How Chinese nationalists and Chinese democracy supporters come together-against a clash between the USA and China

How Chinese nationalists and Chinese democracy supporters come together-against a clash between the USA and China

US and China may meet at Singapore’s ‚Davos‘, WEF says

SINGAPORE (REUTERS) – United States President Joe Biden’s new administration may hold meetings with their Chinese counterparts at a World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting in Singapore in May, the organisation’s president said on Friday (Jan 29).

Mr Borge Brende was speaking in a virtual dialogue with Singapore’s prime minister, who called for a reset of the relationship between the two superpowers.

„Singapore has had very close ties with the US but also worked very well with China,“ Mr Brende said.

„The special annual meeting could be a place where you could see the new Biden administration and China meet.“

The meeting has been moved from its usual home in the Swiss town of Davos, from where it takes its informal name, to Singapore over concerns about Covid-19 in Europe.

Beijing has been pushing for greater global influence in a challenge to traditional US leadership. Relations between the two nations soured under former US president Donald Trump’s administration over trade tariffs and Mr Trump’s criticism of China’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

„It cannot possibly be too late for the US and China to reset the tone of their interactions, and avert a clash between them,“ said Singapore PM Lee Hsien Loong.

„The new US administration is an opportunity to steer the relationship towards safer waters,“ he said, adding the US-China relationship should become a key strategic priority for Mr Biden.

Neither China or the US has said whether they will send officials to the meeting due to be held from May 25-28, over which there remains uncertainty, given the pandemic still raging across many parts of the world.

Mr Lee said Singapore would work with the forum to ensure the health and safety of all.

„I welcome all of you to Singapore in May… and forge a new path forward together,“ Mr Lee said in prepared remarks.

Well the WEF wants to meet some persons, but is it the decisive factor? But there will be no reset in the sense of a new engagement under the new Biden administration either. What is important: „to avert a clash“. Interesting how representatives of the Military Rise of China have recently sent articles to us in cooperation with the Trumpists Chinese opposition: Crazy Chinese nationalists and so-called Chinese democratic opposition figures who are looking for the clash and also want to promote one another.

What both sides don´t understand is that we don´t want to promote the Military Rise of China and ultranationalistic propaganda as Chinese Trumpist dissidents who want to destroy our Western democracy just to have some supporters against the neototatlitarian CP China.The consensus in a democracy is that if you lose elections, you just accept it. But the Chinese dissidents were questioning Biden´s election victory, supporting Trump’s version of the „stolen elections“, teaming up with Steve Bannon and Guilanni and giving us an impression of what Chinese democracy would look like if they were in power. It was this coalition between Chinese dissident opposition figures with the xenophobic, racists, sexist, criminal Trump and his followers in the right-winged GOP, who betrayed any vision of an American and therefore Chinese democracy. It were exactly these forces who made the USA and their Chinese version of democracy a version of Frank MIller´s anarchic Sin City where social darwinism, Mafia methods and the law of the strongest, criminal and the survival of the so-called fittest survived,

The so called Chinese democratic opposition abolished US and thereby their idea of Chinese democracy by their stupid idealistic ideaa of freedom for any price, even if you abolish freedom for sake of its name. However, they failed any test for democracy, are just right-winged opportunists which would create a semi-clerical fascist dictatorship under the Falungong or a Chinese First-Trump oligarch as Guo Wengui, And as they were losers in CHina´s never existing elections they supported the fascist version of Trump´s stolen elections and thereby Trump´s storm of Capitol Hill to win the elections. The questioning of election results are not part of US democracy, the American people anymore, attacked the majority of US voters and thereby made clear how democracy under their umbrella organizations in China would work. They have lost any morality, just see the neototalitarian CP China and want to mobilize any force against it-even fascists and authoritarians and destroy Western liberal democracy.

However: The enemy comes from within. It was Trump and the radicalized GOP which wanted to establish a fascist regime, it was Fox News and all their social media which catalyzed this trend, but it was not Putin and the CP China which caused the chaos. They took the opportunity but didn’t cause them. The alleged democratic Chinese opposition even had no problems when Guo Wengui was attacking their own dissidents‘ organization and pastor Fu for being spies of the CP China. They spilt the West, the Chinese opposition, betrayed any idea of Chinese democracy, threatened each other in some sort of Mc Carthyism and made sure that no normal Western liberal democrat could ever support the alleged democratic Chinese movement as they betrayed anything that they stood for or maybe not. It started with the Falungong which wrote two books „The 9th commentaries on the CP China“ and “ How the Devil controls the world“ which was not a criticism of the CP China anymore, but against everybody in the West and the world who believed in climate protection, the welfare state, women´s rights, etc.–it was a Tumpist right-winged book which seems to be the program for the Chinese opposition. Each liberal fighter for ecology, woman’s right, democracy is labeled as a continuation of Communism, a new form and specter of Communism and as sworn- in enemy of mankind and civilization. Trump is God and good, Beijing- Biden is the Devil, the Evil, a Communist who threatens the US democracy as his son Hunter is a spy of the CP China and Kamala Harris wants this transition candidate to shift the Democrats to the far left and establish a pro-Chinese communist rule. The irony is: With a neototalitarian CP China you have more support for a Western democracy than under Trump and its Chinese dissident supporters. In reality, you have to reject the Trumpists, the so called Chinese democratic opposition and the neo totalitarian CP China. It is all the same stuff. But taking into account that this alternative and Trump could also be not a democracy, but a new fascist USA and due to the so-called Chinese democratic opposition a fascist China. Both sides, the Trumpists, the Chinese democratic“ dissidents and the proponents of the Military rise of China try to create a clash between both sides and we don´t want to support that. It´s that easy!

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