Iran in Germany- what is Islamist Fatima Özuguz doing during the Covid crisis?

Iran in Germany- what is Islamist Fatima Özuguz doing during the Covid crisis?

A social counter-model to the anarcha-queer flat shares of Liebig 34 that have just been cleared by the police in Berlin is the terribly nice family of Fatima Özuguz in Delmenhorst. Fatima Özuguz is married to Yavuz Özuguz, about whom you can read in Wikipedia:

“Mehmet Yavuz Özoğuz (* 1959 in Istanbul) is an author of Turkish origin who has lived in Germany since the early 1960s and who runs the Islamist website Muslim-Markt with his brother Gürhan.

Yavuz Özoğuz grew up in a secular, Sunni family. His sister is the SPD member of the Bundestag Aydan Özoğuz, who was Federal Government Commissioner for Migration, Refugees and Integration from 2013 to 2018. Yavuz Özoğuz got involved in the Protestant university community while studying process engineering in Bremen and, according to his own statement, was influenced by Ernesto Cardenal’s liberation theology, while he regarded Islam as “pure Middle Ages”. That changed when Cardenal visited Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini in Iran after the Islamic Revolution in 1979 and described him as “the holiness of our time”, which triggered a five-year conversion process to Shia in Özoğuz. Özoğuz received his doctorate from the University of Bremen in 1991 after successfully defending his dissertation on the subject of layer crystallization as a melt crystallization process.

Özoğuz is the chairman of the Organization Islamischer Weg e. V. in Delmenhorst. Together with his brother Gürhan Özoğuz, he has been running the Muslim-Markt website since 1999. The Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution is observing him and the website with reference to sympathy for the theocratic system of government in Iran and anti-Zionist and anti-Israel agitation. On January 19, 2004, Yavuz Özoğuz was sentenced to three months‘ imprisonment on probation by the Delmenhorst District Court in connection with publications on its website for denying the Holocaust and incitement to hatred. The proceedings were discontinued in the appeal at the Oldenburg Regional Court against a payment of 1000 euros. „

Yes, I was wondering what Fatima ( who changed her maiden name Elke Schmidt after she converted from a maiden of the Lord to a devout Shiite maiden of Chomeini and Chameini) was doing during the Covid crisis when you can no longer march so freely in masses on Al Quds demonstrations for the reconquest of Jerusalem, the Holy Land and for the annihilation of Israel and after her visit with Jürgen Elsässer at the time to Holocaust denier and then President Ahmadinejad and .after this infernal trio broke up and a German court prohibited to call them ardent anti-Semites. After the good uncle Jürgen has now switched to the AfD and Iran fighter Trump, openly supports Holocaust memorial of shame- Höcke and is now bravely inciting hatred against Islam and Muslims with the AfD, which was able to win the former Eichmannhunter of the Mossad and Henrik M. Broder as advocates, Fatima is now very busy advancing proselytizing for the Iranian Islamists and the mullah regime in Germany.

Once via her husband’s Muslimmarkt website, where the left-wing and homosexual queer-cross-frontist Florian Kirner, alias Prince Chaos, was interviewed, who would probably be hung on a construction crane in the course of a public mass execution in Fatima´s beloved Iran for his political views and sexual orientation or at best be thrown in a torture cellar, then for the publishing house Islamica and now via YouTube, a television channel and social media. Whether this is such a contradiction: Postcolonial, Islamophile and postmodern leftists and feminists are now defending Islam, the headscarf and the burkini as the “new self-confident feminism of Muslim women” that one has to protect against evil Islamophobic sexist and racists. This by no means only meant right, fascist, racist, sexist and Islamophobic AfD members, but also left and liberal critics of religion and Islam who are still interested in secularism and democracy. Such anarcha-queer post-colonial and post-modern leftists would probably rather let Islamists move into their shared apartments than left or left-liberal democratic critics of Islam, in whom they only suspect representatives of racist, sexist, neocolonialist and Islamophobic heterosexual angry white man. In any case, Fatima shot a fascinating self-portrait and professional propaganda video: The nice Islamist next door (Googling: Fatima Özuguz-Current of Life).

You learn a lot about the motivations, the Shiite scene in Germany, the everyday life of Islamists and what you see in the video is an exemplary family life that makes every conservative, evangelical and perhaps even fascist envy and seems familiar to his family values- especially when you look at Western divorce rates, increasing childlessness, hedonistic, value-destroying fun society with alcohol and drug problems, a secular, godless, partly neo-pagan and esoteric society, alleged decay of values, exaggeration of individualism, exaggeration of individualism, decline of the West and the Occident, single mothers, increasing lack of social ties, stressed and bullied career women and working women who are often supposed to play a exhausting double role, sexist images of women not only in advertising and pornography – instead of an anarcha-queer flat share or a terribly nice family like the Bundys, an apparently idyllic family and religious community with sacrifice for their cause, by no means uneducated and proletarian underdogs as Sarrazin portray in his books as an essential characteristic of Muslims or also in their IQ and genetic material, but a middle-class model role family which live together in a seemingly harmonious community and also read their Koran together. Every evangelical likes that, if it were just Bible studies and home teaching, but it is the rival religion and just as many evangelicals also want a Christian God state in the USA, the Iranian model is the enemy of faith.

The Özuguzs are also the hinge between Shiite and Sunniism. Especially since the Sunni Islamist Erdogan gets along quite well with Iran’s Shiite mullahs‘ regime against the USA, Israel, Macron and the Wahhabi Saudi Arabia, whereby Daniel Pipes, in turn, says that this is not so, but Trump even has a weakness for the Sultan of Istanbul as long as he does not question US gas interests in the Mediterranean Sea and beat American demonstrators up during US state visits to Washington by his bodyguards, like the Shah -Savak once did 1968 with the left student demonstrators in Berlin . But this tough nature of a strong man is more likely to impress Trump and his view the USA should be cleared up with Democrats. left and liberal rabble and Antifa anyway. The ways of the Lord are unfathomable – or sometimes they are not.

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