or a few visible hundreds of right radicals – should you then split the demo and separate yourself spatially and how or dissolve the whole demonstration? Wouldn’t there be fisticuffs and violence? Is that at all practical and feasible beyond the fact that you are not allowed held speeches.

Possibly the problem lies in the fact that these are no longer movements of the labor movement, the left and their parties and groups, but in the worst sense „civil movements“ of petty bourgeoisie, angry bourgeoisie and supposedly educated bourgeoisie (even worse than the uneducated petty bourgeois, because education prevents not stupidity and often normal, grounded common sense is more rational than educated bourgeois abstraction). Höcke is currently emphasizing that the AfD should team up with the citizens‘ movements, should say that there is no longer any right or left, but only a large We of the citizens.

In any case, Höcke and the AfD see potential in the corona demonstration cross-front and frontline:

“A new We could emerge here.” History could be written at this demonstration. This is how Thuringia’s AfD state and parliamentary leader Björn Höcke commented in the COMPACT TV studio on the large-scale demonstration of lateral thinkers on August 29 in Berlin. „

The left only seems be absorbed by sedate, comfortable, sluggish and bureaucratic parliamentarism. When was the last big left demonstration or movement or even a strike? After the anti-TTIP demonstration with 250,000 people from Attac, unionists and leftists, nothing happened anymore. And TTIP was stopped by Trump and not by the left. The Right has absorbed the entire criticism of globalization and diverted it into a nationalist program – with America First as the most powerful pioneer.

The left seems passive, no longer willing to fight, apparently has no issues that it would bring out of parliament on the street or by strike in the factories, although the issues are on the street – from housing shortages to peace politics, there is cemetery silence and Sahra Wagenknecht was missing the will to mobilize and her Stand Up (Aufstehen) movement was a huge blow. Fridays for Future is essentially a movement of middle and upper-class children, the Bionade bourgeoisie, who are completely indifferent to social issues, especially since FFF is now differentiating itself into parliamentarism, which will mostly end up with the bourgeois Greens, and radicalization of the extra-parliamentary movement in form of Extinction Rebellion. This would then integrate and absorb the next extra-parliamentary movement, while Extinction Rebellion runs the risk of radicalizing itself again in a sectarian way, perhaps with a green RAF, Green Army Faction, which then provides the ideal pretext for the criminalization of the ecology and climate protection movement. Black Live Matters has so far been a similar movement by upper-class and middle-class hipster kids who feel morally entitled in the fight against racism, but then due to the lack of black mass and lack of police violence would be satisfied if two Afro-Germans get into the parliament.The next extra-parliamentary movement would then be integrated and absorbed.

Especially since the small dry exercise drill in the matter of the fascist state coup by the storm on the Bundestag is being played down. For one thing, it was clear to the fascists that they were too few and if they had beaten up the three police officers and stormed the Bundestag, had beaten up a few MPs, they could not have enforced a seizure of power. In addition, they would have had to expect draconian penalties for trespassing. But nothing comparable to the era when the CDU / CSU had threatened the peace movement of the 80s at the time: The then-Defense Minister Wörner stated very clearly that if activists of the peace movement should try to storm or enter buildings of Hardthöhe, the Bundestag or the government, they would open fire. The fascist mob was not faced with this situation and it was more about a symbolic signal: We could if we wanted and are more! That was the signal nobody should play down. Meanwhile, only the AfD seems to know how to successfully organize and mobilize extra-parliamentary and parliamentary opposition at the same time. And they hope that the next storm from inside and outside the parliament will be more successful.

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